Bull pucky!!

Rachel Maddow addresses “the know nothings” in Congress, regarding the jobs bill.


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  1. Wow… this is so funny. Poor Rachel. Your guy is proposing the biggest waste of taxpayer money in the world. And America isn’t buying. How quickly the bloom is off the rose.

  2. Mike, perhaps you might elaborate on why you think Rachel is ‘poor’… Because that was the most coherent, intelligent explanation I have heard to date (with examples) of what is now happening and why.
    And I am not ‘buying’ that “America” is not buying. It is merely the “Republicans” in Congress who aren’t buying. And, it’s about politics – not people. And that, my friend.., that is what is sad.. Especially now.

  3. I liked the analogy Rachel made about the fire department that said to pour gasoline on the fire. Republican arsonists have been doing that to the US economy now for 28 years. After 8 years of Bush and the lockstep lemmings, the national debt goes from 5 trillion to 10 trillion with nothing to show for it. That’s the biggest waste of taxpayer money ever.

  4. Muse – wait until Mike loses his job and his unemployment and his food stamps. He might just have a change of heart when the tough times hit him like they are hitting other Americans.

  5. Thune – $936 billion divided “equally” between 182 million income tax filers.

    That equals $5,142 each.

    To pay that much in taxes, your taxable income (after the Standard Deduction of $5450-single or $10,900-married) must be:

    Single – $35,150

    Married – $39,600

    That means you must earn more than

    $39,600 – Single, or

    $50,500 – Married

    to take full advantage of Senator Thune’s proposal.

    Now, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in the U.S. was $50,233 in 2008.

    In other words, fully one half of all households would not receive the full benefit of Senator Thune’s proposal. Once again Republicans propose something which would disproportionately favor the rich, at the expense of the rest of us.

    Mike, unless you are amongst the wealthy ruling elite, you are being duped.

  6. Well, BnF, anyone who believes what the Republicans are saying is being duped. It is true that we all try to use language to manipulate people. But “manipulate” can have negative connotations when it’s being done to you, so some preferred to say they were “inspired” by someone’s words. It doesn’t matter because the tactic itself (which anyone can learn) is neither good nor bad in and of itself, it’s just a tool. (You know, the way they say you can get more flies with sugar than with vinegar, while some think you have to scream and yell and intimidate people to get your way.)

    What makes what the Republicans have been doing wrong is that they are using these tactics and lying to people about, well, just about everything. Many lies are lies of omission, where they don’t tell you the whole story. (Like the famous Reagan myth about how he cut taxes and this – alone – increased revenues.) Or that cutting taxes creates jobs. That is bullshit. All it does is provide an incentive to create jobs, but if that corporation decides to just keep the money, the economy does not get stimulated in any meaningful way.

    We could on about the lies they tell every two years about gay marriage, illegal immigration, and how the Democrats want to take away your constitutionally-protected guns (another myth), but the point is that they do it all the time, and for no other reasons than self-serving ones. Their economic ideas are for shit and they know it. It was Republican policies that brought us where we are, and there is no reason to believe they have a clue how to reverse the damage they have done. I believe there is no reason to listen to any of them on this.

  7. President Obama is not proposing “waste” at all, on the contrary, he has proposed instead – saving. Saving jobs! And I agree, you can not put this more clearly than Mrs. Maddow has done in this clip. So again Mike, why do you say, “poor Rachel”?

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