Thursday Open Thread – Prawo Jazdy and the Irish police

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Irish police have solved the mystery of a Polish recidivist who clocked up 50 traffic offenses on different addresses and who was never caught,..

..after one officer noticed his name meant driving license in Polish.

Irish Police declined to comment.

213 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread – Prawo Jazdy and the Irish police

  1. LOL..Thanks for the thread and funny Lady EV…I’m going to bed and your up early…Have a great day..If my puter work’s later may add another post about the time you are done with your day…..Blessings

  2. Somewhere in Ireland there’s an itinerant Polish guy NAMED Prawo Jadzy who’s REALLY laughing his ass off, now…
    I guess Ireland’s Police don’t have up to date computer technology that recognized old Prawo had a number of outstanding warrants, to let the most recent policeman that stopped him know to arrest him and hold him. Maybe the license numbers never matched.

    Witch1, EV’s not really up early, 12:25am at the Zoo is 9:25am over there. She’s already got the husband off to work and the kids off to school by then. As I post this, she’s probably having lunch.

    I’m watching a clip from yesterday on C-Span with Joe Biden chairing a Stimulus Oversight meeting. He’s got a big black smudge right in the middle of his forehead and I guess no one will tell him. It doesn’t look like a bruise.

    I’m just ramblin’ on this morning, ’cause I AM up too early.

  3. Indeed it was, Wayne. The ashes sometimes start out looking vaguely like a cross but quickly turn to smudge. Especially because the ashes itch and people have a tendency to absent-mindedly scratch.

  4. Ah, yes the fond memories of kneeling for hours waiting for the smudge O’God to be smeared on one’s forehead…
    Gud Tymes.

  5. Mornin’ again everybody!
    I went back to bed, fortunately.

    So Biden’s smudge was because he’s Catholic? If I ever knew about that it was data that was written over for lack of hard drive space. Thanks for clearing that up. Not many Catholics down here, and the practicing ones went to private school, so us “regular” kids weren’t exposed to their customs.

    Today is supposed to be a beautiful early spring day, with only a bit of wind.

  6. Back again, …Look’s like a bunch of us remember Ash Wed…

    Another skiff of snow this morning, just 26 deg. when I walked Oso..

    Yep! knew that about our time difference houseofrobert’s…Do have a problem with remembering the 3 hour’s between east and west coast though….Always think of something to tell my buddy in N.H. and then remember it’s way to late to call….

    Happy posting all….P.B. & J

  7. If you have access to KPOJ on the web, Thom Hartmann is live at the CPAC Conference at 8am Pacific time. He usually gets some good wingnut interviews. At 9 he’ll be on all his live outlets, Air America and NovaM.

  8. It appears that thinkprogress is in trouble. I just tried to open the blog and am getting a “domain available” advertisement. Either they didn’t renew their domain name or someone has hacked them.

  9. So glad you all are up on the TP thing…Have been trying to get there for awhile and earthlink keep’s shutting me down, thought it was me or my provider….Hope they get it fixed…Damn it’s cold here this morning…Think I will go back to the quilt’s…Blessings

  10. As you’ve heard, I’ve been able to leave comments at TP (Jane, too). I’m getting nice “support” (recommends) there, too. Thank you, to all Critters who recommend my comments. (I’m “winning” on some of them. πŸ™‚ )

    But it seems to have been a while since anything refreshed. I keep thinking I’m killing the threads when that happens. πŸ™‚ (I’ve done it before.)

  11. This is going to sound weird but I have been trying to sign in to the Zoo and Word Press under my Hoodathunk handle but it doesn’t recognize me. Nor does it recognize my email address to let me get a new password. Yet I can still sign in to TP with Hoodathunk (now that it is accessible again).

    There was an invitation to come here a little while back…is it still open? And can anyone explain why I can’t access Hoodathunk here?

  12. I would trade weather with ya Lady Shayne if I could but this old witch do’s not do weather spell’s..LOL..

    TP is up for me as well but think I will pass on most posting today..

    Presedent Obama has put a 2% cap on wage increases for federal employees and a 2.9 cap on military…Wish he would put a freeze on the house, senate and administration…Oh well..Lest I forget think he need’s to demand refund’s from the rich banker’s that had free partie’s at the public’s expense…It would be much cheaper to jail, feed and house all the thieve’s than to let them rome and rob again..

    Our state unemployment rose to 7.8 I heard yesterday but on the news just now several counties are reporting over 13% unemployed…They did not say that figure do’s not cover the people that ran out of benefit’s some time ago and are living off food stamp’s, food bank’s and anything they can scrounge….

