Sunday News Headlines

Scientists to issue stark warning over dramatic new sea level figures

Rising sea levels pose a far bigger eco threat than previously thought. This week’s climate change conference in Copenhagen will sound an alarm over new floodings – enough to swamp Bangladesh, Florida, the Norfolk Broads and the Thames estuary. Link

Ohio school gets 700 applicants for janitorial job

Evidence of the slumping economy is stacking up at an Ohio school which has nearly 700 applications for one open janitorial job.

Officials at Perry Local Schools near Canton in northeast Ohio say they’ve extended the deadline until Monday to accommodate the overwhelming response to the week-old posting.

The full-time position at Edison Junior High School pays $15 to $16 an hour plus benefits. Link

How computers call the shots for L.A. County children in peril

Social workers feed in data on suspected abuse and neglect, and a decision pops out. Officials say the system eliminates the previous scattershot approach. Critics say the human element is slighted.

The process starts with a tip to Los Angeles County’s child abuse hotline. Over the course of a typical week, the Department of Children and Family Services receives 3,000 calls. Link

Vacancies slow U.N. corruption probes

An unusually high number of vacancies in the U.N. inspector general’s office has left that body significantly understaffed, raising concerns about the world body’s ability to detect fraud and other abuses even as the workload has swelled to include a myriad of procurement contracts.

About 80 jobs – 25 percent of the staff in the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) – have not been filled. The vacancies include several senior investigative posts. Link

For 84-year-old, gift of a memory

What do you get an 84-year-old woman for her birthday? She’s had a few strokes, which robbed her of short-term memories. Lung cancer has claimed much of her strength. But one memory has stuck with her – riding on the back of a boy’s motorcycle in the 1930s. Link

CIA destroyed 12 harsh interrogation tapes

The CIA destroyed a dozen videotapes of harsh interrogations of terror suspects, according to documents filed Friday in a lawsuit over the government’s treatment of detainees. The 12 tapes were part of a larger collection of 92 videotapes of terror suspects that the CIA destroyed. The extent of the tape destruction was disclosed through a suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against the government. Link

6 thoughts on “Sunday News Headlines

  1. Global warming and global cooling has been going on for the past billion years.
    Water levels rise, then fall as world temperatures rise and fall.
    Worried about rising sea levels?
    Move to higher ground.
    Better yet list your property as future seaside resort property.

  2. Since the highest point in Florida is 345′ and sea levels are rising, how much of Florida will sink if sea levels rise 10-20 feet?

    Know anyone in Miami?

  3. The highest natural ground point on the island of Manhattan is around 245′ If the polar melting continues in about two years taxis will be extinct in Manhattan and we will have our own version of Venice.

  4. pobebt, you sound like the kind of guy who believes Earth is 6,000 years old. I’m impressed that you said billions of years with your limited knowledge of science.

  5. Maybe by the time my kids are old enough to understand, sea level will be such that I won’t have to move away from them…

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