4 thoughts on “Why does Rush hate America..?

  1. I find it amazing that Rush has the audacity to claim that he was trying to say that he hoped liberalism failed. For someone who is supposed to be such a “master” of communication, he seems not to know what the words he uses mean.

    He was asked to write 400 words on his hopes for the new Obama administation, and he said, “I don’t need 400 words, I can do it in four – ‘I hope he fails’.” Oddly enough, he needed considerably more than four words to explain that he didn’t mean what he clearly had said. Well, if four words weren’t enough to describe what he hopes for the new president, then why did he claim he could do it in just four words, when he obviously couldn’t?

    I mean, was he trying to be honest with his listeners? Or was he trying to make them believe something that wasn’t exactly true? Do tell, Rush.

  2. Wayne, you’re just “taking him out of context.” That’s always been the dittohead response when Rushbo stuffs his gout-ridden foot in his giant mouth. “He didn’t say that!” — carefully ignoring transcript. “If you listened to Rush all day every day, you would know what he really meant.”


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