For shame…

Gaza:  The Logic of Colonial Power

We Have No Words Left

A Hundred Eyes For an Eye

Gaza:  Where Civilians Become Targets


Israel says Gaza assault ‘war to the bitter end’

Created for TheZoo by Paul Jamiol
All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol
, Jamiol’s World

11 thoughts on “For shame…

  1. This attack by Israel on the Gaza strip makes me really angry. The US needs to stop funding the Israeli war machine. Perhaps we need to start a movement to pressure Congress to stop sending US tax dollars to Israel. God knows we need the money here and not there.

  2. Cats,
    I do not know how to justify the actions of the nation of Israel against the Palestinians. They use the Holocaust to justify them, but are involved in even worst autocracies then the Nazis ever were.

  3. While we are at it can we refuse to supply them with all ammo, tank’s, gun’s and chopper’s…No more money, no more supplie’s….I grieve..Blessings

  4. We can also stop loaning Israel money. Israel likes to proudly say that they have never defaulted on their loans, but that doesn’t mean they are paying them back, either. (If you pay at least the interest each month, you can avoid defaulting on your loan.)

    Cut off the money and see how fast they change their tune. And if someone else wants to step up and be their “heroes”, then those people can deal with the problems Israel causes. And they do cause problems.

  5. Wayne….

    Click to access IB85066.pdf

    It seems the ‘loans; that the US extends to Israel consistently become grants– money. Most of it is for military purposes, without precondition . See my comments in “Meanwhile in the Middle East” post (end of the thread)

  6. Wayne – I agree. Cut off the supply of money and as witch1 suggests, guns, tanks, and ammo etc…

    What can we do about this? We know that the Bush cartel is enjoying every moment of this because the more chaos in the Middle East, the higher the price of oil. When Obama takes office, maybe this will be our chance to make some noise. I’m not confident that we can change the US policy, but we may be able to shine more light on the discontent of US citizens sending their tax dollars over Israel especially now, when we need this money for our nation.

    Is anyone here interested in starting some type of protest?

  7. Another good cartoon PJ…Thank you to you and Lady Z for this thread…..Exausted today…Posted and signed patition’s before I went on errand’s and been busy catching up since…Think I am in for an E.O. tonight…

    I’m up for a protest lady cats already kinda started with the signing of stuff today…Let me know and I’ll add my name on the dotted line, if thing’s get ugly I’ll come a runnin and gunnin…LOL

    Much of the world is up in arm’s about Israel and the USA for doing the bombing and supporting it..Bull shit bush is diddling while Gaza is leveled, but then again it might be much worse if he did anything at all, given his drunk, druged legacy…

    The critter’s are all fed, including me, think I will crash and check back in later….P.B.& J

  8. Walt.. yeah the Holocaust gambit just doesn’t cut it any more in the world at large.
    Israel is a special case in that it survives in the manner in which it does due to US aid.
    The damning thing about this is that without US subsidies Israel would be forced to either succumb to forces arrayed against it (and cease to exist) OR come to some sort ot accommodation.

    Over time the most pressing threats to Israel have been quashed by US diplomatic efforts, aided by the collapse of the Soviet Union which negated the regional proxy-war aggressions and forced states like Egypt to become a US client (having no other major power to play to at the time). Syria, a ‘natural enemy’ of Israel due to the importance of the Golan Heights is clearly not a US client, but it doesn’t have the same support from modern Russia as Israel has from the US.
    The blind allegiance to Israel that has been US policy for so long now has ceased to serve US interests or indeed the interests of the general Israeli population.
    As with the US the Israeli government has become mor right-wing and extreme. It has contributed to its own problems in pandering to its religious extremists, just as the US has done.
    The Israeli government’s rhetoric is absolutist (“war to the bitter end” in this instance whilst the 2006 Lebanon War was supposed to be a ‘final solution’, not to put too fine a point on it, as well).

    Of course the only thing the Lebanon War ‘accomplished was to give license to the Israeli government to prosecute the current conflict, secure in the knowledge that the Bush administration would not oppose it and would probably abet it.
    And of course the present actions were planned months in advance– in relative terms this is a mobilization as large as that which the US conducted for its Iraq invasion (the ‘constant war-footing’ of Israel notwithstanding).

    IMHO just when the Palestinians actually found some order under Hamas and thus had a coherent political entity that could be negotiated with /effectively bullied/bribed, the Neocon Bush administration decided to undermine it because it didn’t fit with their model of ‘democracy’–which apparently can only be a pre-packaged full-blown US controlled facsimile of the real thing, or else it’s an abomination that simply HAS to be destroyed, tout-suite, in case real self-determination should rear it’s damnable ugly head.
    In this task they had willing co-consporitors in the Israeli government, and lo, we are once again at this pass of self-fulfilling prophecy. It used to be (as I recall) that the Palestinians wouldn’t negotiate sensibly (see Monty Python’s Life of Brian PFLP [?] demands), but of late (the last 20 years and especially in the last 10) it has been Israel * the government) which has had, frankly, the greatest incentives to negotiate for peace and the greatest incentives and ‘concessions’ to offer the Palestinians but has instead chosen collective oppression and violence to try and destroy their opponents gradually but utterly–none of which would be possible without the constant, blinkered and equally absolutist support of a number of US administrations, most especially that of George W. Bush.

  9. witch1,,,,

    If I’m amazing, what are you? Chopped liver ?
    The Israel/Palestine conflict and the politics that surround it remind me to some extent of ‘The Troubles’ of Northern Ireland which were the backdrop of my youth and which sometimes impinged upon it more directly.
    I also have something of a personal connection with the ME as my father negotiated with the PLO during the Dawson’s Field hijackings of 1970 (and was held captive along with a colleague for a couple of days by George Habash (Yasser Arafat’s
    Cheney/Rove as it were). And when I was in Beirut in ’74 I saw the densely packed Palestinian tent city beside the coast road, crammed more closely together than any Victorian era slum; a pair of US supplied Israeli F-4 Phantom jets roared overhead at about 300 feet as my host and I were driving by and a few in the encampment impotently fired at them with AK-47’s.
    At the time Lebanon was supposed to be a haven for ordinary Palestinians but of course a couple of months later they got stuck in the middle of Lebanese ‘Civil War which also included the Israelis and the Syrians (a little later that day as my host was taking me on a country-wide tour in his Pontiac Le Mans we arrived at the Syria Lebanon border which comprised of one road, a horizontal 2×4 barrier painted red and white and by my count a dozen Syrian T-62 tanks with the end of the lead tank’s barrel about six feet away on on the other side).
    Now, I still had a pretty good time, being on holiday and staying with generous guests, but I did get a sense of how things could turn remarkably ugly in instant, for reasons beyond fathom to the person actually ‘on the ground’, whilst certain people hundreds or thousands of miles away in air-conditioned offices determined the fates of people they’d never met and places they’d never seen with a phone call or the stroke of a pen, followed by a five-course meal and approval from their staff on the necessity and wisdom of their decisions.

  10. Yep! 5thstate,…..That would be chopped corned beef cabbage and boiled potatoe’s…LOL..My ancester’s are from somewhere in Ireland, just haven’t been able to do the final leap to where…

    Another great post, Thank you…I am not as well traveled, confined to the west coast…Alway’s wanted to travel all over the world, now not so much..At my late age I am now an armchair traveler……Blessings

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