9 thoughts on ““Bleep” you..

  1. Wayne, Most Americans have what it takes and I think you’d do a great job and I’d give that job to you in a NY minute. The Dems on the other hand…

    Kicking in the nuts hard…Hmm, sounds like an un-enhanced interrogation technique to me. Very effective and I think it might even pass Geneva Conventions muster.

  2. I’m getting a line forming behind me? Good! Reminds me of the scene in “Airplane!” when the woman starts getting hysterical, and people are lined up down the aisle waiting their turn to “smack some sense” into her (some had weapons, chains, bats).

    I’ll be proud to stand at the head of that line. Of course, my kick will have to be higher than all of yours. When I’m done, he’ll be laying on the ground crying, “My nuts”, like the old man in “Young Frankenstein”. Then it’ll be easier for you guys to get your kicks in. And if you miss his nuts and kick his head “by mistake”, I certainly won’t penalize you. 😀

  3. Wayne, I was thinking of the kick at the end of “An Officer and a Gentleman” when Louis Gossett Jr. lands his kick on Richard Gere. Gere didn’t get up for a while…

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