19 thoughts on “Don’t wanna play favorites, heh heh

  1. Thank’s PJ and Lady Z, ..Another example of the miserable mindless twit that stole the presidency for 8 terrible year’s…Hurry up Jan.20…..Blessings

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Paul. There are so many terrible things that this man has done, it’s hard to remember them all. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Maybe we should officially change the American New Year to January 20th? It definitely won’t be a HAPPY New Year until Bush finally finishes ruining the U.S. and we see the back, and hopefully the last, of him.

    Paul and all, have a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating the coming New Year!

  3. Jane, We are almost there…he is such a failure and that will be his place in history. It’s exactly what he deserves. Hope you and yours have a great New Year!

    Witch1, thanks and a great big thanks to everyone at TheZoo for having me here this past year! Happy New Year!

  4. You’re more than welcome, Paul, we’re extremely lucky and happy to have you. You’ve become an integral part of our ‘voice’ here, and I hope that you’ll be sticking with us in 2009 (and beyond…?) 😀

    Again, Happy New Year to all!

  5. Back at ya Lady Jane,…I plan a couple of sips of Baileys and an early night….My truck is finely free of snow but not going any where…Still lot’s of ice and snow between me and the main road’s..Raining harder today, just hope we don’t get any wind’s….P.B. & J All

  6. It’s snowing here, Zooey, with a wind advisory for most of the day. We’re expecting about 4 inches of snow. I’m glad that I didn’t go to work, they were planning to close at 2:00, but closed at noon due to the weather. Wayne stopped at the store on his way home, so we’re stocked up and don’t have to go anywhere for a coupla days. Nice!

  7. Sending Blessings and lighting a candle against the wind Lady Z…Remind’s me of the song “against the wind”.. Been doing that all my life it seem’s..

    Believe it or not here’s a hint from your viseting witch…..First thing tomorrow morning go out side for a tiny stroll…The first pebble or boulder,.LOL.. you see pick it up and bring it inside your home, put it in a prominate place and leave it there all year, you can rinse it off with water if you want but keep it all year….Next year take it back out side and find a new one…Repeat….It’s a good luck thing…Believe and it work’s….Blessings and don’t forget the pebble.

  8. You are on a roll Paul. To me that is one of his most heinous sins. And I bet the troops have no idea. As they come home and communicate with each other they are going to be pissed. Hopefully that will help history remember how vile he and Cheney have been.

  9. You are all welcome…The worst thing that could happen is you will have a house full of pebble’s and rock’s like I do and the best that will happen is you will have happy rock’s and good luck…P.B & J.

  10. Shayne, It’s the thing that bothers me most and it dishonors the fallen. Just like he dishonored those who served in Vietnam when he ran and hid in the NG. Funny, they always have time for pics and publicity when they send them off to war.

    Witch1, Getting me a pebble too but it’ll be under 8″ of snow!

  11. PJ, you will have a happy thawed out rock when the snow melt’s…LOL.Maybe even more luck…

    Thank you for all you do, I appreciate you…

    My in mail box has been bombed for week’s even after I unsubscribed to many site’s since the election..Once more my democracy now email was interesting..Seem’s that nutinyahoo’s (sp on purpose) nephew has come out against Israel’s killing’s in Gaza…

    I must say this has been a dreadful year around the world and our political leader’s are as guilty as Israel…Now that this year is about over may we all join together and demand Peace and prosperety for all people, ever where….Blessings

  12. Paul, I believe it took the vets from Viet Nam coming back and sharing their problems with each other and the American people that let all the yellow ribbon pretend patriots start understanding the horrors of that war. I’m counting on the troops in Iraq to really shove the Bush/Cheney legacy down the throats of the population that still doesn’t get it.

  13. Wow! Lady Shayne and I was complaining at getting 78 today…Take’s to long to read and sign the patition’s….Must get after my house work…Have a Blessed New Year all…

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