This day in history – Open Thread

March 16, 1988: Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and Vice Admiral John Poindexter are indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Unfortunately for the path of justice, while both were convicted, those convictions were overturned and neither of these criminals served any real time. In 1992, Bush I pardoned six of their fellow conspirators from the Iran-Contra scandal. It’s an unpleasant reminder that anti-American “patriots” in government are rarely punished for their treason.

11 thoughts on “This day in history – Open Thread

  1. In addition (though not on this day), Casper Weinberger was pardoned by George H.W. Bush, even though Weinberger hadn’t even been indicted, let alone tried and convicted for his role in Iran/ Contra—because he was about to spill the beans on Bush’s and Reagan;s direct involvement the whole affair.
    A chickenshit Congress decided they didn’t need another Nixon trauma and let the inapplicable and inexplicable ‘pardon’ take effect.

    Concurrently John Negroponte, who as DNI encouraged armed and trained the Contra death squads who even killed some American nuns in Nicaragua, was also excused from trial and jail and went on to serve in various ambassadorships, the last of which being the Ambassador to Iraq.

    • On the infamous roadtrip last summer, we stopped in Billings, MT to see my Dad’s cousin, Suzy. In the lobby of their security firm — which was literally packed with red, white & blue decor, eagles and flags — was a proudly framed autographed photo of Suzy’s husband shaking hands with Ollie North.

      I almost puked.

      • From TP’s Thinkfast:

        Yesterday on CNN, former Crossfire co-host Tucker Carlson ripped The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, calling him a “partisan hack” and an operative for the Democratic party who only took on Jim Cramer and CNBC only because they criticized Obama’s budget. “I would like to see somebody have the stones to come out and say, Jon Stewart is kind of a pompous jerk, actually,” Carlson added.

        Ahh, Tucker. That would be infringing on YOUR territory, wouldn’t it? 😀

  2. Quite so, Zooey ( re Tucker).

    Who better to provide a rational critique of the Stewart/Cramer exchange than the guy who lost his show because HE was shown to be immature selfish prick incapable of rational argument and devoid of intellectual honesty or expertise?

    Yeah, no axe to grind there!!

    Of course that was on Howard Kurtz’s show which was really ironic because Kurtz is the best-known ‘professional’ media critic and yet does less substantive or pertinent media criticism full-time than Stewart does in his spare time!
    Ironic also that Kurtz thought Cramer’s show was great, up until now.

    And doubly ironic that Kurtz missed one of the major points that Stewart was making when he nailed Carlson for ‘Crossfire’, and again this time when he said to Cramer: “It’s not about you!”

    Stewart’s complaint is that ‘personality’ is promoted over responsible reporting, and that loud diametric opinions, sophistry and automatic gainsaying have replaced rational and substantive debate.

    By having Tucker Carlson on to predictably bitch about Stewart, Kurtz did exactly what Stewart has been criticizing the mass media for, Doh!

  3. i find it quite entertaining the republicans have set an angry, biting tone over the course of 8 years, and then gets bent out of shape when the left plays by the same rules.

  4. Wow, today has been one of those coin tossers. Beautiful weather…stuck inside. Trying to finish up wiring a machine (which I am basically doing for free due to contractual misunderstanding) and having to listen to the dork who suckered our salesman into paying for my work tell me he gets the feeling my ‘heart isn’t in it.’ This is the same clown who agreed to upping the done date from the contract because the management clown who is in charge of the project is retiring the end of the month (when it was supposed to be done) and he wants to see it installed before he goes.

    So as a designer/programmer/sales support I get to crawl all over this flipping machine installing components. I gave that crap up over ten years ago when the arthritis in my back reached the point where it hurt more than it was worth.

    And now I get to read about the anniversary of old Republican crimes-not-to-be-prosecuted.

    I need a beer.

    Please feel free to ignore the previous tirade. Grrrrrrrrrr. But I do feel better. Anyone have any fun stuff going on?

  5. med…

    I feel your pain.

    As an independent cabinetmaker for about twelve years and as an IT contractor for seven years every job was a ‘project’ and all too often the finish-dates were based on the ignorant assumptions or political needs of the project instigator and his or her lieutenants/enablers.

    I have to think back a bit to find some actually entertaining examples though… I’; sure there were a couple of amusing ones… I’ll see if I can drag some up.

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