Friday giggle at religion

Eddie Izzard

I was listening to this in my car, and almost drove off the road — I was laughing so hard.    (Not safe for work)

Here’s another — I need a good laugh:


6 thoughts on “Friday giggle at religion

  1. My daughter has the DVD of Izzard’s “Dress To Kill”. We stayed up and watched it one night. That guy is seriously funny…

    • When you first start listening to him, it seems like he’s all over the place — but he’s not, he brings it all together in the end. Pure genius.

  2. Zooey, that’s exactly right. He’s got 14 threads going and keeps tugging on them during his set until he wraps it all up. The whole makeup and dress-up thing confused me at first, but he’s one of the funniest standup comics I’ve seen.

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