That coat! — Open thread

I don’t usually get all that excited about coats, but damn, this is the best coat EVER!

UPDATE:  This is a good open thread for a Monday.  Enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “That coat! — Open thread

  1. “…we have seen the new foreign policy, and it is badassed!”

    Rachel unique way of expressing herself should win her some kind of award pretty soon. Of course, they may have to invent a new category, because she is in a CLASS BY HERSELF!

  2. “…we have seen the new foreign policy, and it is badassed!”

    I loved that line, too!

  3. I was rather partial to Canada’s Governor General’s coat when she met Obama.

    It had a lovely float to it…the buttons don’t hinder the legs at all and the skirt part (which was not tapered in the least, it was almost gown like in how it floated) was open enough to actually walk.

    I commented on it when I first saw it, too.

    I missed Rachel for the last two weeks when I was in Canada with my sweetie….missed Keith, too. I feel so deprived!

    Missed YOU guys, too!

  4. Good to see you here MsJoanne..Thank you for the slide show link, excellent quality…

    You missed all of us.? You were with your sweetie? Wow!….Hope you had a wonderful trip..Blessings

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