President Obama, Jay Leno and Manufactured Outrage

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Last night, President Obama sat down with Jay Leno for a little chat. He mostly spoke about the economy, but Jay did ask a couple of personal questions.  It was quite an interesting interview.  Do watch it (click Keep Reading below).

There is much manufactured outrage from the right wing over the POTUS being on a late night television show. How dare the President of the United States of America speak straight to the American people without some talking head interpreting his every word!

Watch the whole interview, below the fold (it will begin playing once you click the Keep Reading link below). And then, let’s have a little fun with all of this manufactured outrage coming from the people who represent the Party of No.

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First piece of manufactured outrage from the right wing? That Obama even went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. How dare he?! It is beneath the station of the POTUS to be on some simpleton’s comedy show!  I will let Steve Benen take this one:

I find this largely unpersuasive. For one thing, the president spoke primarily about economic policy issues, which presumably is what the public wants to hear more of. For another, there is some precedent for these kinds of appearances: “After all, President Eisenhower was on The Colgate Comedy Hour and President Reagan did birthday specials for Bob Hope and George Burns, and yet democracy survived. And when it comes down to it, is appearing on America’s top-rated, longest-running late-night show really any less dignified than throwing out a pitch at a baseball game or calling the winner of the Super Bowl?”

The second bit of manufactured outrage was a comment Obama made about his bowling skills, comparing them to the Special Olympics. Out of the entire interview, this one poorly articulated joke, which is all over the morning talking head shows. Watch it again below.

Did you notice the audience reaction to this? No? Well, that might be because there was none. Watch it again. There is no Ooooh! or Ughhh! or anything even remotely negative from the people in the live audience. This is pretty indicative of the populace as a whole, no?

Unless you are in the Party of No!

And lastly, there is the whole Obama should focus on the economy!  He shouldn’t walk, talk and chew gum at the same time!  Well, it is understood that most Republican’s do not have the ability to multi-task, and it is also known that many *cough* McCain *cough* don’t know what a Blackberry is, you know, that odd little device which allows the President to keep in touch with every person in Washington by simply pressing a couple of magical buttons.  Honestly, is this the best that the Party of No has to offer?

Why was there no outrage when President Bush took more than three YEARS of vacation time off while he was managing two wars?  Not a peep out of those on the right.  I suppose, to them, presidentin’  is hard work!  And for George W. Bush, that was perfectly okie dokie.

Seriously.  Can you say Manufactured Outrage?

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9 thoughts on “President Obama, Jay Leno and Manufactured Outrage

  1. I stayed up for this interview, and I thought it was excellent.

    Sure, he had a little “special olympics” stumble, but as the mother of a son with autism, I didn’t take offense. He was making fun of himself, not them.

    Maybe he should throw a bowling party at the White House for a group of Special Olympics bowlers to make amends.

    • Personally, I am all for Obama going on every talk show he can. This allows him to talk directly to the American populace without having the talking heads attempting to write – or rewrite – his words and explain meaning.

  2. The interview I found both enlightening and entertaining. As far as the comment on the Special Olympics, I took no offense whatsoever simply because I understood his intent. My only complaint is that he chose Leno, not Letterman.

    • Well, he has almost four years to remedy not going on Letterman. 😀 I hope he does. Letterman is a smart guy. I think there is more substance on these shows than on half of the supposed political experts.

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