Bush Boo’d During Inauguration

Bad form or justified?  You tell me.


25 thoughts on “Bush Boo’d During Inauguration

  1. Earlier his nervous look was noted on the open thread. I think he was expecting more shoes to be thrown at him.
    MsJoanne, dammit girl! Where have you been hiding?

  2. My thoughts, too, Zooey. He deserves much more. A rope hanging at the Hague comes to mind.

    HoR, I have been traveling everywhere. I was in WA state last week, sick and working, and now I am in the eastern time zone sleeping earlier and earlier just to try to stay healthy. Next week I am teaching in KC, the week after in Chicago, then the week after that in Canada.

    I am lucky to know where I wake up these days.

    Oh, and this week, every one of my students is coughing and sneezing. I am hitting the Emergen-C BIG TIME. I. Cannot. Get. Sick…er.

    • Zooey, PILF, I second that. 😆 What a pity that God broke the mold after he made Obama, we could need some more of the kind, Michelle won’t share, and I don’t have a deathwish.

      • Ok, entering my supper into my calorie database and then off to sleep. Being hungry makes me sleepy.

  3. thats pretty pathetic.

    all you guys are a bunch of assholes!
    I’m a democrat and I think booing GWB is the most unamerican thing in the world. ITS NOT ALL HIS FAULT! CONGRESS IS THE PERSON TO BLAME!

    You don’t know what the HELL you would do if you were in his position at 9/11 and katrina and the war. you dont know. you can’t hate a person. if you hate a president you are truly un-american.

    to bad mouth a president makes your country look bad. and honestly it makes you look stupid.

    its not all his fault.

    geez. if obama screws up yall are still going to blame bush! thats so pathetic.

    Obama hasn’t done anything but yall treat him like he’s God!!!!!


  4. I understand MsJ, I just don’t want to have to CAPTURE BIN LADEN to hear from you again.
    Hope you don’t get sick…er. That’s why you need to stop in and let Witch1 know to light you some candles. It’s worked for me before.
    I will be around a lot for the next 7-8 weeks. Tomorrow is my foot surgery. (Same foot as in August, I hope he’s got it right this time) Check in on the open threads, even if it is late. I’ll be around.

  5. Melissa, no, it is not all Bush’s fault, but he and his administration (which he leads) is at fault for so many of the crises our country is facing.

    You may think we’re assholes, but I, personally, am fractionally the asshole that Bush and his neocon allies are.

    And if you don’t think I will hold Obama responsible for things his administration does, you are sadly mistaken. Bush earned the wrath which is thrust upon him. Obama has just began to govern.

    I hope and pray that Obama does the right thing. Bush NEVER did the right thing. He is too stupid to understand right from wrong and surrounded himself with people who are wrong about everything from torture to war to their philosophy about global American domination to how they view humanity.

  6. Oh, and as to being unAmerican, it is unAmerican to support anyone in our government blindly. That is what German’s did with Hitler. I will never blindly support anyone.

    It is YOU who is unAmerican for supporting any and everything any governmental official does.

    What on earth do you think the 1st Amendment is all about and for?

  7. Good to read you here MsJoanne, Thank you for the post, I agree..I will add you to my healing thought’s along with houseofroberts starting tomorrow morning….Get lot’s of rest Dear Lady..Safe travel’s…Blessings

  8. WMTA, eh, Z? 😀

    I am disgusted that people could ever say such tripe…we are unAmerican for this or that.

    Talk to The Dixie Chicks about what is unAmerican and unpatriotic.

    Nuff. Said.

  9. My thanks to you both, Witch and HoR for the good wishes. I am willing it to go away.

    I was blessed by this group wanting to watch the inauguration. I cried and was so proud of my country today. We are, hopefully, on a path to the greatness we once were and will be again.

    I stood and put my hand on my heart at the singing of the National Anthem, and I cried some more.

    Our country is born anew. We have much wrongs to right but I feel good…and that alone is making my health better than it might have been.

    It has been the longest eight years of my life, watching my country spiral down, down and down.

    It is now time to turn that on its head and become what we were before the neocons came to power.

    Blessings, indeed.

  10. Could’a been a whole lot worse..

    A little ‘tar & feather’ action going out the door.. Now THAT would have been bad. ‘Booing’ is nothing compared to that. (Just watched the “John Adams” mini-series).
    Frankly, with all the damage they have done to our nation, our economy, our system of government, our standing in the world, they would have had it coming. They deserved the boo’s.
    You have to earn and deserve the respect of the people you serve and lead. They didn’t do that. They could have cared less.

  11. I’ll settle for some post inauguration subpoenas for every Bush official that Mukasey wouldn’t arrest for refusing to show up. Just as soon as Holder is confirmed.

  12. They have no excuse to not show up, even if they can claim executive priviledge on some questions. If subpoenaed, they have to present themselves and take the oath.

  13. Agreed. Talk about contempt. They should have been jailed for contempt of congress…but they let it happen and they let the Bushies give them the finger repeatedly.

    One reason that it needs to be remedied. No one is above the law. No one.

  14. Yes indeed, he was booed and the people cheered when his helicopter took off. The crowd was happy to say “good bye”. Even the Capitol police were smiling.

  15. I think that while no one can agree completely with every choice President Bush made, I think that for the most part I feel that he did have the country’s best interest in mind when he made the hard decisions. I think the guy has a big heart. I don’t think it was right to boo him but I guess I can understand where people are coming from with this. There is a lot of resentment floating around for the whole bush party. Just pray for them.



  16. Of course he should be booed. If the president of the United States does not have to take responsibility for the country then who does. Anyone that says it is un American to voice their opinions is just plain wrong. Dissent is strongly protected and cherished in a democracy. I am adding a link of my footage of Bush being booed. I turned the camera on the crowd so you can see their reactions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jgYAvqKrgM


  17. @bluedogrising:

    “If the president of the United States does not have to take responsibility for the country then who does.”


    Dave, let’s ask the residents of New Orleans if they thought Bush had their best interests at heart.

    Melissa, it’s not about knowing what we might have done if we had been president. We didn’t ask for that job. It’s about knowing what should be done. Re: “war”, how many times does it have to be said that we INVADED and are now OCCUPYING Iraq? It wasn’t something that was thrust upon us, it was Bush’s choice, nay, his DEMAND, even though many opposed it. So he owns all of that.

    Bush didn’t cause hurricane Katrina, he just refused to deal with it. His (lack of) response, his fault. Heckuva job, Brownie.

    And now this same tired rant about patriotism. How many times do we have to quote Theodore Roosevelt? “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.” It seems to me that your inability to distinguish between patriotism and nationalism casts some doubt on your own cognitive faculties.

    Ahhh, whatever.

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