Kicking off Music Night with Bruce Hornsby

Don Henley with Bruce Hornsby at the 32nd Grammy Awards. Of course, you have to put up with the first 60 seconds with a very animated Japanese couple excitedly talking about.. something….

The End of The Innocence

Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is

I wish I could have found a video of Bruce performing this with his band the Range, but no such luck…

Here is Bruce Hornsby and the Range performing Mandolin Rain


8 thoughts on “Kicking off Music Night with Bruce Hornsby

  1. Nwmuse,
    Did you see this?
    I don’t know who these people with Bruce Hornsby are, but they’re having a good time, especially the bass player. This is my favorite of his songs, and an extended jam version too.

    Rainbow’s Cadillac

  2. Not party music, but I was reminded of it today – Mike Harding, sometime funny man, but one of his most poignant songs. He never knew his father: shot down over Germany in his Lancaster bomber..

    Off to listen to some Billy Bragg now.

  3. Muse, I have been reading a lot of Robert Fisk recently, and this has been on my mind again. For you and for your friend, Billy Bragg:

  4. Mike Malloy remembered Rachel Corrie at the start of his show tonight. Monday is the anniversary of her death.

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