Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport

The Onion

So, do you like to fly? (MsJoanne, I had you in mind..) Doesn’t sound like Prague is a great place to fly into if you are traveling around the world…

Does anyone remember CNN’s Bobbi Batista? She was one of CNN’s main anchors during the 1980s and 1990s. She’s now anchoring at The Onion News Network!


GOP Fuming Over Budget Reconciliation

Several Republican Senators are threatening to go Nuclear!  You ever notice it’s okay if they use the Budget Reconciliation, but if the Democrats want to do the same thing, they want to grind the Senate to a halt?

Scottish Scientists To Create Blood

British scientists are planning a ground-breaking research project to create synthetic human blood from embryonic stem cells, it has been disclosed.

The results could provide an unlimited supply of blood for emergency transfusions free of the risk of infection.

It could revolutionize blood transfusion services, which currently rely on a network of human donors to provide a constant supply of fresh blood.

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Chuck Todd: Arrogant Washington Elitist

When I was watching Obama speak last night, the first second* question presented to the president was by Chuck Todd, the White House Correspondent from NBC.

For those who cannot watch video’s, this was Chuck’s question:

Some have compared this financial crisis to a war and in times of war past Presidents have called for some form of sacrifice. Some of your programs whether main street or Wall Street have actually cushioned the blow for those that were irresponsible during this economic period of prosperity, supposed prosperity that you were talking about. Why, given this new era of responsibility that you’re asking for why haven’t you asked for something specific that the public should be sacrificing to participate in this economic recovery?

I thought I had heard him wrong.  No, I thought I had to have heard him wrong!  Alas, I heard what I thought I had heard.


When the president responded by pointing all of the many ways in which Americans are already sacrificing in the midst of an economic crisis, Todd wasn’t satisfied. In a follow up, the NBC White House correspondent asked why Obama has called on “specific” sacrifices from Americans. And again, the president explained, “[T]he American people are making a host of sacrifices in their individual lives.”

I’d write my own response to this, but since John Amato said said exactly what I was thinking, I will use his outrage instead:

Typical Villager question. No normal person would ask for the American people to suffer and make additional sacrifices through a period where their wages have declined, job losses are skyrocketing and health-care costs are astronomical. These inside-the-Beltway pundits seem to talk to each other rather than for us. It’s like we don’t exist to them. They all seem to live in Broder’s universe, and we’re mice in a cage waiting for some scraps. I’d like to know what the press corps would sacrifice if the president asked them for one.

American’s are sacrificing in every aspect of our being every day of our lives. Unless you’re an American who lives in Chuck Todd’s world.

*Correction. Todd was the 2nd person to ask a question of Obama last night.

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Obama’s Teleprompter: Is this all the right has?

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The favorite right-wing meme of late is that President Obama is incapable of speaking without a teleprompter.    Are they trying to say Obama is too stupid to speak without one?  A Harvard graduate who was editor of The Law Review (a highly acclaimed honor only bestowed upon the brightest and best at one of the best ivy league institutions in the world), a man who authored two books and has spoken across this great land, in Town Hall fashion, taking questions outside of The Bubble, this man is unable to speak on his own? Seriously?

Let’s take a look and unpack this a little, shall we?  It’s fun, honest.  Click that Keep Reading link and…

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