The Ignorance of the Right

In my reading over the last few days, I found a couple of items which really hammered home the point of just how ignorant people on the right are. First up, from RedState (yes, I read right-wing blogs so you don’t have to).

In a diary written about an article in the Boston Globe about Rush Limbaugh, the writer first copies the Globe author then provides commentary.

Globe author:

Yes, our pinup boy has a following of about 20 million listeners. But last time I looked, Obama won with nearly 70 million voters. At this rate, The Party That Won’t Change is going to have to rename itself the Grand Old Ditto Heads.

Redstate commentary:

Sorry, Mz Goodman, but Obama did not win by 70 million votes as your rhetoric tries to cajole the reader into imagining. The popular vote was 69,456,897 for Obama (52.9%) and 59,934,814 for McCain (45.7%).

Hey, what’s a preposition (or .9%)  between friends.

I usually don’t link to the RedState articles, but this one is too good to pass up. It is a must read for its sheer comedic value.

Next up, we have the tried and true lunacy from the Glenn Beck show (via Crooks and Liars). This time, it is Beck’s guest Mark McKinney who, along with Beck, are railing against unions for having the nerve to have a conference at a place which usually charges $400-$1400 per night. (How dare them use their own funds for this type of soriee! Don’t they know that it is only TARP bail-out funds which are supposed to be used for an event? Whoops…slightly off topic there.  My bad!)

So, what did Mr. McKinney say?

This is the hotel that recently sponsored the Victoria’s Secrets fashion show, which is ironic, because now they’re planning to take away the secret ballot from American employees when they’re being organized by union — by union folks trying to organize the workplace.

Someone, please tell me what is ironic in that sentence? I am missing it. Do you see something ironic there? A play on words, perhaps.  (We all know that wingnuts don’t have a well-honed sense of humor, so this is what, I assume, passes as humor to them.  That said, the unintended humor in the previous example had me rolling.)  Would someone please send these guys a dictionary/thesaurus?

What is ironic is that the union, which are known for negotiating, had negotiated a room rate of less than $200.00 per night.  And on the show prior to Beck, Cavuto had acknowledged that it was a stellar negotiation by saying: “The most expensive room for your members attending is $200? Really. [Pause] All right, then everything’s off. You did OK. If I could get one of those deals — that’s not bad!”   That I find ironic.

The intellectual deficiency of the right is, simply put, stunning.

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5 thoughts on “The Ignorance of the Right

  1. The “irony” is (Victoria’s ) Secrets and ‘secret’ ballots.

    McKinney would rather talk about chicks in underwear but that’s more Neil Cavuto’s schtick, so because he’s on Beck’s show, he has to talk about communistical labor unions, which is ironic. Also.

    You know what’s even more ironic? Iron Man and ironed shirts.

  2. Of course, when conservatives use the term ironic, they use it ironically, as McKinney demonstrated above, and it makes them look smart.
    When liberals are ironic, they’re just being hateful and destroying America. 😉

  3. The figure of 20 million listeners for Limbought reminds me of the scene in Private Parts where the NBC executive was being given Howard Stern’s demographics to try and explain why so many people listened to him, when the network recieved so many complaints. Of the people that liked him, as to why they listened to him, the answer most given was “to see what he’ll say next”. Then the exec asked, “what about the the people who hate him?”. The answer most given was “to see what he’ll say next”.

    While Limbought may get the best ratings, and he certainly influences the voting, his numbers do not reflect the total number of supporters of his agenda. Most people just want to see what he’ll say next.

    Thom Hartmann and Limbought are both live at the same time, and only in rare instances are comparable stations available in the same listening area. When they are, Hartmann generally has better ratings. Plus, no other significant conservative talker goes up against Rush, while Hartmann is up against Ed Schultz, which pits number 10 against number 18 on the Talkers Magazine Heavy Hundred. Hartmann recently left Air America syndication, for Dial Global, which also handles Schultz. It would benefit both if they were programmed back to back, and with the hiatus of Randi Rhodes, that opportunity exists. Right now there is no heavyweight talent in the 3 – 6 pm eastern time slot, but Nancy Skinner is catching on at On Second Thought, formerly the NovaM network, now defunct.

  4. The question is, is our children learning”?

    Well here’s what some of them are learning in Conservapedia’s American History class (answers by Olivia F. –age unknown–., marking and praise by that eminent scholar Alan Schlaffly).

    1.” The “Gilded Age” was an era during the end of the 1800s which appeared golden, but underneath was run by greedy and corrupt businessmen. ”


    That’s it? No need to describe what form the greed and corruption took or how it was facilitated by lack of government regulations? Nor that there was a recession as a result? Okay, I guess it doesn’t matter because history is about dead people right?

    2. “I liked that Thomas Edison invented many devices that pertained to sound for public appeal while he couldn’t even enjoy them himself. I do believe that homeschooling Edison created enormous wealth because it allowed him to pursue the subjects that he loved and it permitted him to think for himself.”

    Excellent! Will use as a model [answer].

    Luckily for Olivia the subject is history, NOT English.
    But as she points out so brilliantly, if it weren’t for home-schooling Edison would have been prevented from inventing popular sound-pertaining devices that made him rich.
    I can see why Schlaffly thinks this should be a model the original question “Why do you like Thomas Edison?”

    4. “I believe that the one aspect of the United States that makes it the world leader in inventions is freedom; the United States promotes the freedom to do whatever you dream. ”


    Like if your dream is to outsource the manufacture of inventions to other countries, to suppress scientific study and to deny gays and non-whites as many civil and legal rights as possible, an aspect of the United States gives you the freedom to do that.

    6. “Other than Thomas Edison, I believe that Samuel Gompers had a huge affect on the public by forming the American Federation of Labor.”

    Excellent! Will use as a model.

    Again, because this is about history, NOT English, the use of ‘affect’ instead of ‘effect’ is irrelevant. Also, what makes this worthy as a model answer is the complete lack of unnecessary detail, such as what the actual effect was that the AFL had on the public

    H4. “When the unions first started they were very efficient at communication between the workers and the owner (example: early 1800s); however, as time went, the unions figured out they could get better wages for less hours if they threatened to strike. As of right now, unions are just groups of angry and fed-up workers.”

    Superb! Terrific work, with two model answers! Score: 98/100

    A more complete answer would be “angry and fed up workers who have nothing to be angry and fed-up about, and if they don;t like it they can just go back to wherever they come from also.

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