Tuesday Open Thread

Bobby Jindal just got his ash handed to him by Mt Redoubt, in Alaska.

In February, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) decried the presence of expanded funding for “something called ‘volcano monitoring’ ” in President Obama’s stimulus package, turning the geologic program into a flash point for fiscal conservatives and raising the ire of scientists.

Yesterday, policymakers got a chance to reemphasize the importance of the monitoring program after Alaska’s Mount Redoubt erupted overnight, sending five explosive bursts of ash and steam as far as nine miles into the air and shutting down many flights at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

“This is an indicator and proof of the importance of earth science to the United States of America and to the Department of the Interior and the” U.S. Geological Survey, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said during a telephone briefing. “Through the work of the USGS and being able to monitor what was happening with Volcano Redoubt, we were able to actually forecast this event . . . to prevent the endangerment of people and places that would otherwise have occurred.”

I wonder if Sarah Palin can see that from her front porch.


Astute observer TerryHusseinBinTurtle notes that the photo above is from 1990, so it doesn’t count. Slideshow from the most recent series of eruptions is here, but there is nothing as spectacular (yet) as the 1990 photo.


30 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. And while you are at it, Ted ‘Open Prison for White Collar Crooks ‘Stevens Airport could use a renaming too.

    Flown in and out of there a bunch of times, almost got stuck last time Mt Redoubt coughed. This looks a bit more serious, eh?

  2. Wonder if the money was earmarked ‘levee failure early warning devices’ if he would still gripe? After all, there are no volcanos in Louisiana.

    • Wonder if the money was earmarked ‘levee failure early warning devices’ if he would still gripe?

      In Alaska, that would be Levi failure (which results in a Tripp to the hospital).

  3. Hi all. Got a question for you. Last Friday I did some work at one of the potato grading operations here in WI and they gave me some nice fresh taters to take home. Sunday I made a big old batch of tater salad, enough for 10 people. Today I’m making a dutch oven size pot of potato soup.

    How many potatoes did I get?

    • How many potatoes did you get?

      Enough to make a big old batch of tater salad (have I mentioned that I love Ron White?) and a dutch oven sized batch of tater soup!

      What did I win?? 😀

  4. medjhiesco,
    I need your recipes for potato salad and potato soup to answer that question. 😉

  5. MsJoanne, that be cheating. Right, but cheating.

    Walt, I’ll share the recipes as soon as we gewt a recipe thread. Well, maybe sooner.

    The answer is 4. One went for a little better than 2.6 pounds.

  6. 2.6 POUNDS. Were they Jolly Green Giant Potatoes? Must be the potatoes where they get fries that are 6 inches long!

    Here is a potatoe song from a Canadian Icon:

  7. dycker, they weren’t even the really big ones I saw going down the line. All four were solid and crisp, well one had a small hollow in the center.

    I was flabbergasted. And I got some neat ideas about using slabs of potatoes in cooking.

  8. My old stomping grounds, MsJoanne. I was stationed at Great Lakes for 9 months in another life.

    Now I am as close to the center of WI as a city can get.

  9. Well, I guess we would have to find something else to chat about over coffee then.

  10. MsJoanne, next time I’m in the Chi town area, I’ll let you know. Of course, being from Wisconsin, that happens about once ever two or three years. I don’t even like to go to Milwaukee. (You know, that suburb of Chicago?)

  11. Just enough time to finish making the tater soup before the Chuck Jones tribute on TCM at 7. Yeah, it is silly and cartoons are for kids but it’s Chuck Jones with some of the all time greats.

    Yup, I be a kid at heart.

  12. Potato soup is awesome, hot or cold ( the keys I think are in the garnishes and consistency).

    When I was in Texas , desperate to carbo-load after a 22 hour workday and a quarter-way through my next inevitable 18+ hour shift, I ordered a baked potato with all the trimmings–fast, varied, tasty! I was confident I’d eat the whole thing .

    The potato I was given, I kid you not, was nearly the size of an American football! It must have weighed about 5 lbs! I had never seen such a huge potato.I ate nearly half of it, it was delicious and I was damn hungry and needed the fuel. But jeez!

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