4 thoughts on “It’s Time – Open Thread

  1. obviously the whole world agree with that caption. the incumbent is hiding in a hole trying everything to avoid dealing with the problems that plague this country and the world……

    just please….go away!

  2. So I look at this cover and I wonder…
    Is this an endorsement of Obama?
    A rejection of Bush?
    A clarion call for urgent action?
    Or an expression of childish impatience?

    Much as many of us would like Bush to be gone and Obama to be on the job today, we can’t always have what we think we want, precisely when we want it.

    So ‘well done’ , sober and rational editors of the very serious ‘The Economist’ for stamping your feet like a five year-old being denied a magic pony.

    As all the adults know, January 20th is when Obama takes office, the end.

  3. Thanks for the open thread EV. We missed you! Hope you had a good time while you were visiting. I meant to say so yesterday but I got sidetracked by the Blagojevich press conference.

  4. Thank’s for the thread Lady EV and good morning to you and houseofroberts…

    Sleep problem’s….There is nothing good on the damn TV…Wanted someting soothing and boring and all there is, is station after station of selling or stupid texas walker type junk…Oh well will make a quick post and shut everything down…

    Have a good day,night posting…Blessings

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