Friday Morning Comedy Open Thread

It’s a tall order to keep up a good mood when you’re living in Switzerland these days. And read the newspapers. But what the heck..just take a double dose of Hugh Laurie and company and thinks will look brighter!

Writing wasn’t an easy feat for Shakespeare either:

Safe Sex


29 thoughts on “Friday Morning Comedy Open Thread

  1. That’s Mayor is good House. Of course the Fox anchor had to be a snarky bastard. Just couldn’t help himself.

  2. HoR, I could have hugged the guy. We don’t want to be paid like third world peasants and we won’t join that race to the bottom. That goes for us Europeans, too.

    Good find!

  3. That clip was played on KPOJ Portland (web feed) during Carl Wolfson’s third hour, when Thom Hartmann comes in and “warms up” for his national show. I managed to catch just enough to find it.

    EV, I worked for a Swiss corporation in the 80s named Bruderer. They make punch presses mostly, and we were their only manufacturing outside of Switzerland. Ever heard of them?

  4. I was looking for the clip of Alan Keyes saying Obama was going to destroy the country today but it’s not available yet. What a moron. He looks a lot like Roland Burris but he’s even crazier.

  5. They played it twice on MSNBC today but I couldn’t find it there and it’s not on YouTube yet. Any other suggestions?

  6. You looked in the right places. NBC does put up a lot of their own stuff now.

    Gov. Pat Quinn has asked Burris to resign now. Here we go again. Sounds like he wants a special election to replace him.

  7. I’m glad I found it. MSNBC only had a small bit of the insanity. Apparently Keyes filed a petition saying that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen, again.

    • That would be cool, Shayne. Just make sure you do some big time mocking of Keyes — you know, that thing you do so well. 😀

  8. the vid of the Keyes post isn’t actually there, but thanks for the links here which do work. By Grabthar’s Hammer, Alan Keyes is absolutely certifiable!
    Someone should do an MRI on his brain! I think he’s got Africanized bees in his skull instead of the usual ‘gray matter’.

  9. Rick Sanchez is interviewing Mayor Virg Bernero on CNN, letting him say his piece even better than the FOX interview.

  10. Damn, this guy is way off the rail’s..Someone need’s to put some prune’s in his pablum so he can get his shit straight….These people scare me and they need to be locked up…..P.B & J.

  11. Thank You Lady Muse, I think up crazy stuff to but mine’s not harmful…Glad you liked it….Blessings

  12. My recent fly over TP look’s like the pitiful palin post is shooting for the 400 mark..With out looking would guess it’s little d and the homophobe’s on the war path….They do have a hard, umm, life living in their closet’s and screaching through the door….May have to check them out for a laugh layter..

    Forgot to thank Lady’s EV and Shayne for their clip’s and post’s, thank’s also to all the poster’s, I do love reading your view’s…

    It’s Music night, right?…I have a couple of request’s if someone would be so kind to put them up….Anything by CCR of course and anything from Linda Ronstadt..Conciones de mi Padre tape…Thank’s bunche’s….The last one is for Lady Muse, houseofroberts and I…Will check back after Oso’s last tinkle…LOL….Many Blessings all.

  13. “My recent fly over TP look’s like the pitiful palin post is shooting for the 400 mark…”

    I get tired of the long refreshes at about 200 comments.

    CCR and Linda works for me, too.

    My girl children can’t get along today, I keep having to break up kitty fights.

  14. Oprah Winfrey worth more than GM. A brief report on Nightly Business Report puts GM’s market capitalization, share price times shares held, at just over $1 billion. Oprah Winfrey is worth more than $2 billion. She’d probably do better running GM, too.

  15. Ment to thank you as well for that link to the funny above houseofroberts…Brain drain today, sorry..Blessings

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