    Happy posting youngster’s, I’m off to feed the bird’s..P.B. & J

  13. medjhiesco (aka Hoodathunk),
    I can’t answer the question, but I know that 5thEstate is 5thstate here for the same reason. I am House of Roberts at TP and as you can see, houseofroberts here. I guess you need to change something slightly to get in the system. This system wouldn’t let me use caps or spaces, when I signed in originally.
    The problem with the e-mail is above my pay grade.
    Check with Wayne A. Schneider or Walt the Man on the technical stuff. I had Walt’s e-mail, but my stupid Comcast system ate it and deleted it.

  14. I can live with it…its strange but I don’t claim to be a guru on how this stuff works. Its just irritating. And too easily interpreted as a dodge.

  15. I use the same login here and TP and the same password. However, I’m an admin here (as is nwmuse). 5thEstate is not. It’s possible that WP is picky about this for non-admins but if so, it’s a bug because it makes zero sense.

  16. Thank you, nwmuse. I’ve been reading posts here for a while and have come to appreciate the atmosphere. It was the lemmings story that convinced me to say hi.

    • Ha! Judd Gregg is on the teevee machine talking about how Obama’s budget is going to bankrupt this country.

      Bulletin for Sen Gregg! The Repubs ALREADY DID THAT.

  17. Kyle ‘Dusty’ Foggo, Former CIA #3, Gets More Than 3 Years In Prison

    “The highest-ranking CIA officer ever convicted of a federal felony was sentenced to more than three years in prison Thursday as part of a bribery and fraud investigation that previously resulted in the conviction of a California congressman.

    U.S. District Judge James Cacheris sentenced him to the 37 months prosecutors had sought for a scheme they said revealed Foggo as a crass opportunist who wrapped himself in a cloak of patriotism.

    Prosecutor Jason Forge said Foggo took advantage of the nation’s and the CIA’s sense of urgency after the Sept. 11 attacks.

    “It’s no coincidence that Mr. Foggo’s fraud took place entirely in the aftermath of Sept. 11,” Forge said. “One man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity, and Mr. Foggo proved himself to be a very capable opportunist.”

    Undoing the Bush Crime Family, one case at a time!

  18. If we nationalize the banks, can we include all of the bank accounts of their executives?

    This offshore immunity has to end. Poor Switzerland.

  19. Hi Hoodathunk, I’m registered under a different name at TP but can use the same nick name at both places. Something happened there around the time we started this place that made some older names “already in use” and everything had to be adjusted. Just go to the link muse gave you and it will let your nickname be Hoodathunk here too.

    Have you ever been to those sites that tell you you’re logged in with the wrong password but you can’t remember what user name you used because your regular was already taken? Then they want your user name an email address to send you password but won’t let you ask for user name. And when you try to register for a new user name it tells you that email address is already in use to user your old user name. grrrrrrrrrr

  20. House, did you see Tom Delay on with Chris Mathews yesterday? Chris was sucking up to him big time. Harold Ford was there and he did his best to slap down the bug killer but Mathews wasn’t helping. Why isn’t THAT rat bastard in prison. That smirking, snarky piece of rodent dung.

  21. ty, shayne. Like your post style over at TP. I used Hoodathunk at TP because I wasn’t sure just what I was getting into and it seemed appropriate. Medjhiesco is an old name for me (pronounced med-jh(as in just)-long e-short e-sco) but most end up calling me Med.

    If folks here can stand the change, I’d rather stick with Medjhiesco.

  22. medjhiesco, Switzerland is not poor. Yet. You can’t believe the ruckus that is going on. The government was drowned in a sink a while ago and the janitors are running the show. Unbelievable.

    • house, Switzerland is really tiny. They didn’t have the space to fit the bathtub in πŸ˜‰

      There goes my chance for a Swiss passport..

  23. Shayne, I don’t get MSNBC. I see Tweety only on Sunday night on “The Chris Mathews Show”. I watch it because he usually has Katty Kay and Andrew Sullivan, and NPR folks like Michelle Norris.

  24. Long story on the name, Zooey. In fact, it is many stories. I write for my own entertainment and the name comes from there.

    EV, Switzerland is not poor (my statement being a moral one) because it is willing to accept and hide money. It buys it’s neutrality. What it will hopefully learn soon is money can be dirty and usually is.

    • med, don’t get a Swiss started on the subject of money.

      I am trying to get decent education for my sons and I despair with the school system, which has very high standards, but is poorly executed, because it costs money. They just started integrated schooling, which means all children, gifted, intelligent, not-so gifted, disruptive, even those with serious learning disabilities are supposed to be in one classroom. I’m all for it, but they increased the number of students per class by 30%. That saves money, because you don’t need special schools anymore, but it makes the concept unworkable. It’s an unbelievable strain on the teachers and a disadvantage to all the kids. But. It saves money.

