13 thoughts on “Let’s play a game – Open Thread

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the welcome back. Good to see you around too FR, I missed you, too. Shayne, winter really doesn’t want to go away, but we are promised 20°C this week. I can finally work in the garden, the snow has crushed my rosebows and I have to install new ones. But I’ll do that tomorrow. Sunday night they put us on government sponsored jet lag I have to get this hour back. I had only three hours last night. Oh, and never mind the paperwork that clutters my desk. I have to make sure government gets it’s taxes. I’m sure they will do lots of good with our money 😉

  2. Hi everybody!
    EV, sounds like your team has shook the miseries, if you’re back in here!
    I’ve been put on four ten hour days, at least for the foreseeable future, so I can be here Friday nights for a while.

    Peter B. Collins subbed for Hartmann today. That guy is too good to be out of a full-time show!

  3. house, yes we have and I hope it’s for the forseeable future too. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Having you around more, sounds really good to me.

  4. EV,
    What a nice thing to say! I’ll be around a little less in the daytime, as I’ll have to sleep later, but I still try to get up by 11:00 central for Hartmann.

    Med, why do you “stand” in the back yard? I would think you would stretch out on the towel!

    I’m out of here ’til the early…

  5. db,
    I hate conventional war as well.
    I remember Japanese dive bombers striking our redoute in China shortly after the Dolittle raid on Tokyo.
    I was a bit over 1 year old at the time and the stench of gunpowder and the sound of the bombs are still vibrant in my mind.
    A Navy combo sea/land plane excavated the entire American embassy a tad after that.

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