Monday Open Thread

Hi All, I am  back from my skiing holidays. It was cold there!

We had a lot of fun sledging, too. There is a mile long sled track there and it’s deadly. The speed was awesome. The above video filmed at the Rinerhorn in Davos was not taken by me, you would have had the opportunity to watch me picking my poor self up again after my numerous tumbles. And don’t get me started on the potholes and what they meant for my bum.

What is on your mind today? Let us know and don’t miss the posts that will come up during the day.


18 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. EV….Glad you made it back without injuries!
    Those tobogganers clearly know what they are doing, That’s a nice run (I’m guessing its a Blue?) —lively pace and concentration definitely needed. I hope it wasn’t as icy for you as it sounded in the video.

    My second ski trip (1974) was to La Feclaz in the French Alps. It was a small resort well-suited to beginners and intermediates. We went in late Feb which should have been perfect but it proved unseasonably warm so every run was a combination of pack, ice, ‘mashed-potato’ and bald spots.

    One crest where one really needed to turn (left) to get lined-up for the schuss under a stone bridge, lost all its snow which exposed not just grass but a slurry of cow-shit (the slopes were pastures, off-season) and the trouble with skiing through cow-shit is that you can’t–it stops you dead!

    To maintain momentum the only option was to stick to a narrow curving and steeply dropping inside-track right up against a rock face, squeeze between the rock-face and a tree (don’t forget to duck) and then get on your edges tout-suite to make the hairpin turn into the bridge tunnel to avoid crashing into its foundations or go sailing-off over the edge of the piste Exhilarating stuff!

  2. OMG, I think I just had a bit of a panic attack — I could only watch about 1.5 minutes of that.

    I’m glad you had fun, EV. 😯

  3. Hi All, yes it was fun and we had fabulous snow as far as I could see with my goggles going all misty. Maybe it was better not to see what I was getting myself into.

    randomcha0s, go to Davos to ski, but choose somewhere else to stay. Davos is really expensive. Alvaneu is a twenty minutes drive to the Rinerhorn and only half the price. And you can choose to ski in Lenzerheide or Savognin, too. Both are again only 20 mins from Alvaneu.

    Bergün, which is close, too has 10 km of sledging. The Albula pass is closed in winter for cars and you can toboggan down the road. Yea!

    Zooey, it’s not so bad really. I wouldn’t lie to you would I? 😀

  4. 5thstate, I never tried to ski through cow-shit. Sat down in it while playing football a number of times, however. My father once transported my brother home in the trunk. You know the car was still new 😆

      • Hot drinks mmmmmhhh, we are promised another two feet of snow for tomorrow morning and some rain in the afternoon to turn it into slush and then freezing temperatures later to fix the stuff to the streets. The buses will be on time, we’re promised. Ha, ha.

        I’m off to bed, Good Night All. And hey, I put up a real post today **being soo pleased with herself**

  5. EV…well I wasn’t trying to ski through cow shot, it was just there!

    Zooey, some hot Godiva liqueur would do the trick,

    • It’s pretty bad when I have to explain ’em….

      Here’s the deal, I’m wondering aloud what Bill got Hillary for V-Day, and my son pops off a smart ass response that Bill would get her a blue dress — ya know, the intern wore a blue dress when she had a snack in the Oval Office? Get it? Bill would get Hill a blue dress, cuz he’d like more of the same….?

      Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that was hilarious!

  6. Zooey,
    You should have delivered the punch line thusly:
    My charming son said: “A blue dress.”

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