      I am not Swiss, that’s why I don’t get it. I’m a German living in Switzerland.

  25. EV, I wanted to ask you if you had heard of Bruderer in Switzerland? They make punch presses and other manufacturing machinery. I worked for them here in the early 80s.

  26. EV,
    When I met my wife she was working at Auto Zone, and we “courted” working on our cars together. She can do plumbing, electrical, carpentry, lay tile, fix cars, whatever is needed. If she doesn’t know how to do something she buys a book and reads about it.

  27. medjhiesco,

    Well, I don’t want to misspell your name, so I’m gonna call you “Med” to make it easier. I hope you don’t take offense at this. You can call me WAS if you want to make it easier. All I ask is that you not call me “W”. I get an “icky” feeling when people call me that. πŸ™‚

  28. We used to do a lot until she got this retail manager job. Now she works all the time and we only fix things together when there’s no other way.

    But hey! I got the steering column out of the El Camino a little while ago! Now it’s in the house where I can work on it when the weather sucks.

    The Senate is voting on a John Ensign amendment to the DC House Rep bill, the amendment repeals the DC ban on semi-automatic weapons and drops registration requirements for guns.

  29. Ev, my apologies. Equating the Swiss banking system with Swiss culture is on par with our systems here in the US. The world of big money has nothing to do with people.

    • just peeping in and off to bed. Med, don’t apologize to me, no need to. I like your comments. I’m just a bit sour about the Swiss right now. I guess I’ll do another post on their woes eventually, that will cheer me up.

      Have a good night all! I’m off to sleep.

  30. Mr. Wayne A. Schneider…you can call me Ray, you can call me Jay, you can call me Ray Jay but call me late to an Irish Whiskey taste testing and I’ll call you greedy.

    Med is fine. Wayne works for you?

  31. They are voting on the main bill now. We shall soon find out whether Eleanor Holmes-Norton will get to start voting in the House.

  32. Wayne is fine, Med. Or WAS. And if you like political song parodies (the kind you won’t hear Weird Al do), you can visit my personal blog (see link in sidebar.) Sometimes I post new ones without saying anything, so if you enjoy them, it’s a good idea to check frequently. πŸ™‚

  33. OMG! Jindal’s response to President Obama’s address was bad enough, but it turns out he may have made up the part about Katrina..

    “During Katrina, I visited Sheriff Harry Lee, a Democrat and a good friend of mine,” said Jindal during his Tuesday night speech. “When I walked into his makeshift office I’d never seen him so angry. He was yelling into the phone: ‘Well, I’m the Sheriff and if you don’t like it you can come and arrest me!’ I asked him: ‘Sheriff, what’s got you so mad?’ He told me that he had put out a call for volunteers to come with their boats to rescue people who were trapped on their rooftops by the floodwaters.

    “The boats were all lined up ready to go – when some bureaucrat showed up and told them they couldn’t go out on the water unless they had proof of insurance and registration. I told him, ‘Sheriff, that’s ridiculous.’ And before I knew it, he was yelling into the phone: ‘Congressman Jindal is here, and he says you can come and arrest him too!’ Harry just told the boaters to ignore the bureaucrats and start rescuing people.”

    The problem with Jindal’s recounting is that it may not have even happened. However, the one man who could have set the record straight — Democrat Harry Lee, “one of the most famous politicians in Louisiana history,” according to the Times-Picayune — passed away in late 2007.

    “According to numerous reports, Harry Lee did not leave the affected area of New Orleans during the crisis,” wrote TPM’s Zachary Roth. “But there is no reported evidence of Jindal having set foot in the area during the period when people were still stranded on roofs — which, based on a review of news stories from the time, was only until September 3 at the very latest. Indeed, the evidence strongly suggests he did not.”

    “We’ve reviewed [Lexis] Nexis and other sources, and can find no news reports putting Jindal on the ground in the affected area during the few days after Katrina struck when people might still have needed boats to rescue them from rooftops,” he added.

    What – an – idiot.

    • Here’s more from that article:

      Speaking with CNN’s Larry King on Sept. 11, 2005, Lee, the sheriff Jindal spoke of, said he didn’t learn of the required insurance forms until a week after the boats were needed.

      Saying, “rules and regulations is what got things all screwed up around here,” the sheriff inadvertently shot down the future governor’s claim.

      “Those boats where not allowed to get into the water when they were needed and I just found out about seven days later one of the reason boats couldn’t get in was they didn’t have enough life preservers and some of them didn’t have proof of insurance,” said Lee. “And I’m sure that there’s a FEMA regulation that says that. But when a storm of this magnitude hits, you through those regulations out the window and you do what you have to do and start saving lives.”

