Friday Open Thread: Let Me Count the Ways to War

Yesterday gave us the six year anniversary of the debacle that is Iraq.  As I was thinking about the whole Iraq situation, I remembered that we were given many, many reasons for going to war.  It started with Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The whole world, including countries half way around the world, were in grave danger.  We must not allow Saddam to develop WMD!  WMD!  WMD!

So, WMD was the number one reason.

That didn’t work out so well and as everyone knows, there were no WMD.

Then, we had Iraqi Freedom.  We needed to get rid of Saddam so that the people of Iraq would be free.

Then there was Bringing Democracy to the Middle East.

Then there was…?

I distinctly remember about 14 different reasons which we were given as justification to create and enforce the Bush Doctrine.  Alas, I cannot remember all of them.  Can you help me out?  What were the reasons you remember we were given to go to war? If you have links, that would be awesome.

As Rachel Maddow’s segment Down The Memory Hole last night proved, the last administration is intent on rewriting history.  Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Oh, and if you’d like a good read by Josh Marshall, one which I might add was quite prescient, read this.

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31 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread: Let Me Count the Ways to War

  1. Oh, I remember another one! We were told we had to go to war to Fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here.

    Come on guys…help a sistah out here! I know there were other reasons. Does anyone remember any of those reasons?

  2. We need their oil. Oh that was the unofficial reason.

    We need a way to increase the Military Industrial Complex. That’s a corollary of the first official reason.

    We need a way to legitimize private armies. Oops, another corollary.

    I’m not very good at this game.

    • Hey, dycker, you played!

      As it turns out, they weren’t very good at it, either. Granted, they got all of those things, but it was called out into the light. I can only hope that people have woken up enough to realize how badly they were played by the fear-mongering GOP.

  3. MsJ – this is not bonus money that AIG is suing the US Government for… it is off-shore taxes that were collected by the IRS. AIG wants the money that they paid in taxes to the IRS returned.

    • Cats, I completely misread that. I scanned the first few paragraphs and thought I knew what it was about. My Bad!

      I cannot believe the hubris of these people. Some asshat over at HuffPo wrote about just how awful taxing these poor bonuses is. Boo fucking hoo.

      I am tired of all of them. Class war, indeed. The time will come when they will realize that. And it won’t be pretty.

    • Man, I really wish we could change the tax laws for large corporations and the really rich to pre-Reagan rates – 70% for the most wealthy, or back to FDR’s rate of 91% – and make it retro-active at least for the last 8 years (though all the way back to Reagan might be fun..) (Post-Reagan rates for the very wealthy dropped from 70% down to 27%).
      Perhaps it would be enough to pay off the debt.. (Not really, but it would certainly make a HUGE difference, and corporations would have to figure out how to survive on salaries that are realistic and more in line with the rest of America).

      By the way, the link above is to an article by Thom Hartmann.

      This must be Ronald Reagan Day… There’s another good article by Ravi Batra called Reagan: The Great American Socialist

      Dr. Ravi Batra, a professor of economics at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, is the author of five international best sellers. He was the chairperson of his department from 1977 to 1980. This article is based on Batra’s two books, “The New Golden Age” and “Greenspan’s Fraud.” His web site is
      I’ve heard him a number of times on Thom Hartmann’s broadcast.

  4. Seems to me the very first reason was to stop Saddam in his efforts to support and harbor al Qaeda.

    • medjhiesco, I think that the al Qaeda thing came much later. Originally, there was no AQ in Iraq…not until we destabilized it. I think that came way after the WMD, free them from the tyranny of Saddam, and bringing democracy there, which came around the time of fight them there not here.

      I remember someone at DKos had a list which had 14 excuses the Bush regime gave. I Googled and Googled and cannot find that list, which is why I am trying to remember the many, many different and far reaching reasons they gave for us to enter into this clusterfuck.

  5. The ‘energy’ conference Cheney held in secret the first months of the BushitCo regime. Nuff said….

  6. Cats, if they succeed in getting anything back from the IRS it is proof positive that it is time to take up yoga so you can kiss your butt goodbye.

    I have heard of negotiated deals on penalties and such but I have never heard of them returning taxes.

  7. Ms J, did you get a load of the asshat on TP a couple of days ago preaching the sacrosancticity of contracts as the excuse for giving these bonuses along with our apologies for upsetting their highnesses of derivativity?

    • RUC, luckily, I missed that.

      They all preach that contracts of the executives are sacrosanct while demanding that the union contracts are worthless. Fuck them.

  8. Not sure on that one, MsJoanne. There had to be a first link to focus on Iraq and Ari and company have been doing a bang up job of blathering about the whole 9/11-Saddam thing lately.

  9. Ms J, you did luck out. He was pretending to be all lawyerly and concern trolly, but was just another jackass in reichwing clothing.

  10. You guys are missing one of the main reasons we went to Iraq.

    “Well, we are talking about the guy who tried to kill my dad.”

    Don’t forget the original name for the debacle.

    Operation Iraqi Liberation

    And most importantly, Cheney’s secret energy meetings before we started the republican debacle.

  11. Well, that worked!

    Reason #987393874

    US must prevent oil fields from falling into hands of terrorists.

    I’ve tried to give a link but it doesn’t seem to work. 😦

    • I’m sorry, dycker. Sometimes posts with links go to the spam bin automatically. 😦

      Would you like me to get rid of your “extras?”

  12. I just successfully changed my avatar. That is Cleo. Just about to turn 8 years old. She is a border collie – rottweiler cross.

  13. Oh please Zooey, you pick what to dump.

    Cleo is a very nice dog but she does have a mean streak if pushed. She once bit a guy at a dog kennel. Long story but Cleo was pushed and she was, by all accounts, as patient as could be expected. The guy new he was in the wrong.

    • How about this one dyker? The Authority Song

      Found one more:

      Little Pink Houses

      It’s a little tough finding one of his songs that allows embedding..

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