Wednesday Open Threat

..nice typo, huh? And Freudian.  I guess I leave it at that. You all know this is the place to go for sharing your views of all and sundry. For new posts check below.


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  1. Thom Hartmann was on Countdown last night.
    Keith asks Thom why these corporate CEOs fail to understand the public’s ire about jet purchases and million dollar office remodeling.

    Looks like we will have to wait until late in the day to see the final House vote on the $825 billion stimulus bill. I am mainly interested in who crosses over to vote contra-party and gives the reasons as to why.

  2. Hartmann has started calling his commercial breaks “economic stimulus moments”. I like that.

  3. Hey, wait, RUC! I’M the blogger! How’s Jayden and the rest of the Ceriouses?

    State Farm pullout leaves Florida policyholders scrambling

    “State Farm, which stopped writing new homeowners policies in Florida last year, said it was left with little choice but to abandon the property line after state Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty made a final decision on Jan. 12 to reject its rate-hike plan. State Farm had first asked for a 47.1 percent premium rate increase in July, but in December upped its request to 67 percent.”

    The Insurance Commission of Florida should revoke State Farm’s license to do business of any kind in the state, if they are going to cherry-pick their coverages. While I can understand their motivation for ending their property insurance in a state with high risk for losses, if the state has to insure property because no one else will, then the state should sell the profitable kinds of insurance to make up the shortfalls.
    Insurance of all kinds is becoming increasingly hard to afford as these corporations develop unreal expectations of profit for shareholders and upper management salaries.

  4. Hi Jane,
    I saw that on CNN or something, I think. My computer locked up trying to display that, it must take a fairly new rig to run it. But hey, I got out of it! Good old Control-Alt-Delete.

  5. House, I used to work for a horse insurance company which merged with a general insurance agency down on Long Island. A few days before Hurricane Gloria hit, the general insurance agency was notified by the home offices NOT to write any new homeowner’s insurance. So anyone who didn’t already have insurance could not possibly get it, and were screwed when Gloria hit.

  6. Sorry, house, it took a minute or two for the whole picture to come up on my computer, which is less than a year old. I should have guessed that it might be too much for some computers.

  7. Well I can see their side of the Hurricane Gloria situation, you shouldn’t just be able to buy insurance after the storm is coming straight at you. The purpose for insurance is to spread the risk to a large enough pool to keep all in the pool secure, but the insurance industry, in general, has gotten out of hand since they have been able to analyze data so much more efficiently in the computer age. Rather than enlarge the pool, they want to shrink it by excluding every risk factor they can, so they only insure the
    minimally risky.
    Ed Schultz was talking about how his own LLC’s health insurance premium went up about 20%, from last year’s. The point was made that the cost of health insurance is killing entrepreneurship in this country, and the Republicans claim to be the champions of small businesses. So how can they oppose single-payer health plans from the government? Almost every business that opposed it in 1993, when the Clintons proposed it, now has to have single payer to be able to stay in business, from the automakers down to the corner dry cleaners.

  8. Right, house, ‘the premiums of the many pay for the claims of the few’. Oooh, sounds communist, doesn’t it? 😉

    Repubs will oppose anything that even hints at the dreaded ‘socialism’, even though a single-payer health plan would accomplish exactly what they say they want.

  9. The vote on the House GOP Alternative Stimulus Plan was just defeated so we should see a vote on Obama’s Plan pretty soon.

  10. House passes Economic Stimulus 244 to 188, with 12 Democrats voting nay, and 0 Republicans voting yea.

    • HoR, can you imagine a life, where the only American news channel you can get is CNN? **shudder**

      (I have a very unexplicable crush on John King, however)

  11. But no feelings for Rick Sanchez?

    The only news channel on my cable is CNN, unless you count C-Span. I don’t get MSNBC.
    There’s BBC News on the BBC channel and PBS, but it is part time, and as you said, “American” news channel. I think there is a Bloomberg Financial channel.

  12. HoR my cable provider sucks..

    I go for the All American Quarterback and don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

  13. He was like that on Larry King. They bumped Jimmy Carter for him that night. I guess Jimmy tolerated it because he’s plugging a book.

    I am listening to Rachel on Air America and she was talking to Glen Greenwald on the phone. I was wondering if that was from yesterday’s TV show.

  14. The foot is better than I was led to believe it would be at this time. They fitted me for a “boot”, which is a modern version of a cast. It goes all the way to my knee and weighs about forty pounds. I have to take it off to drive somewhere, then I am supposed to put it on to walk with the crutches. I haven’t had it on since I left the Dr. Monday afternoon. I’ll probably use it if I go out to shop or something.
    The incision is between my second and third toes, on the top. I was sure he told me he was going in the bottom. No real pain, haven’t taken a single pain pill.

  15. Nwmuse,
    The answer to your question you posed to BnF, is that in the Senate, in order to end debate on a bill, known as to “invoke cloture”, 60 votes are needed. Then they only need a simple majority to pass the bill. Otherwise, they have to continue to debate. This is known as a “filibuster”. The minority party Senators don’t usually want to stand up there talking just to waste time, and in order to get to other business, the Senate Majority Leader, the distinguished Harry Reid, in our case, will move to table the discussion. Then they move on to other business. By “gentlemen’s agreement” this allows a single Senator to put a “hold” on a bill, without the full legislative calendar to come to a halt. In the last two years, the Republicans have set the record for most “holds”, or filibusters, in any Congressional Session. Since any bill the Democrats wanted to pass would probably be vetoed by Bush anyway, and to override a veto takes 67 votes, there was no reason to fight it out. Now we have Obama, and any bill that gets passed by the Senate, with the majority in the House, is likely to be signed and become law.
    Uh oh, I got to break up a cat fight.

  16. I’m waiting to see if they will use the Nuclear Option to change the filibuster rule, like Bill Frist threatened to do.

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