  34. nwmuse, you sound shocked and surprised. Is there something in the Republican response to Katrina you found in any way appropriate?

    • Med, my dad is from NOLA. He lived through Katrina and Rita. I talked with him on the phone throughout. My husband flew over 6 months later and volunteered for several weeks. We followed this story closely.
      Jindal is both an idiot and now a liar.

      I will never understand why people need to make stuff like that (easily checked) when the truth is so much easier…

      • In SCREWED, Thom Hartmann talks at length in the differences of the Bush administration/FEMA response to Katrina with a Democrat as governor as opposed to the Bush administration/FEMA response to Hurricane Charley the year before with a Republican governor (Bush’s brother). Interesting comparison… DUH!

        “The day before Hurricane Charley hit, FEMA had mobilized 100 trucks o water, 900,000 MREs, more than 7,000 cases of food, and tens of thousands of tarps. Disaster medical assistance teams, urban search-and-rescue teams, and FEMA officials were already in place; and 4,100 troops were called up and waiting to aid flood victims and assist in the distribution of supplies. In short, the gvernment did exactly what it was supposed to do. The federal government was mailing checks to hurricane victims within a week of Charley’s passing—including “victims” as far as 500 miles from the damage area.”

        This hurricane of course took place just months before the 2004 election. And, it was a red state.
        Contrast that with the Katrina response and outcome…

        “George Bush’s response to Katrina? “Send cash to the Red Cross”. While people were drowning, Bush traveled to Arizona to cut a birthday cake with John McCain and play golf; then he went to California, where he played guitar with a country singer at a fundraiser. It wasn’t until three of his top aids drew straws to determine who would give him the bad news that people were dying—four days after the hurricane struck—that he saw a three-hour video they compiled of news reports over the past week and realized he needed to go into quick-PR mode and fly to Louisiana.
        Vice President Dick Cheney stayed on vacation in Wyoming while thousands died in New Orleans; his former (and perhaps future) company Halliburton, was busy, however, obtaining a multimillion-dollar contract to profit from Hurricane Katrina’s cleanup.
        instead of preparing in advance, FEMA head Michael Brown waited until 5 hours after Katrina made landfall to finally ask his boss, Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security, for authorization for a thousand FEMA staff, active and reserves, to go into the flooded areas—and then suggested they be given two days to respond. Chertoff, in turn, waited 36 hours to declare Katrina an “incident of national significance” which was necessary to trigger federal assistance.
        Governor of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco asked FEMA if the mayor of NOLA Ray Nagin, should mobilize school and city buses to transport people out of the city; she was told by federal officials that he should not use them but instead wait for FEMA buses to arrive. The buses never came—the FEMA director and the Homeland Security director and the president and the vice president had more important business to attend to.
        We all saw what happened next: thousands of people trapped in a flooded city with no food, no fuel, and no way out. No tents, trailers, or other temporary shelters were made ready before Katrina struck, leaving those whose homes had been destroyed to gather in the Superdome for days on end.”

        And we know what has happened since.. Last I read they STILL have not received millions of dollars of fund that was set aside to help with the Katrina recovery.

  35. nwmuse, I was born a cynical smart*ss and I grew up to learn that laughing is better than crying. Sometimes I miss that it is hard to anything but cry.

  36. I’m new here and I will admit sometimes I can appear callous. Or sadly lacking in basic humor. I am also a total fan of Callahan’s and Spider Robinson. It is hard to laugh when the joke is on you.

  37. Chris Mathews just “spanked” Daryll Issa for calling it the “Democrat” party. He said they call themselves the Democratic party why do you guys have to do this every day ….

  38. Sorry House, I always forget you’re MSNBC challenged. πŸ™‚ I guess that’s how the trolls get to crow about Fox’s numbers beating MSNBC all the time. They don’t air MSNBC in red states.

  39. nwmuse, what happened in New Orleans with Katrina was the most pathetic response to a hurricane the US has ever fielded. Only the Quisling Quarter would have anything to say against that.

    In my lifetime, around a half century, the US has responded positively and effectively to hurricanes. I am sorry you (and anyone) had to be involved in our one failure.

    Good news is, you can’t kill NO. Not even the repugs. They do the fiberglass dust in the jockeys bit well but people will get past it. Jindal is an idiot.

    • My problem with it, Med, is I can’t get past the feeling that it was purely a political calculation by the Bush administration. Pure Bush – calculated, heartless, sociopathic, political, and greedy/capitalistic. It benefited them on a number of levels, they didn’t give a crap about those people, and it opened up all kinds of opportunities for their corporate crony friends and associates. Look at all the new real estate opportunities for new development! (/sarc)
      New Orleans also gave them the clean slate to try out some of their “Shock Doctrine” policies. Disaster capitalism.
      The other response, in Florida, made Bush’s brother look very good, and Florida matters a lot come election time… It’s a big swing state.
      I do not believe Katrina was flubbing it, I think it was quite calculated.
      And don’t forget, the heading of the NOAA told Bush BEFORE Katrina made landfall EXACTLY what to expect. He knew. Of course he knew. THEN put that together with his actions.

