Healthcare Insurers Offer to Stop Screwing Us

Well, bully for them.

In the letter, America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association say they are willing to “phase out the practice of varying premiums based on health status in the individual market” if all Americans are required to get coverage.

Which is a nice way of saying that if it is mandated that every American has to pay them premiums, they will not overcharge people who need the coverage most, while they continue to refuse coverage.  Nifty little scam that is!

Sorry, we are soooooooooooooooo over you.  We were never that into you to begin with.

I feel like the abused partner in a woefully one-sided relationship, a relationship where I give and they take.   I pay more and more every year while they say no, no and nope every time I actually need to use that supposed coverage I am paying for.

I say no more private healthcare – at all.  Period.

No more multi-million dollar bonuses for CEO’s (meaning our premiums go into their pockets while we see more rejection letters).  No more bonuses to the cold hearted people whose jobs entail canceling premiums, often mid-treatment.  No more profits in exchange for death and suffering.  Enough!

It’s nice to see that the insurance companies see the writing on the wall, enough so that they are now willing to not hold the sick in this country hostage to their ultra-despicable profits-above-everything philosophy – but only if every American pays them their ransom.  Their greed will be their death.  Unfortunately, the insurance companies are escalating the cost of premiums before taking that final Kamikaze dive into history.

Check out this timeline of healthcare in America over the last 100 years (pay attention to the Reagan years.  It is sometimes easy to forget the extent of raping and pillaging that Reaganomics wrought upon this nation).

Until which time we all have access to affordable healthcare, something which can only take place with a negotiating body the size of the US government, along with premiums paid to that same negotiating body, those fortunate enough to still have healthcare continue to pay for those who are uninsured, while the insurance companies continue to reap profits.  There is no free lunch and the cost of that lunch is on each of us – with the net margin and tips going into the pockets of the insurance industry.

There can never be real healthcare when profits are involved in life and death decision making.  Until which time Congress gets off the American tax-payer teat of having the best healthcare available, while the rest of us suffer through the profit scheme that is called our healthcare system, it remains to be seen whether Americans will actually get the kind of healthcare which every other industrialized nation on the planet already has.

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2 thoughts on “Healthcare Insurers Offer to Stop Screwing Us

  1. Seems it is time for the health insurance industry to go the way of buggy whip makers.

    And it has them peeing barbed wire. I like it.

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