Stunning… Appalling…

Cheney recently made the stunning statement that it didn’t matter if Iraq had WMD, we were going to invade them anyway.  I guess that statement in itself isn’t all that stunning, we in the blogosphere have been saying it for years.  It’s just rather surprising to hear him say it out loud.

This from ThinkProgress:

Today on MSNBC’s Hardball, right-wing commentator Frank Gaffney defended Cheney’s remarks, saying that the “real reason” the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq was because Saddam was a “mortal threat” to the United States.

Yeah, yeah.  Same shit, different day.  Right?

Wrong.  Listen to this:

You heard that right.

My position is that it’s regrettable that any Americans died. It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die.



Bush, not tree….

Dissing Dubya — In an American Way?

I personally liked this suggestion:

“Hundreds of thousands of old shoes mailed to and thrown over the White House fence into the yard before 01-20-09 would be a lovely going away protest gift for the war profiteers and criminals who have dirtied the place up over the last eight years. And then of course war crimes trials for them all!”

Photo from Labor Day Holiday in the Nevada Desert Camping

Maddow Interviews Whistleblower on NSA Wiretapping

Raw Story

Former Justice Department lawyer Thomas Tamm explained why he exposed the NSA secret wiretapping program. This was Tamm’s first television interview since revealing himself as a whistleblower.

There is a mountain (Mount Everest actually) of evidence against this Administration for the laws they have broken or distorted. We even have Cheney coming out publicly to say he supported and endorsed torture, and still our Congress stands there and does nothing. What does that mean for us as a nation, as a people, and for our Constitution?

Thank God there are still people like Thomas Tamm with the principles, honor and integrity to step up to the plate, come forward, and do the right thing for the right reason. I can’t wait until January 20th to see how many more of these people crawl out of the woodwork, and line up to tell their stories. It is never too late to hold these criminals in the White House accountable.

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Bush creates a loophole, saves Christmas for financial execs

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

Thanks to George W. Bush, this Christmas will be another special one for the top executives in the financial world.

Naturally, when the $700 billion bailout was approved by Congress, taxpayers were relieved that “golden parachutes” would not be issued with taxpayer money.

The Raw Story tells of how Bush saved Christmas by the power of a single sentence…

The change stipulated that the sanction would only apply to firms that sold mortgage backed securities to the government at auction, which the Bush Treasury Department said would be the method they’d use to infuse troubled companies with bailout cash.

But to date, the Bush administration hasn’t used auctions to buy up those mortgage backed securities, and doesn’t plan to use auctions in the future.

Whew!  That was close! Now those top execs can afford to buy those personalized life-sized Lego figures or buy that spendy Christmas gift basket for Mom.

Gosh, I kind of wonder now if Bush EVER intended to buy mortgage securities via auction….

Happy Holidays, ya gosh darned “haves” and “have mores!”

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