Matthews schools Issa on basic English

Finally, someone has called the GOPers on their childish practice of calling the Democratic party the “Democrat” party; a trend started by their spiritual leader Rush Limbaugh (whom, I imagine, managed to graduate the 3rd grade, but not much more). The fun starts at the :44 minute mark.

I hope the remainder of the press picks up this idiotic “slam” the Republican’s seem intent on using.

I find it amusing because it simply makes them, and anyone else using the phrase, look dumb as stones.

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10 thoughts on “Matthews schools Issa on basic English

  1. Barney does a good job and then I gave up when Issa equated 2 years of Democratic House control and a stalemate in the Senate and with a GOP predisent threatening vetos,—with 6 years of absolute GOP control over the nations fiscal policy.

    Right! In Issa world when a credit card bill isn’t paid for six years AND your income has dropped, the final notice before repossession of plaything you own magically isn’t any more than the principal borrowed! AND you should therefore be able to pay it off immediately! Because you still have checks in your national checkbook!

    What a fucktard!

  2. I try to watch Hardball, but , sometimes I wonder why Chris Matthews bothers to invite guests onto his show. He has the terribly rude habit of cutting them off in the middle of their answer, seemingly, just to hear himself talk. Often it’s about something that’s totally unrelated to the topic under discussion. It seems that he can’t control the thought that’s in his brain from shooting out of his mouth. It’s very hard and frustrating to follow the gist of the conversation.

  3. mikerush….

    Your observations of Matthews are correct.
    My theory is that Matthews is really a ‘political gossip columnist’.
    He loves everything about politics except its substance (he was a speechwriter wasn’t he? )
    Any technical knowledge that he might demonstrate is just a result of exposure to the trade lingo.
    All he ever does is crush on politicians and then get bitter when he feels betrayed for whatever reason.
    He’s a weird 14 year-old hopped-up on political glamor instead of movie glamor .

  4. I guess I’m going to have to get a new set of speakers for my computer. I gave my old ones to my daughter because she listens to music. It is sort of fun to watch the feeds without sound…the body language can be hilarious.

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