Hooverville Dubyaville

BBC reporting, not our own So-Called Liberal Media.

Think it can’t happen to any of us?  Think again…

UPDATE: This post was written more than a year ago (as you will notice from the comments below).  No one in the US was covering this at the time, only those from overseas.  We have moved this back to the front page because this is now starting to get more press.  See this and this.  MsJoanne

84 thoughts on “Hooverville Dubyaville

  1. I am heartsick. Oh, but preznit chimpy mcwondercup thinks NOTHING of spending a BILLION a week on the illegal war in Iraq and will do his best to bail out his corporate buddies – but not only are Gulf Coast residents STILL struggling to find a home, now the subprime victims are living like they are in a 3rd world country.
    What the fuh-hell happened to America?!?!?!?!?! The bush-cheney cabal killed her. THEY are the “terrorists”, THEY are the enemy, THEY are the evil-doers destroying our nation.

  2. Since we cannot rely on our lame ass media to cover this (although, I did send it to Olbermann…we shall see), please send this link to 10 people you know and ask them to send it to 10 more. I don’t usually forward stuff, but this is appalling – and it’s just starting!

    What if these people didn’t live in southern California? What happens when hard hit IL, MI, and other northern states get the boot? Even NV, which is the hardest hit by the foreclosures, gets cold at night in the winter.

    Please send the link to your friends. People have got to see this – and VOTE!

  3. It’s tragic in that it didn’t have to happen. What saddens me is the humanity of all of this. Not just here but in Iraq. We see pictures, and that is all they are, pictures on a screen. They wrench the heart. Fine. Great. But these are people. Human beings. And WE, America, did this, to out own and to others.

    I saw some video earlier today of Iraqis and I haven’t shaken that whole humanity thing. When I saw the Dubyaville vid, my heart broke a little more.

    When I read the really funny Ann Coulter blogging the Gettysburg Address (which I posted in an earlier thread) I laughed my ass off…then I read it again and the part where it says SOCIALISM like it’s some great dirty word and concept, well, I almost cried again.

    My country has lost its path. It’s lost its way. I am sad. I am ashamed. My insides hurt today.

  4. Arlen Spector is on The Daily Show talking about his book about the time he was battling cancer.

    The only thing I can think is; What if he didn’t have government healthcare.

  5. I enjoy my socialized medicine and am willing to assume a greater payment toward it if it supports others. This trade off of low wage to reasonable benefits used to be an understood trade off between communities and their teachers.

  6. I am for fully socialized medicine. In what employers pay and with what I pay every month, and what I pay for the few meds I get (of which FIVE were turned down and each cost a ton if I got them on my own: two different flavors of Ambien, which my doc gave me, or tried to, for when I fly overseas and freak out [have I mentioned I don’t like to fly?]; a decongestant for my allergies, and two different antibiotics which my doc tried to give me when I had a MASSIVE sinus infection).

    I would gladly pay more every month for socialized medicine for everyone.

  7. Having said that, I will admit that I find it odd that my labors should provide 36 months of medical and dental to the girl who broke my heart.

  8. How’s this for the best mini bio?

    A political and social activist since the Vietnam War, Linda attributes her fully-engaged-intense-head-on-non-stop-political activism to the UNFORTUNATE EXISTENCE OF GEORGE W. BUSH, corporate media, self-serving officials, greed-ridden American imperialism, environmental atrocities, egregious war, nuclear proliferation, lying leaders, global tyranny, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, and her need for justice complex.

    Is anyone here or am I talking to myself?

  9. Raucos, lol, yeh right. Like a fallen tree in the forest none would have heard if I was raucos.

    Actually I didnt have a hangover.

    Im just taking in alot of information today and trying to unscramble it, mentally.

    Anyway, how are you this day MsJ?

  10. Sad. Today is not a happy day. A little too introspective. A little to empathetic. Discouraged. You name it. Wide range of bummer emotions. (Nothing personal, just thinking about all the people out there who are hurting…read the above comments.)