  40. nwmuse, I said the response to Katrina was the system’s one failure. I didn’t say why. I agree with you, it was deliberate. The whole disaster/hurricane response system that had been well established was ignored. New Orleans suffered. The why of it needs to be investigated.

  41. Med, I’d be more than happy to share whiskey tastings. It took me a long time to come around to Irish, but I’m a convert. Even have a post about Powers on my personal blog.

    No jalapeno beers for me, though. I made one for my wife years ago, even dry-jalapeno’d it. For me, not so much.

  42. Have I ever heard of it? Oddly enough, the very first homebrew I ever tasted was a barleywine, brewed by an Oakland professional baker. One of my barleywines won Best in Show at the Oregon State Fair; I had a stretch where I brewed one every year.

    Traditionally, they were served in a “nip” (7 oz?), but I’ve got at least one commercial bottling in 22 oz–which is why I still have it, come to think of it. A bit much for one person.

    • I guess it was silly to ask, since you have such history in that area. This was served in one of those pint glasses — jeebus. My head is still goofy. The barley wine was a gorgeous reddish amber color.

      Congrats on your brewing success and prizes!

  43. Maybe someday the rednecks down here will legalize the stronger beer and barley wines. Right now they are limiting beer to about 5%, but they sell 80 proof Jack Daniels.

    • House,

      When I lived in Louisiana, they still had the Blue Laws (?). I think that’s what they were called. They’d have whole aisle roped off in the Piggly Wiggly, and you couldn’t buy that stuff on Sundays. I didn’t get that — all we had to do was buy our stuff on Saturday.

  44. house, this was a problem resolved in Oregon back in the 80s, at the same time brewpubs were legalized. Oregon had weird beer laws, including a ban on beer over 8% (no ban on booze, of course, or wine), a ban on unpasteurized beer, and a long-term ban on brewpubs (because of the three-tiered distribution system). One legislator blocked any attempt to get the bill out of committee, until the very last minute (in a biannual legislature) when it was introduced through a different committee.

    It only happened because the effort was funded by Coors! They wanted the pasteurization ban dropped for obvious reasons, and badly wanted in to the Oregon market.

  45. When I was on second shift in the 70s, you could buy beer anytime except from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday. But you could drink in a bar on Sunday and then have to drive home.

    When I started back on night shift at my current job, you can buy beer on Sunday, but now sales are banned between 1am and 8am. I can’t leave work and get beer on the way home, but the bars are open until 2am, so I can, again, drink and drive. Go figure.

    Carl Wolfson and Thom Hartmann were talking about a beer tax in Oregon recently. They were trying to come up with a way to tax national brewers, but keep the tax off the small operations, like your brewpubs. They mentioned the three tiered system also.

    • HoR, I haven’t. (Embarrassed to say..). I have recently been trying to catch up on all the great movie classics that I’ve missed.
      We just watched Lawrence of Arabia, The Guns of Navarone, and The Great Escape. We still have “Bridge over the River Kwai” and “Apocalypse Now” to get through.

  46. It’s one of the movies that was on my list after the Oscars. You really should see it. Bogie and Hepburn.

    Have you ever seen Angel Eyes with Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel? It’s on Lifetime now and it runs again tomorrow at noon est. It is a movie that you have to see the absolute first seconds of it to understand it all the way.

  47. I’m four out of five on your list. I have not seen Lawrence of Arabia.
    There’s a lot of action in those five titles!

  48. Cinemax is running Apocalypse Now Redux, with almost an hour of additional scenes. I’ve seen the original, but never watched that version.

    • 5th, there were two movies I just could NOT get through, no matter how good the acting.. Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line. I actually forced myself to watch most of the second of these movies, but was so stressed out afterward I couldn’t go to sleep for fear of the nightmares..

  49. Bridge over the River Kwai is very, very thought provoking regarding Alec Guinness’ character.

    For the longest time I thought the plot was true, but the fact that it is actually fiction doesn’t detract from it because it is in essence ‘true’.

  50. We Were Soldiers has a really bad scene, and I have to just not watch that part if I watch it, now.

    I’ve never watched that many Hitchcock movies, but if you start them you usually have to finish them. I watched Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart that way, not long ago.

    • Last night we watched this very interesting movie. “Smart People”. I had never heard of it before.. New, with Dennis Quaid, Thomas Haden Church, and the girl from Juno. It was totally about character development in a simple story. No action. Refreshing.. Different, complicated and messy, no cookie-cutter characters, and I loved it.

