Sunday open thread

Warm up...

Warm up...

Good morning, all.

We’re having a blizzard in northern Idaho — high winds and 6-8 inches of snow (so far).  Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?

What’s on your mind this alleged Spring day?

17 thoughts on “Sunday open thread

  1. I’m sitting in my recliner with coffee, watching the birds decimate the food in the feeders and trying to recover from last nights union retiree banquet. Double Crown Royals before dinner is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. It rained here in Central Illinois all day and into the evening yesterday and today I awoke to scattered snow on the ground. It did nothing to reduce my contempt for the month of March. But, at least I’m indoors, in comfort, and not fighting floods in North Dakota. Thoughts and prayers to those folks.

  2. I was tricked into getting out of bed this morning by lovely sunshine lighting up my balcony and the pine trees just outside. About the time I got the coffee perking, the clouds moved back in. Pah.

    So far, though, it’s a huge improvement over yesterday when it rained and rained and, well, rained. But, hell, it’s Oregon.

  3. Rainy this morning in Boston. Just had a big wild turkey walk past our dining room window and strut down the driveway and into the woods…pretty cool.

  4. Morning Zooey,
    What rotten sounding weather!
    We are on the cool side, after a squall blew through late yesterday afternoon. We should be able to send March “out like a lamb”, since it “came in like a lion”.

    Gearhead Department:
    Massive Congratulations to the Brawn Formula One Team in winning its debut race! The team principal, Ross Brawn, who guided Michael Schumacher to seven World Championships at Ferrari, had to pick up the pieces of Honda’s Christmas-time decision to end support for the team. Now, with help from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Airlines, it appears they should be able to sustain a quality effort through the season. Jenson Button, the winning driver, took a 70% pay cut when Honda pulled out. Even racers are having to cope with the recession.

    The race also was the debut for the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, where the energy of deceleration is stored to a battery system for up to a six second burst of renewable power to aid in overtaking or defending against it. This technology has a practical application for street cars as well, and who better to develop it to its full potential than race engineers!

    My thoughts also go to the folks dealing with the floods in North Dakota. Ed Schultz, who has been doing his radio show from DC, went back “home” to Fargo to broadcast from his former station and a caller on Friday said she was filling sandbags with them in spirit. Me too.

  5. Thanks for yesterdays recipes and wishes of well. I think I will try some of those. The halibut ceviche got put off till today so I have to wrap that up as it is for dinnner and it needs time to “cook” The radishes still perplex me but I have used up and “gifted” about half of them

    Rainy here too. The gals are getting on each other a bit. Thank god the grand mama is visiting.

  6. Blizzard? Snow on the ground?


    Here in the Bay Area, the sun is up, there is not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and the temperature hovers around 65F.

    I think I’ll go for a bike ride with my boys.

    Hey, it’s a tough life but someone has to live it 🙂

  7. The acidity of the lime juice “cooks” the raw fish. It is good. Trust me grasshopper. Upon a bed of baby greens it will make a fine meal

  8. Sunny and mid forties in Wisconsin. House is reasonably cleaned and dinner planned.

    Sorry I missed the cesspool book party last night. REH is one of my all time favorites, Stranger his best but I do love Time Enough for Love as well. Lazarus is awesome. Lots of other favorites mentioned but I would have included Roger Zelazny, John D. MacDonald, George RR Martin’s ‘Wild Card’ series, Peter O’Donnell, Alan Dean Foster and Mickey Spillane.

  9. What’s on my mind? A LOT!
    I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!

    Commercial break)

    By which I mean I’m very upset and and I’m not going to stand around here and….

    (Commercial break)

    As I was saying… I’m quite perturbed and I’m determined to exert pressure against.those who would ….

    (Commercial break)

    ..but of course in these difficult times we should all let bygones be bygones, deal with the present and look to the future, after all progress is the touchstone of the American way, not the past, and furthermore…..

    (1o-year commercial break)

    I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!

  10. Zooey : “5th must be watching a movie on the teevee machine.”

    In my mind, Zooey, always in my mind</i<! 😀

    Cripes, I think I just heard thunder here in NJ!

    My awesome Casio Pathfinder watch barometer reads 99 millibars of Hg (or something) and the indicates a precipitous drop in pressure over the last 12 hours,

    Yup, There it is again!

    On the plus-side my Casio Pathfinder Altimeter also indicates I am 50 meters above sea level, which is encouraging, though quite inaccurate as the real figure is closer to 35 meters.

  11. The sun came out and melted off the dusting of snow, so, I grabbed my litter grabber and a garbage bag and went out for a walk. I collected about 30lbs. of trash along the bike trail, mostly plastic bottles. The walk back was much nicer than the walk out.

  12. mike… “30lbs. of trash along the bike trail, mostly plastic bottles. ”

    Ah, the ironical irony!

    Kudos for taking care.

  13. 5th, just for clarification, much of the bike trail is along a flood plain, and much of what I collected was caught up in drift piles. That being said, there was still an abundance of new bottles. Still, it’s a sad commentary about people’s lack of concern for their environment.

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