  11. Honestly, I think that is playing into my bumming today.

    I feel that I have done all I can…I don’t know what else to do.

    I call and write my elected officials. I vote. I protest. I am vocal. And it goes nowhere. I don’t know what else to do.

    Seeing that video of all those people living on the streets in a shanty community did me in. How far behind might I be? Or my friend?


  12. Savage is a dope, hes trying to frame the current blame on others. Any fool can see the US is headed for economical problems. If Obama is elected his BS would seem true to many, yet Obama did not involve us in war or recession.

  13. I tell ya, if McCain gets in, we will be in a full blown depression. The rest of the world is not going to continue to finance this bullshit.

    And I think Bush is deteriorating mentally. I hope we don’t wind up nuking half the friggin’ world before he leaves.

    I guess BushCo got what they want. I am terrified these days.

  14. I tell ya, if McCain gets in, we will be in a full blown depression. -MsJ

    Personally, I think we are already on that path. The fiat money system we are based on, since Nixon, has been bailed out quite a few times.

  15. I know there are minds greater than my little one out there but it’s a matter of getting any of the people in Washington to listen to them.

    Bush just pooh poohs anyone who says anything he doesn’t want to hear.

    It’s like AA, Mr. Botch…first ya gotta admit there’s a problem.

  16. MsJ the problem that faces us today is the same that faced many empires, dont think yourself at fault because of mankinds warped rational.

    Fighting government isnt the answer, its the way of thinking that must change.

  17. I don’t blame myself, I blame this administration for blowing Clinton’s budget surplus, allowing corporations to run wild on everything, debasing and destroying all of the regulatory agencies which are intended to protect us, trying to take over the world one Muslim oil rich country at a time, oh, and a half hearted attempt in Afghanistan, I could go on, but you get my drift. 😀

    I can’t fight alone. And I certainly cannot change anyone’s way of thinking. I’m lucky to change my own! 😀 😀

  18. Very cute. Stupid. Loved that.

    Was the expensive Benz she drove away in yours? Seeing that you signed over the keys to the castle already. 😀

    BTW, if you’re that easy (getting on one knee), will you marry me? 😉

  19. Was the expensive Benz she drove away in yours? Seeing that you signed over the keys to the castle already.

    Naw that was a tongue in cheek related to big brother govt who had my keys.

  20. Interesting. Don’t we pretty much sell our souls on a daily basis anyway?

    We are owned by whomever employs us – at will. At will we could be unemployed tomorrow.

    No one asks if what we make will kill people. Look at the downer cows. MAKE US SOME MONEY. At all costs.

    Physical. Moral. Ethical.

    It matters not.

  21. But what happens when the paper is no good?

    What happens to property that we don’t own?

    What happens to food we can’t buy?

    What happens to water which is now owned – many tap water systems are not drinkable. (Mine smells like bleach. It’s disgusting.)

  22. Who is We (kimosabe)?

    Corporate owners? They have more than they need.

    Shareholders? They want more than they have.

    Us? The consumer. We want to shop but can’t if the corporate owners and shareholders aren’t happy enough with their profits, so our jobs go away and we can no longer shop.

  23. I don’t think society is sufficient in this case. The We is not collective when it comes to money. Hell, nothing is collective anymore.

    It is no longer one for all, it’s all for me. That is what our society is now.

  24. We want to shop but can’t if the corporate owners and shareholders aren’t happy enough with their profits, so our jobs go away and we can no longer shop. -MsJ

    And they go out of business.

  25. It is no longer one for all, it’s all for me. That is what our society is now.

    I agree and thats whats wrong with bottom line free-market thinking. Its self destructive.

  26. No, they don’t always go out of business. They change their market shift towards Europe and Asia.

    And Americans starve, live on the streets, can’t see a doctor, can’t get medicine.

  27. By protect them I mean Americans are consumers and without consumers to foot the bill the empire will crash. We didnt have 700 foreign bases in the great depression, today we do.

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