  51. nwmuse…dammit I’m just going to call you muse form now on


    The first twenty minutes of Ryan do a pretty effective job of showing the carnage of modern war. If that’s what upset you then I can appreciate that.

    The one thing I take away from ‘Ryan’ more than anything else is the sequence where the Army realizes that three of the Ryan brothers are dead, the mission to save the fourth is launched and the mother receives the hand-delivered simultaneous notifications.

    THAT five (?) minutes describes war like nothing else, and really that’s all anyone has to see of it, in my opinion.

  52. muse,

    I agree with you about the Bush “Non-Response Response” to Hurricane Katrina. It was deliberate. They had enough warning, and had the legal (and constitutional) authority to take over the situation for the sake of national security (this was post 9/11; everything was grounds for federal takeover). They chose not to because the benefit to “their base”, in their minds, outweighed the damage to people they simply never gave two shits about. I agree with you 100%. Good observation.

    You do have some good insights, muse. I like reading your take on things. πŸ™‚

  53. house…
    Rear Window, very, very smart.thriller. Nothing happens! And yet….! And to make the hero practically powerless is brilliant.
    Also very interesting was the girlfriend role—smart and adventurous, totally against the social grain of the time. Modern!

  54. Jindal not wanting to get extra unemployment for his citizens leads me to believe he wants them crawling and begging for bottom dollar wages. And when people are in dire straits, they have no energy to be politically active.

  55. 5th, that opening in “Saving Private Ryan” is amazing. And the sequence notifying Mrs Ryan of her losses is so well done. Yes, there is bloodshed, but the story is really well done. Hanks said that Spielberg had sent them out “camping” some place to rehearse and get used to each other. After a few days, Hanks called Spielberg and said that the other guys were revolting. Spielberg told him that he had to take control of the situation. He wanted Hanks to be able to come across as being able to command these men, a crucial plot point. It’s not all blood and guts, and it is a great story, well told.

  56. I’m a bit pissed I missed the majority of this thread… (my fault). Hoodathunk! Irish Whiskey! It was like a box of chocolates and I finally show up and all that was left were the little wrappers!

    But forgive me, now it’s cocktails and canapes πŸ˜€

  57. It scares me that you may be right about Jindal, House. I wouldn’t put it past these people. I wonder if he got picked to be the Republican nominee for governor precisely because he was willing to carry out Bush’s “plans” in the aftermath of Katrina. It wouldn’t have been worth it to let all those people die if the Rich bastards couldn’t take advantage of it to enrich themselves further. They would have wanted to make sure the next governor (easy to beat the Democrats after blaming the Dem governor for the failure “of government”) didn’t have the ethics to stop them.

    That’s IMHO, of course. So I don’t have to prove a goddamn thing! πŸ™‚

  58. Pledge has a “fabric sweeper” ad, with a white sofa and about two dozen black cats. They let the cats get all over the sofa then use their product to get all the cat hair off. The cats were all short hairs. They should have used a black sofa and white Persians instead.

  59. Wayne, you remind me a lot of Mike Malloy when you get like this. I have a feeling Jane and Kathy Malloy have a fair amount in common too. Because they both have to keep y’all sane. All you have to do is work in “rat bastards” once in a while when referring to them.

    Like that’ll be the last time booze gets discussed here? I DON”T THINK SO!

  60. Wayne…

    I agree with you about Private Ryan.
    I rather implied that the rest of it is superfluous by my comment to muse, but in fact it is really quite complete in its scope.
    Actually though the opening sequence is memorable for its contiguity (and its carnage) a huge amount of the story is told in vignettes, each of which is actually memorable:
    The report of the glider pilot, the girl retrieved from ruined house from desperate parents and then her slapping he r father when she is returned because a solder died because of the act, the moral adjustments everyone had to make every step of the way, the hand to hand combat later on. Quite brilliant and by my reading of real accountants from those who lioved through it, absolutely typical and true. .

  61. Thanks, House. I like Mike malloy, so I’ll take that as a compliment. πŸ™‚

    I hope we can play Movie Quotes again this weekend. I enjoyed that a lot. I can line up a bunch of them for the game, and I’ll try to do ones from memory. I may try to go to a website to get the exact quote (if I don’t have the movie on DVD, though Googling it would be quicker), but I don;t intend to go to a website looking for quotes. I like using quotes familiar to me. πŸ™‚

    We should have rules. If the line could come from multiple movies (as in a series), then identifying the series should be enough. (Like back to the Future). And you have to identify the movie, the actor, and bonus for naming the character correctly (or closely). πŸ™‚

    I know, I’ve given this way too much thought. That or I type too fast.

