41 thoughts on “It’s Friday, Come On In, We Are OPEN!

  1. is rush limbaugh starting to fan the fanatical hate-filled flames reminiscent of adolf hitler? this talk of hoping obama and, in turn, america failure is becoming more and more radical and subversive with each passing day………..or is it just me???

  2. Mornin’ Fatherbob,
    The negacons are all cranked up because they are having their CPAC conference this weekend.
    A caller on Hartmann had a good idea for a bumper sticker:
    Don’t RUSH Me!

  3. Seems to me, Zooey, that things have been getting ugly in this country for quite some time. What is changing is the negative impact of all the Republican lying and scheming is being felt and the average American is slowly waking up to it.

    Not much worse than a po’ed middle class American.

    • That’s very true, Med. I wish they were more po’ed.

      I was thinking more about the racial issues that are bubbling to the surface since Obama’s campaign and presidency. There’s a post on TP about a Mayor in CA who sent out a picture of the While House with watermelons planted in the lawn. It’s as if they can no longer contain their fear and hate, and it just spews out of them.

  4. Glenn Beck has be ranting about ‘civil war’ lately ( in between crying jags ) and it just occurred to me that perhaps we are approaching a ‘wrinkle in time’ as it were:

    Obama is trying to be Abe Lincoln whilst the GOP is maybe re-forming as the ‘Confederate Party’.

  5. I don’t quite get that impression, Zooey. Mostly it feels like they are suddenly realizing the world is changing around them in ways they can’t fathom so some of them are trying to ‘get with it’.

    They just don’t understand that most people aren’t really bigots, got over bigot jokes in about the 12th grade and so they are paralyzed.

    This assessment does not apply to the real hard core dorks. They just like being mean and spiteful. They have the sensitivity of a rhinoceros. And with a little luck will join them on the endangered species list.

  6. If this post was missing for a couple of minutes it’s because I messed up, as usual. I was trying to keep it close to the top and almost lost it. Yikes.

  7. I know less than anybody here about movie trivia. Obviously. I have a bad habit of forgetting a movie minutes after I see it. There are lots of experts around here though. I’m not worthy,

  8. Wow, 5th. I’ve long been a fan of Bats but I’m guessing this one came from the 60’s when DC made him a technogeek. Sort of lost me when Adam west was called on to play him.

    I’ll have to say…no idea.

  9. Wayne’s the movie man for sure.

    Here’s one of my favorite lines:

    Policeman: “He’s been murdered! And someone’s responsible!”.

  10. Those cancervatives think if they stage a civil war Democrats will run scared. Sure all those hedge fund pigs and right wing draft dodging pundits are really scary.

  11. I see on TP Yertle the Turtle has said he would rather hang out with a hate mongering radio personality than a Nobel Prize winner.

    Yeah, I’d want him to be my Senator.

  12. Med….

    The 60’s Batmobile was a customized Ford Futura show car— all American..

    But the “Tumbler” from Batman begins and Dark Knight was built by British engineers and had to be shipped back to the US for the Gotham street scenes–shot in Chicago).
    Apparently no one in the US thought the outrigger steering arrangement would work.
    Five real versions were built. 0-60 in five seconds, but only 100 mph top speed.

  13. Gots to chuckle, 5th. I was thinking the ‘Tumbler’ was a villian, like the Riddler. I haven’t seen Dark Knight yet.

    And Shayne, the quote was from ‘the Outlaw Josie Wayles’. It was a pretty decent depiction of the end of the War between the States.

    • OT: All hell is breaking loose in the Coleman/Franken court proceedings..

      All hell just broke loose in the Minnesota courtroom, with Al Franken’s lawyers catching Team Coleman in the act of yet more concealing of evidence — and they’ve now made a motion to totally strike the Coleman camp’s claims about double-counting of ballots, which the Coleman camp has hoped to use to subtract over 100 votes from Franken’s lead.

      Do you suppose God wanted him to conceal evidence too..?

  14. Why is it that sneaky, sleazy types always want to hide behind God? When a derelict type on a street corner claims he talks to god, he gets shunned or taken off for treatment. When a Republican in a suit claims the same, its the real deal.

    They should put Thorazine in yuppy water instead of fluoride.

  15. I’m with you on that one, Shayne. Clint doesn’t have a massive amount of depth but what he does, he does well. I just love the orangutan movies, so out of character yet not.

  16. Thom Hartmann: Leaving Air America?

    Today was Thom Hartmann’s last show for Air America, and the only hint I had gotten of this was at the end of his show today, he began thanking all the people there that he’d enjoyed working with over the time he’s been on their network. This has been out for almost a month, as you can see by the link. He’s moving to Dial Global, who will handle his syndication and advertising. They are the folks who bring you Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and Bill Press, also.
    If you have any concerns about what you may hear on your chosen mode of Progressive Talk come Monday morning, you should check at the source.

  17. In my part of the country we have an interesting little thing. It is centered around Fighting Bob LaFollette. There is a gathering in Baraboo, Wi every September at the Sauk County Fairgrounds and they have a website http://www.fightingbob.com.

    Old Bob was the first Progressive, almost made it a viable party. Check it out sometime.

  18. I was a very early adopter of Air America—day one. in fact, and I was an early regular on the Frankenblog–my first experience of blogging.

    I stopped listening to AAR after about 2 years because of so many personnel changes (and the maddening advertising) and settled instead on a couple of blogs ( Think Progress being primary).

    AAR always had a tough row to hoe given the near complete ownership of the radio market by very active right-wing conglomerates.

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