What is it?

This was a very odd looking fish in one of the colorful new displays (“Oddwater”) at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon that I visited this last weekend. This particular fish almost looked alien.. Or perhaps one of the characters from the Disney/Pixar animated film “Monsters, Inc.”!

All the “plant life” in the tanks were made of very colorful and odd shaped  blown art glass. Fascinating display to be sure!

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10 thoughts on “What is it?

    • witch1, I’m going to be adding many more today. I had an interesting trip this last weekend and got a lot of good shots. 😀

  1. Good Morning Nwmuse,
    I was hoping for pictures, too. Didn’t know what they would have in them, but expected they would be pretty, and interesting.

  2. Well I would have told you it was a cowfish but it seems I am a little late.

    • dbadass, I was hoping you would show up and name some of the critters in these posts I put up.. I was too busy taking photos and forgot to write down the names.. 😳

  3. I think it would be interesting for people to post the reasons for the horns…

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