  62. muse,

    If I haven’t already plugged it to you, “Bridge on the River Kwai” is, hands down, one of the best films of all time. The acting, particularly Alec Guiness, is incredible. His delivery on many lines is memorable. I’ll never forget how he continued discussions with the japanese camp commander on the bridge with saying that they lost a lot of time “…owing to a misunderstanding, for which I was not to blame.” And then carrying on as if he didn’t just bitch-slap the commander. I think the word I’m looking for is “compelling.” And there’s nowhere near the kind of violence you’ll see in more recent films. The emphasis is not on gore. More like old Westerns where the guy grabs his gut and falls over arching his back. And I don;t remember profanity, either. It’s almost like it’s “fun for the entire family.” πŸ™‚

  63. Wayne…

    YES! Memory and the honor system for movie quotes but the quiz-master gets to google for the exact quote (time permitting).

    As someone once said, “Pedantry is the hobgoblin of little minds” (something like that).

    If “close enough” is good-enough, it could be called Hollywood Horseshoes (?)

  64. Wayne,
    Since I’ve discovered KPOJ, where Hartmann does his show in Portland when he’s at home, I’ve been listening to the Ed Schultz show, as it follows Thom’s. That was made easier by Randi Rhodes’ hiatus from NovaM, although I have listened to her replacement, Nancy Skinner, later on tape delay. Schultz is pretty good too, and he’s in DC, so he gets good interviews with the right people. Ed was in the front row at Obama’s press conference sitting next to Helen Thomas. That’s pretty high company.

    • 5th, thanks for the other suggestions. Now I can’t wait to watch Bridge on the River Kwai!

      HoR, what DID happen to Randi Rhodes? I was listening to Nancy Skinner a couple days ago when a caller phoned in to ask. She was VERY evasive and simply said Randi isn’t there any more and she IS. I like Randi and miss hearing her. Is she gone for good? Will she turn up on another station?

  65. muse… I second Wayne’s description of ‘Kwai” and I’d actually describe it as an intellectual ‘war’ movie.

    Arguably in that vein I’d recommend “King Rat” and interestingly “Merry Christmas. Mr Lawrence” which stars David Bowie no less! ( nd he is excellent in it)

  66. muse,

    Have you ever seen “Ruthless People”? Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Judge Reinhold, and Helen Slater. Hysterically funny. Especially Anita Gillete and Bill Pullman as one of the dumbest criminals on film.

    Anita “And then we make our escape.”
    Bill “Yea, to Haiti.”
    Anita “Not to Haiti, you fool, Tahiti”
    Bill (sheepishly) “I knew that.”

    • Wayne, I LOVED ruthless People!! I haven’t seen it in YEARS though and doubt I would remember much.. (other than the fact that I loved it!) I just remember the part when Bette Midler was trying on dresses designed by Helen Slater and crying and thanking her for helping her to lose weight while be held captive… Hilarious.

  67. Wayne…

    β€œOh, I love fucking chatting.” ?
    I’m guessing Juno ( not seen it yet).
    Has to be pretty modern.
    It’s not Little Miss Sunshine is it? ( I’m assuming Alan Arkin might have said it but I doubt it really fits).

  68. 5th,

    Nope. Actually, the movie I have in mind is several decades old. Comedy. One of the actors in the film was a former teacher of Jane’s. (No kidding. Won’t be much of a clue to you, but it’s a neat little trivia fact. πŸ™‚ )

  69. muse,

    It’s one of the greatest “comedy of errors” films I’ve ever seen. The double meanings and misunderstandings are priceless. “My god, he’s killing her!” I’ve got to watch it again soon myself.

  70. 5thstate, I am impressed. I was catching up on the thread and just going to suggest King Rat. I saw it in a theatre in 1965 (and I am positive that it was b&w, not color as it appears at IMDB). My appreciation of it was certainly colored by sitting next to my best friend’s older sister’s best friend, on whom I had bestowed an enormous crush, but that’s neither here nor there. I was also a huge fan of Tom Courtenay, having just seen The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. King Rat was based on James Clavell’s first novel, loosely based on his actual experiences as a POW.

  71. Wayne, I’m guessing muse is afk at the mo… and why not indeed ?

    Ruthless People, I have seen. That’s great dialog and it reminds me of a joke my mother used to tell about American snobbery and parochialism ( she grew up in Chicago).

    At some cocktail soiree the lady hostess is introducing some clearly less sophisticated neighborhood newcomers to the cosmopolitan Chicago scene ….

    Hostess: “So where are you from?”
    Newcomer: “Ohio”
    Hostess (politely whispering in response):
    “My dear…around here we pronounce it Iowa”.

