Saturday night cesspool party!

The guard dogs are guarding......what?

The guard dogs are guarding......what?

Hey Critters, visitors, fans, lurkers, friends, foes, whoever you are, I give you the Saturday night cesspool party.

The game of the evening is “Marry, Fuck or Kill,” but if you have other ideas throw ’em out there.  We’re flexible around here — but not easy, those rumors are not true!

The chimps have finally come down from their “we attended the Inauguration and you didn’t” high, and will take your drink order, but you are responsible for making sure they actually bring it to you.


James Dobson Resigns

James Dobson, the founder and chair of Focus on the Family (the uber-right wing religious organization) has announced his retirement.

Dobson’s resignation as board chairman “lessens his administrative burden” and is the latest step in a succession plan, the group said. Dobson began relinquishing control six years ago by stepping down as president and CEO.

“One of the common errors of founder-presidents is to hold to the reins of leadership too long, thereby preventing the next generation from being prepared for executive authority,” Dobson said in a statement. “… Though letting go is difficult after three decades of intensive labor, it is the wise thing to do.”

Hmmm…I wonder if this has something to do with it:

Dobson has a devoted following. His radio broadcast reaches an estimated 1.5 million U.S. listeners daily. Yet critics say his influence is waning, pointing to evangelicals pushing to broaden the movement’s agenda beyond abortion, gay marriage and other issues Dobson views as most vital.

Nah.  The whole FotF women are chattel who should not work and who should submit fully to their husbands is something any woman aspires to, right?  I wouldn’t hold your breath on that next generation thing.

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Norm Coleman wants a do-over?

UPDATE!: All Hell Breaks Loose!

All hell just broke loose in the Minnesota courtroom, with Al Franken’s lawyers catching Team Coleman in the act of yet more concealing of evidence — and they’ve now made a motion to totally strike the Coleman camp’s claims about double-counting of ballots, which the Coleman camp has hoped to use to subtract over 100 votes from Franken’s lead.


(Back to the original post..)

What?! Is he in the third grade??

TPM reports:

The talk from the Coleman campaign about how the Minnesota election results are unreliable, and that a do-over election could be an option, has now gone beyond just Norm Coleman’s lawyers — it’s now coming from the mouth of Norm himself.

Coleman did an interview with Sirius conservative talk-radio host Andrew Wilkow, and discussed the campaign’s argument that the court’s current strict standards for allowing in previously-rejected ballots must by extension render illegal a whole lot of ballots accepted and counted on Election Night, when local election officials used lax standards:

“What does the court do?” Norm asked rhetorically. “Yeah, you know some folks are now talking about simply saying run it again, just run it again.”

Coleman, you lost. Accept it. These tactics are transparent and pathetic – behavior unbecoming a United States Senator.

Give it a rest already and move on. Stop holding the state of Minnesota hostage, and let Senator-elect Al Franken do the job to which he was fairly elected.  The winner has already been certified by the State of Minnesota, and, it wasn’t you. And even though you have been attending GOP Caucus meetings, you are officially no longer a US Senator (even though you are still masquerading as one). Remember, your term expired this past January 3.. Didn’t you get the memo..?

I know you believe, as you said ,”God wants me to serve“, but God doesn’t pick sides. And that was a seriously pathetic tactic to use..

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Matthews schools Issa on basic English

Finally, someone has called the GOPers on their childish practice of calling the Democratic party the “Democrat” party; a trend started by their spiritual leader Rush Limbaugh (whom, I imagine, managed to graduate the 3rd grade, but not much more). The fun starts at the :44 minute mark.

I hope the remainder of the press picks up this idiotic “slam” the Republican’s seem intent on using.

I find it amusing because it simply makes them, and anyone else using the phrase, look dumb as stones.

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The sooner they close Guantanamo, the better..

This yesterday from Reuters, reporting from London:

Abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has worsened sharply since President Barack Obama took office as prison guards “get their kicks in” before the camp is closed, according to a lawyer who represents detainees.

Abuses began to pick up in December after Obama was elected, human rights lawyer Ahmed Ghappour told Reuters. He cited beatings, the dislocation of limbs, spraying of pepper spray into closed cells, applying pepper spray to toilet paper and over-forcefeeding detainees who are on hunger strike.

The Pentagon said on Monday that it had received renewed reports of prisoner abuse during a recent review of conditions at Guantanamo, but had concluded that all prisoners were being kept in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

“According to my clients, there has been a ramping up in abuse since President Obama was inaugurated,” said Ghappour, a British-American lawyer with Reprieve, a legal charity that represents 31 detainees at Guantanamo.

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Campaign to close down School of The Americas

WARNING: This video is quite graphic and disturbing.

From the RealNews Network

Pablo Ruiz: US tax dollars are used to train Latin American soldiers how to oppress their own people

While the US commits 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, in part to seek out terrorist training camps, many in the US and Latin America are demanding that President Obama shut down what they believe is a terrorist training camp run on US tax dollars, the School of the Americas. One such person is Pablo Ruiz, who spoke to The Real News during his first-ever trip to the US, where, as a survivor of torture carried out by SOA graduates, he is laying out his argument for the immediate closure of the school.

Watch out for Part Two of this interview later this week, addressing the school’s current focus and the movement to shut it down.

From Consortium News: “Former Chilean political prisoner Pablo Ruiz is among a group of Latin Americans who say they were tortured and otherwise abused by graduates of the school and who have traveled to Washington to demand that the new U.S. President shut down the school.”

Back in 2007 there was a vote to close the School of the Americas, but it failed. I don’t know if that was the last attempt, but apparently (according to one of the commenters at the RealNews page) there is a vote up to vote on the closer once again. Here’s that comment:

Latin America Military Training Review Act of 2009 (formerly HR 1707 in the 110th Congress) that closes the School of the Americas and starts an investigation into its practices. The Congressional switchboard number is 1-800-473-6711. The national call-in day was Feb 17th, but it’s never to late to call your rep’s office and tell them what you think (they may even be nice; one of mine was).

Here’s more on contacting your Senators and Representatives to close the SOA.

The last vote I could find on closing this place was in 2007 was 203 yes, 214 no, 1 voting “present” and 19 not voting. Here was an article posted on Common Dreams in 2007 concerning that vote on closing the SOA.

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‘Jimmy the page’ responds to Bobby Jindal’s speech

From NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jack McBrayer who plays “Kenneth the page” on NBC’s “30 Rock” appeared to give his own response:

A Late Night Special Report
This is the Jack McBrayer response
to the internet response
to the Republican response
to the President’s address to the Congress

I still say Bobby Jindal looked and sounded exactly like Mr. Rogers… (from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I tried finding a video with Mr. Rogers speaking (and not singing), and the following was all I could find…

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Zombie Bank

Another great animated cartoon by Mark Fiore!

“I was working at my bank late one night
when before my eyes, this financial sight
My bank, from its slab, began to rise
and suddenly, to my surprise

He did the bank—he did the zombie bank
The zombie bank—such a terrible stank
He did the bank—once our profits have sank
We did the bank—we did the zombie bank…” (the song continues…)

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