Let’s play a game – Open Thread

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13 thoughts on “Let’s play a game – Open Thread

  1. Welcome back EV. Glad you’re feeling better. Winter just won’t go away this year.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the welcome back. Good to see you around too FR, I missed you, too. Shayne, winter really doesn’t want to go away, but we are promised 20°C this week. I can finally work in the garden, the snow has crushed my rosebows and I have to install new ones. But I’ll do that tomorrow. Sunday night they put us on government sponsored jet lag I have to get this hour back. I had only three hours last night. Oh, and never mind the paperwork that clutters my desk. I have to make sure government gets it’s taxes. I’m sure they will do lots of good with our money 😉

  3. Hi everybody!
    EV, sounds like your team has shook the miseries, if you’re back in here!
    I’ve been put on four ten hour days, at least for the foreseeable future, so I can be here Friday nights for a while.

    Peter B. Collins subbed for Hartmann today. That guy is too good to be out of a full-time show!

  4. house, yes we have and I hope it’s for the forseeable future too. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Having you around more, sounds really good to me.

  5. It is sounding more and more like its time to break out the towel and go stand in the backyard.

  6. EV,
    What a nice thing to say! I’ll be around a little less in the daytime, as I’ll have to sleep later, but I still try to get up by 11:00 central for Hartmann.

    Med, why do you “stand” in the back yard? I would think you would stretch out on the towel!

    I’m out of here ’til the early…

  7. db,
    I hate conventional war as well.
    I remember Japanese dive bombers striking our redoute in China shortly after the Dolittle raid on Tokyo.
    I was a bit over 1 year old at the time and the stench of gunpowder and the sound of the bombs are still vibrant in my mind.
    A Navy combo sea/land plane excavated the entire American embassy a tad after that.

    • I’m around now — assuming anyone else is about. I’m getting notes together for an exam on Thursday. 🙂

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