Give us your predictions for 2009 – Open Thread

Whatever will be, will be.

Whatever will be, will be.

In 2009 you will have a new President. That one was easy. But, what more is in store for the world in the next year. Give us your predictions.

I predict a move to the left in the German general election and more votes for fringe parties. But Angela Merkel will go on as a chancellor. She did quite well during the last four years, so why not?

I wish you all and your families the best for 2009. There will be challenges, but none that cannot be overcome by fabulous people like you. You made a start already and I am sure things will go better than expected. Blessings and hugs to all!


117 thoughts on “Give us your predictions for 2009 – Open Thread

  1. I predict the right wing nuts will start persecuting Obama immediately after his inauguration. Just like they persecuted Bill Clinton. When they do I hope everybody reminds Pelosi and Reid what chumps they’ve been every day of their lives.

  2. I predict that one Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher will undergo a sex-change operation and emerge as Samantha Josephine Wurzelbacher, or, “Josephine the Plumber”. She will write a book about the experience (“I Know Plumbing”) and promote it on Oprah.

    Later, in 2010, she will run for Congress, without much success, after trying various campaign slogans:

    “Change Up The Wazoo!”

    “You Want Change? I’ll Show You Change!”

    “I May Be a Woman Now, But I Can Still Lay Pipe” (How this last one was supposed to convince voters that she would be an effective Representative in Congress is anybody’s guess, but it was her final campaign slogan before losing 75%-25% in the general election.)

    She will then launch a successful run for a seat on her local school board, where she will become famous for pushing Intelligent Design, and the idea that Adam and Eve shared the Garden of Eden with dinosaurs.

    But, hey. Some predictions have been known to be wrong. πŸ˜€

  3. I predict after minor rioting in the street’s all over the world all public leader’s will be forced to listen to the people and stop all war’s…

    Piss ant palosi and real slow reid will hand their position’s over to good polatician’s right after they are indicted for crime’s just like bush, cheney and the bushco cabal..I can dream here, right?

    All big business will be forced to clean up their own messes at their own expense…All park’s and wildlife will again be protected and any one caught molesting either, like pitaful palin will be jailed for life…All ship’s caught dumping oil or waste in all water’s will be dry docked and the owner’s jailed..

    The job situation will improve as we rebuild America and no one will go hungry “here or over there”..

    Know there’s more, just to tired to think…Blessings

  4. In response to Walt’s post I say, “Save water, bath with a friend”,,LOL…Maybe Lady Z is conserving and looking for the right friend…Ya can’t fault the Lady for that….Blessings

  5. The red necks are setting off pyrotechnics down here that sound like a war zone. I only hope that my mini forest does not ignite this time around. Two years ago, we almost lost a magnificent broad-leaf fir tree. Last year, they took out a small grove on the church property across the access road.

  6. Oh no she isn’t Lady Shayne, She and Clooney just kicked me outta the shower, their playing “Splish splash” on my stereo and steaming up the motor home window’s..I was to slow again..LOL..Blessings

  7. Nicely done Wayne!

    I predict…

    The Heritage Foundation, AEI et cetera will rethink their websites, but not their worthless opinions.

    Michelle Bachman will elbow her way to the front in attacking Obama and hilarity will ensue.

    Facts will continue to have a liberal bias.

    Al Franken will double C-SPAN’s ratings.

    Rachel Maddow will continue to do well as substance will be increasingly appreciated over β€˜blondness’.

    There will be a War on Christmas next year and as usual only Bill O’Reilly will show up (and win, again!).

    Exactly two people in the US will name their newborn kids β€˜Tripp’.

    Oprah’s studio audiences will continue to take her messages of self-awareness to heart, one fabulous program sponsor-supplied gift at a time.

    Pelosi and Reid will continue to be fucking useless.

    Queen Elizabeth will invite Obama for a State Visit (which will happen in 2010, and it will be awesome).

  8. Three Runes for 2009:

    Ur: Power – Reversed

    Thorn: Strength

    Beorc: Birth

    There will be a reversal of those in power. Great strength will follow. As will a Renaissance, or rebirth.

    The labor pains will be great. But we will be witnessing a new dawn for man, and woman, kind.

  9. The Iraqi Kurds will set up an independent state and Turkey and Iran will get so pissed off that there will be uncontrollable unrest in the region.

