CNN Sanchez: Limbaugh Should Have His Mouth Washed Out!

This is a new low for Rush Limbaugh.  I didn’t think he could get anymore disgusting than what he has in the past.  His comments about Prime Minister Gordon Brown are absolutely disgusting.  He should have his mouth washed out with soap!!

Blago indicted on charges he conspired to sell IL Senate seat — and more


Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and five others were indicted Thursday on charges of scheming to auction off President Barack Obama‘s vacant U.S. Senate seat, pressuring a congressman for campaign money and lying to FBI agents. The 19-count indictment alleges Blagojevich and his aides discussed the possibility he could get a Cabinet post in the new president’s administration, substantial fundraising assistance or a high-paying job in exchange for the Senate seat.

Mr Blagojevich, will you have a news conference to discuss these charges….?  Please?  Pretty please…?  😀


Rod Blagojevich, you’re about to be indicted on federal corruption charges, what are you gonna do?  He’s gone to Disney World!!

Seriously….not kidding at all.  😉

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The Peacemaker… President Barack Obama

During the plenary session of the G20, President Sarkozy of France and President Hu Jintao of the People’s Republic of China got into a heated disagreement regarding tax havens.  Upon hearing their loud voices, President Obama stepped between the two men and urged them to reach a consensus.

The senior adminstration official said that Mr. Obama pulled Mr. Sarkozy aside, took him to a corner, “and discussed possible alternatives,” the senior official said.

Once they arrived at one, President Obama “sent a message to the Chinese” that a counter-offer was on the table. The Chinese spent some time considering the offer. But they took a few minutes.

So Mr. Obama, with the assistance of translators, suggested that he and Mr. Hu have a conversation as well. They, too went to the corner to talk. After a few minutes, Mr. Obama called upon Mr. Sarkozy to join them.

“Translators and sherpas in tow, they reached an agreement,” the official said. “There was a multiple shaking of hands.”

If you would like more details, you can read the complete article here, at ABC News.

Negotiation and facilitation are skills that are needed by successful community organizers, like President Barack Obama.

Monumental brass balls


Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday dropped all charges against former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, due to gross misconduct by the prosecutors.

Here’s where the big brass balls come in — the Alaska GOP has issued a press release calling for duly elected Sen Mark Begich (D-AK) to resign, so they can have a do-over special election.

The Alaska Republican Party further believes that current Senator Mark Begich should resign his position to allow for a new, special election, so Alaskans may have the chance to vote for a Senator without the improper influence of the corrupt Department of Justice.

The only reason Mark Begich won the election in November is because a few thousand Alaskans thought that Senator Ted Stevens was guilty of seven felonies. Senator Stevens has maintained his innocence and now, even the Department of Justice acknowedges it’s [sic] wrong doing.

Yeah, I’m sure the Alaska GOP will be all about calling for a special election in Alabama when Don Siegelman is cleared.

Polls Show Majority Reject Media Blaming Obama For Economy

Americans are not succumbing to the idiocy, of the Right-Wing Media biased coverage of the Economy.  Even though Rush Limbaugh is leading the charge for the Republican Party by screeching, “United States of America is under assault, it has always been under assault. But it has never been under assault like this, from within.” It’s nice to know the only ones listening are radical conservatives.

In response to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll showing that only 26 percent of the public blames the Obama administration for the country’s economic situation, Media Matters for America released the following statement:

“This poll shows that despite what they are hearing from the media, the public overwhelmingly blames banks, business, and the Bush administration, not President Obama,” said Erikka Knuti, a spokeswoman for Media Matters. “The media have repeatedly attached Obama’s name to the economic crisis and all but erased the role of the previous administration from their coverage. The American people aren’t falling for it.”

The Washington Post/ABC News poll, released on March 31, asked respondents who they thought “deserve[d]” the most “blame” for “the country’s economic situation.” Results for who deserved a “great deal” or “good amount” of blame are as follows:

  • 80 percent said banks and other financial institutions
  • 80 percent said large business corporations
  • 72 percent said consumers
  • 70 percent said the Bush administration
  • 26 percent said the Obama administration

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New GM CEO Will Not Take Pay Cut

Even though the previous GM CEO agreed to a pay cut that reduced his salary to a $1 a year, Fritz Henderson stated his will remain unchanged.   He was the former Chief Operating Officer of GM.

His base salary as COO was cut 30 percent to about $1.3 million this year when GM accepted government loans.

Wagoner had agreed to accept a salary of $1 as part of the Detroit automaker’s request for assistance.

Although Henderson isn’t taking a $1 salary, his compensation package in 2008 was significantly less than Wagoner’s, regulatory filings show. In 2008, Henderson received compensation valued at about $8.7 million.

President Obama announced that the plans for GM’s restructuring weren’t deep enough.
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Afghanistan’s New Law: Limit Women’s Rights, “Legalize Rape” In Marriage, & Outraging Ministers

Afghan President Hamid Karzai landed a devastating blow to women’s right with his new law.

An effort by ministers from the United States, Canada and other members of the 42-nation coalition fighting in Afghanistan to put an optimistic face on the war’s progress came close to collapse on Tuesday when Afghan President Hamid Karzai was publicly accused of supporting a law that dramatically limits the rights of women.

Attended in total by 72 countries and organizations interested in rebuilding the country, The Hague summit was meant to be a “big tent” show of support for U.S. President Barack Obama’s new Afghanistan war plans. But by day’s end the participants had been forced to confront the reality of a government riddled with corruption and committed to legislating sexual inequality.

According to United Nations organizations that have seen it, a law backed by the Karzai government would legalize rape within marriage and would forbid women from going to the doctor or leaving their home without their husband’s protection.

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What did you watch lately? Open Thread

I was watching “Sweeney Todd” this morning while ironing shirts. It’s not for the fainthearted, but I still like it, even if it’s a Musical.

On my order list: “The Wild Bunch” (Sam Peckinpah) and the extended version of “Lord of the Rings”, Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” and some Monty Python for the boys so they can improve their English. “Fetchez la vache!”

Have a good day and don’t miss the posts that will be coming up.