  72. Muse,
    The little I have been able to find out, and I’m still guessing, is that her ratings have slipped as it is becoming harder to find stations that will put on progressive talk programs. She was way down the list in that Talkers Magazine ranking. So, I think she is in some kind of contract dispute with NovaM.The initial excuse was technical problems, but that doesn’t make sense anymore. I know she was happy to be back in Florida, and she has a boyfriend there. There was something about the station where she used a studio changing formats. Maybe NovaM wants her to change cities and she won’t move away from her mom and her boyfriend? All that is speculation.

  73. I posted a clip from Putney Swope within the last few weeks — because the opening scene would have played so much better at the RNC after they chose their chairman than reality did. I think I also posted the “faceoff” commercial — the only film I’ve ever seen that used the term “dry hump.”

    My best friend and I used to catch the “art” movies every weekend, and that’s where I first saw Swope. We sat through it twice, partly because we were laughing so hard and partly because we had a difficult time with some of the dialog (“Psst, Andrew, what’s a Johnson?”), naive little fuggers that we were.

  74. Clean Coal Clean in the handy aerosol can!
    Those ads are getting creative, but I hope they run them on the Larry The Cable Guy Roast! We’re already convinced.

  75. gummitch..
    and I thank you for that Putney Swope clip and I .still haven’t seen the whole movie!.

    Still impressed?

    I doubt it! πŸ˜€

  76. Who said Obama being elected would ruin comedy? I don’t see the material running out anytime. In fact, it opened up a whole new realm to explore for the writers.

  77. Walt…I might be able to furnish you with a free hard drive if you want. I have a couple spare, maybe as a backup, D drive?
    I’ll have to poke around to see what I have and whether the Gigs are worth the effort.

  78. Shayne: The only problem is Republicans can’t do comedy. We have to do it for them.

    Oh no, Shayne, they do comedy every day!
    They just don’t know they are doing it!

    Which is why when they think they are doing comedy, they actually aren’t!.

    I think proctologists call it ‘anaphalacticomedysplasia tremens’


  79. Popping in for a moment. Cool repeat of someone on Millionaire winning $2.18 Million.

    Clue: The line “I love fucking chatting” was spoken by a man dressed as a woman, speaking in a barely recognizable female voice (fake high register.) The actor is famous.

    The answer later… πŸ™‚

  80. 5th,
    I have a pile of drives! I found an 80 GB drive in the stack. Need that to insure hardware equality and to stay under the 137 GB limit of my BIOS. I just need to figure out how to uninstall my ethernet card so I can reinstall it.

  81. Wayne… of course!

    Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie when he’s trying to score with …ummm… oh the blond chick chick ( she also was in The Postman Rings Twice with Jack Nicholson )… thingy…. HER!

  82. OMG Walt!
    You have a 137 GB BIOS limit? !!!
    That suggests to me that your CPU must be like a 500Mhz and your RAM is like, what. 2oo-something MHz on the FSB?

    If so I’m deeply concerned and I don;t think we can let this stand!

    What do you have? CPU, HD, RAM, Video?

  83. Sad news to report:
    Wendy Richard, 65, Shirley Brahms of the series “Are You Being Served”, has passed away, of her third battle with breast cancer.

  84. house…YES! Jessica Lange (also did King Kong )

    Walt tomorrow, we need to discuss your techonology. ZIt;s tragic and I want to help! LD
    Really… tomorrow, Sunday, whatever.

  85. house , yes I know, very sad.
    Wendy Richards was thought of as a ‘crumpet’ but she was actually more that, her accent belied her other qualities, she was very smart and charming.

  86. Sorry I was late in replying.

    Sorry the answer is Nope. Not “Tootsie”.

    Last hint, answer tomorrow moring.

    This same character (“I love fucking chatting”) ended up “playing classical guitar for the Philadelphia Fucking Philharmonic.”

    The answer…later.

    Good night all.

  87. I’ll go with “Young Doctors in Love”. I don’t remember the line but I saw the movie when it first came out. Pretty fair spoof as I recall.

    And good morning.

  88. Ding-ding-ding!

    Yes! “Young Doctors in Love”. My next hint was going to be:

    Man 1: “Look into these eyes. What do you see?”
    Man 2: “I see alcohol poisoning, tertiary stages…”
    Man 1: “Get out!”

    Sorry to keep you hanging so long. When I stay home from work for several days, my whole sleep schedule gets screwed up because I am, by nature, a night person. I just got up a half hour ago, and now I’ll probably end up going to bed at 6 in the morning tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  89. It was the clues that did it. I haven’t seen it since 1983 but I think it might be worth renting sometime.

    I’m a morning person myself so I think I maybe should change my avatar. It seems my eye lids are directly linked to the sun.

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