  10. The Negacons will continue to sell America short on every good idea the Democratic Party passes, which will require the Nuclear Option in the Senate to push McChinless and his ilk into irrelevancy.

  11. Some recovery of NE cod/groundfish stocks but not enough. Overall continued collapse of ocean based protein sources. Some cool new science. Incremental advances in civil rights as to the gay issue. Still no solid evidence of extraterrestrial life

  12. The old witch will again dye her blond white hair a bright red so as not to called a dumb blond and on ocassion may really fly over the full moon…LOL..Blessings

  13. Next week Obama moves his family to Washington. It’s already a good year. Imagine how we’d feel if McCain was moving to Washington. Yikes.

    • No, we really need to keep bras — trust me. πŸ˜‰

      I will attempt to be awake for the New Year. I have 2 glasses of wine in me, so no promises. πŸ˜€

  14. I’m on my 3rd glass of Proseco. I cooked a rack of lamb for dinner and am not even buzzed. What the heck.

    Oh we “need” bras but if they were outlaw what could we do? πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve got enough buzz for both of us. πŸ™‚

      I think if bras were outlawed, there would be nothing we could do but go bra-less. Then many a man would find themselves transformed into “butt men.” πŸ˜‰

  15. Shayne~
    “No underwear would be a good thing for the men wouldn’t it? I just wish the US would outlaw bras! ”

    Ye’d hae my vote, lassie!

  16. Zooey~
    “No, we really need to keep bras β€” trust me.”

    o’ course, me bein’ a perfect gentleman, I’d always be willin’ to gie ye a helpin’ hand! or tew!


  17. 3 shots o’ scotch, 4 glasses o’ champagne, an’ I’m barely feelin’ a buzz – so much fer moderation – it’s party time!


  18. Aye, lassie,

    as they say,

    nothin’s “worn” beneath th’ kilt – it’s all in perfect workin’ condition!


  19. I’d love to, Lady Zoomeister, but I’m committed (or should be). Besides, if I’m not here, who’s gonna take care of my briefs?

  20. Wayne, you still up? Why are you playin’ with yer keyboard? Ye should be playin with yer wife, fer heaven’s sake!

    Instead, ye’d be lettin’ me sit her and flirt with her long distance, as it were. No go to it man, yer fingers were meant fer more than just a computer laptop!

  21. All is quiet at this household now, save the throbbing bass of a distant party reverberating against the exterior walls. Outside, you can’t even hear it. A light fog obscures the night stars, and a hint of fireplace smoke graces the air.

    Janus, the God of the new year, looks backwards and forwards. 2008 was a hellofa year. The Republican party so fucked the country that we elected a black man for the first time in our history. People overcame their prejudices and voted for change.

    We look ahead to a great struggle. One that defines a generation, and the generations that will follow. But we look ahead with hope, and determination. We know that we are better than the past 8 years. We know that we can plot a course for the betterment, not of the haves and have-mores, but of mankind. We know that American ingenuity, know-how and creativity has overcome every challenge in the past, and will overcome the challenges we face in the future.

    Those that live in ignorance and fear will continue to do so, and they will be left behind. The rest of us will move boldly into the future.

    Peace and Blessings,

    Briseadh na Faire

  22. Zooey~
    “Well, git yer ass up here then…”

    If I left right now, I’d be there in about 19 and a half hours, assuming the roads were clear an’ I didn’t have to stop along the way….

  23. Zooey~
    “The age-old question remains: How to get the Scot in the champagne glass?”

    That’s better than the other way around!

    Better yet, fergit the champagne glass, and jus’ get the Scot!

    a long hug to ye, lady Zooey. We’ve been to hell together, you and I. And we both know you deserve better than what life’s dealt you in certain areas. I’m proud of the steps you’ve taken, and continue to take. Rest well tonight. Dream of an impossibly green island, with an impossibly blue sky where we can walk and talk.

  24. I’m the last one awake? How does that happen?

    Home at last, after a nice practice and social time after. Some beer, smoked trout, sliced cucumber, hummus . . . very pleasant. Now a nightcap (Powers) and off to bed. I cannot remember the last time I was deliberately awake this late.

    Happy New Year! 2008 is finally gone.

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