Jumpin’ Jive!

You know.. they just don’t do this stuff any more, at least not like they used to…

This is a clip from the movie “Stormy Weather” (1943) featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing “Jumpin Jive“. After awhile they let the Nicholas Brothers jump in and lend their feet to the action.

Help Homeowners Level the Playing Field

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From YouTube:

This video features Joan Adams, who is living out of a Motel 6 in the suburbs of Orange County, California. She lost her home to foreclosure. “There’s no one out there to help”, Joan says. “Billions of dollars to the banks, yet we’re the ones that are homeless.”

From BraveNewFilms:

“We were trained to mislead borrowers,” says a mortgage broker in Orange County, California. “There were people who were club promoters or even drug dealers that found out it was more profitable to run a mortgage shop than to do whatever they were doing.”

On Tuesday, Congress will vote on whether or not to level the playing field between the banks that caused the collapse of the housing market and struggling homeowners. Representative John Conyers has introduced legislation in the House that authorizes judges to require banks to reevaluate overpriced mortgages of bankrupt homeowners.

Sign our petition to let Congress know that you support Conyers’ bill, H.R. 1106. Then, call your Congressional Representative and ask him or her to vote for it.

Conyers’ proposal is a simple, modest fix that will help keep hundreds of thousands of families in their homes. This bill is a win for every homeowner in America. By helping stem foreclosures, it will help arrest the decline in home values for everybody, not just those who are struggling to make payments. President Obama supports the bill and has called on Congress to pass it. The banks and the lobbyists that represent them oppose the bill with a passion.

These are the same banks that started this recession in the first place by hawking worthless subprime mortgage loans to naïve or unsuspecting borrowers. Joan Adams of Irvine, California lost her home to foreclosure, and is now living out of a motel by the airport. “There’s no one out there to help,” Joan says. “Billions of dollars to all the banks for bailouts for something they caused, and yet we’re the ones that are homeless.”

The banks have had their handouts. Now it’s time for struggling homeowners to be put first. Tell your Representative to support H.R. 1106.

John Dean: Bush terror memos close to ‘unconstitutional dictator’

Raw Video:

Lawyers told President Bush that he could detain anyone in the country without a warrant or order a military raid on them if they were terrorists. Author John Dean talked to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann about how it was determined who was a terrorist.

Glenn Greenwald, himself a Constitutional lawyer, writes extensively on these newly-released ‘torture memos’ today.

One of the central facts that we, collectively, have not yet come to terms with is how extremist and radical were the people running the country for the last eight years.  That condition, by itself, made it virtually inevitable that the resulting damage would be severe and fundamental, even irreversible in some sense.  It’s just not possible to have a rotting, bloated, deeply corrupt and completely insular political ruling class — operating behind impenetrable walls of secrecy — and avoid the devastation that is now becoming so manifest.  It’s just a matter of basic cause and effect.

Greenwald goes on later to say this:

The most vital point is that all of the documents released yesterday by the Obama DOJ comprise nothing less than a regime of secret laws under which we were governed.  Nothing was redacted when those documents yesterday were released because they don’t contain any national security secrets.  They’re nothing more than legal decrees, written by lawyers.  They’re just laws that were implemented with no acts of Congress, unilaterally by the Executive branch.  Yet even the very laws that governed us were kept secret for eight years.

This is factually true, with no hyperbole:  Over the last eight years, we had a system in place where we pretended that our “laws” were the things enacted out in the open by our Congress and that were set forth by the Constitution.  The reality, though, was that our Government secretly vested itself with the power to ignore those public laws, to declare them invalid, and instead, create a whole regimen of secret laws that vested tyrannical, monarchical power in the President.  Nobody knew what those secret laws were because even Congress, despite a few lame and meek requests, was denied access to them.  What kind of country lives under secret laws?

Don’t miss it.

UPDATE: Another good article on this is Extraordinary Measures by Michael Isikoff found at Truthout.

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Coleman: Set it aside?

Norm Coleman’s team rested their case yesterday.

Today, the Franken camp was supposed to start their side of the case.

Franken lawyer Marc Elias said the team will begin a case today that will include evidence “about the good job that the state of Minnesota did … that the hardworking auditors and election night officials did. How the system worked, by and large.”

But, there is more drama instead.. Today, Norm Coleman’s attorney Jim Langdon wrote the three-judge panel to suggest the problems are so serious they may not be able to declare a winner.

“Some courts have held that when the number of illegal votes exceeds the margin between the candidates — and it cannot be determined for which candidate those illegal votes were cast — the most appropriate remedy is to set aside the election,” Langdon wrote in a letter to the court.

Wasn’t Senator-elect Al Franken already certified as winner in the state of Minnesota on January 5th of this year?? How do you UNCERTIFY him? This is now beyond the absurd…

More from TalkingPointsMemo:

The Coleman legal team is now officially putting forward the idea of throwing out the election, as a serious potential legal remedy. The context so far indicates that this is part of their game of chicken with the court, to get them to undo the strict standards themselves, or perhaps go along on a proportionate deduction regime that might hurt Al Franken. But who knows where it will go from here.

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What caused the mass beaching of whales in Australia?

What caused 192 whales and seven dolphins to beach themselves on Naracoopa Beach on King Island, Tasmania?

Was it a simple navigational error? Changes in water temperature caused by climate change that could be driving them off their usual routes? Toxin in the water that made them forget their migration route?

Or could it be from the use of military sonar..

Mark Simmonds, of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and an expert on cetacean strandings, said that two species coming ashore together was enough to arouse suspicions of a human factor, including the use of sonar by the military.

“To get more than one species is unusual,” he said. “When you do, you get more suspicious because it means that they might have been driven. It does make us worried. We are certainly going to call for a very thorough investigation.”

Military sonar has been strongly linked to several strandings, particularly of deep-diving species such as pilot whales. Other human noises that could have frightened or disorientated the animals include industrial activities.

I thought it was wonderful how the community all came together to try and save these creatures. They even kept the kids out of school in order for them to join in, learning while they helped.

Residents joined wildlife workers to spend hours keeping the surviving animals wet and cool before they could be lifted, pushed and hauled back into the water. The rescue operation succeeded in saving 54 pilot whales and five dolphins on Naracoopa Beach on King Island, Tasmania. Most of the beached animals were dead by the time anyone could reach them.

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