Google Street View – Open Thread

I recently spent time revisiting childhood homes via Google Maps and Street View and found it fascinating. Not everyone, however, is as enthusiastic about the service as I am.

Residents challenge Google camera

Angry residents in Milton Keynes blocked the driver of a Google Street View car when he started taking photographs of their homes.

Police were called to Broughton after residents staged the protest, accusing Google of invading their privacy and “facilitating crime”.

Councillor John Bint told the BBC the camera mounted on a car was intrusive and people should have been consulted.

Google said it observed UK law and only filmed from public areas.

The company also said it had consulted various police forces and provided the means for residents to have their home removed from the service.

The WebUrbanist has more about some interesting images captured by the Street View camera.
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36 thoughts on “Google Street View – Open Thread

  1. My 19 yr old daughter just ranted at me. Seems she has been asked to do the cover art for an album and because I read JD MacDonald and Mickey Spillane it has somehow influenced her ideas.

    I’m hoping that when she gets past the deadline stress she can explain that.

  2. Maybe they are all doing their taxes. Or shoveling. It’s 40 here, overcast and blustery.

    • Heck, I already got my money back — funding for my Thanksgiving trip to the coast. Woo!

      Same here, but 33 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be 50 degrees. Hopefully this is the last of the snow.

  3. Same here though no funding for fun trips yet. Next year when the alimony payments expire.

    • Bummer.

      Sounds like there’s some sort of shooting/hostage situation in NY state. Immigration center. This could get very bad…

      • I’m off to school & advising. Gotta figure out how to get myself graduated as soon as possible.

        Music night tonight!

  4. A sign of the times, I am afraid. Fear, frustration, loss of income and readily available guns. Just what the Republicans ordered.

  5. Bill Moyers has Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald discussing big corporate media tonight. it’s coming on now on my PBS.

    • Oh lordy, my dad wants me to go on a short road trip with him this summer.

      My track record isn’t exactly great on this subject… šŸ˜

  6. Moyers started his program interviewing Bill Black, about the Financial Crisis, before the Goodman/Greenwald piece. Both are worth watching at the PBS site when available.

    Anybody out there tonight?

  7. I was going to ask you if the Goodman/Greenwald piece was good. I will check it once they post it.

  8. Oh come on Zooey it is a short one. I went 12 years without talking to my pops. Where does he want to go? Oh and by the way I could use someone to accompany me on a short roadtrip in midMay. Can you drive?

  9. It seems my graduating class found Facebook in the last two months. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the information overload.

    But, it has been awesome to see my friends that I have lost touch with after high school šŸ™‚

  10. freedomrebel
    I am super anti-Facebook but was sort of shamed into it by an old girlfriend and I will admit that it also helped me hook up with some other old girlfriends and a few old guy friends as well but still I think it is sort of lame. Anyway my question is what are you supposed to do with those fools that request to be your friend that either A you barely remember and don’t give a shit to or B never liked or gave a shit about in the firstplace? I don’t mean to be harsh and I tend to be super mannerly. I just don’t care to talk to them. Is it rude just to ignore them?

    • Last time I went on a road trip, my mother landed in hospital in Illinois for 4 weeks. Maybe I can finish off my dad.

  11. So about that midMay deal. Any interest in Gettysburg. Lots of death related themes…

  12. My family has a thing about digging up the dead… So where does pops wanna go? The Testicle Festival? Branson? Tijuana?

  13. I am taking an online course as we speak. It sucks when you realize all the people in your class are total dorks and it is an online class!!!

  14. It is just a 5 week differentiated instruction sort of deal but the two additional credits translates into a 5 to 6 grand pay increase for next year. What are you taking this summer and how soon till you are done?

    • Jeebus. Take more courses! šŸ˜€

      I have to take a Biology 102 class to finish off my State Board Core Requirements, so I’m taking it this summer. I’ll be done on June 26. It’s about 6 weeks long. No lab!! Woo!

      Then 4 courses to finish my college and department requirements, and then 30 credits of electives. Done. Until grad school.

  15. bio 102? I can teach you that in 3 minutes.
    Aerobic Respiration and photosynthesis

    See your done…
    Goodnight Zooey. I have two dates at 9 am…

    • Well, yeah. I learned that in highschool, but apparently I have to learn it again. šŸ˜‰

      Have fun with your girls.


  16. Sorry dbadass it took me so long to answer, it was after 12 and I had gone to bed.

    I came from a large graduating class, we almost had 700. Some people might think it is rude, but if you genuinely don’t remember them or didn’t like them, I wouldn’t add them. There are a small amount in my case that I really didn’t know, so I wouldn’t try adding them as friends.

    The only reason I even started with Facebook was to keep up with my daughter easier. Her generation is into all of that.

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