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Matt Davies
, NY Journal News

Scarborough: “Obama Never Received A Check From A Profit Making Business”

What a stupid argument!  Every company George Bush touched failed, and Joe is saying Obama should have flipped burgers!!! PLEASE!  He is really grasping on this one.  Joe wants us to believe that working for McDonald’s would have helped Obama more than being a Community Organizer and a Law Professor…  Oh the hypocrisy!!

Wiggle while you work..

What a GREAT idea!!

Eric Hudelson's 6th grade class replaced their chairs with exercise balls. Photo by Devon Haskins

Instead of forcing students to sit still in class, these 6th graders in Moscow, Idaho now sit on exercise balls.

In stead of sitting still, they can wiggle, wobble and work on their posture.

Hudelson admits he was skeptical at first, but the new seats seem to be working.

“So far, they’re paying attention and participating a lot more in classroom conversations,” says Hudelson.

The principal says a classroom of chairs is about $2,000. The same number of exercise balls costs only $200.

I bet the kids love it.  And, anything that gets kids to participate and stay engaged longer is a real coup!  Good for you, Moscow, ID!

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Airplane Stolen in Canada Lands in Missouri

A small Cessna was stolen from a Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and flown across the border, finally landing in Ellsinore, Missouri presumably due to being low on fuel.

The pilot was believed to be a student.

From CTV:

Authorities allege 31-year-old Adam Dylan Leon, a native of Turkey who became a Canadian citizen last year, flew the stolen plane. He was arrested just outside Ellsinore late Monday night.

The plane was intercepted by F-16 fighter planes when it entered US airspace and followed as it weaved through (what appears to be) Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and finally Missouri, where it landed.

The State Capitol in Madison, WI was evacuated just before the plane flew overhead.

Lt.-Cmdr. Gary Ross, a spokesperson for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, said the pilot did not respond to radio calls from the jets or the FAA during the entire pursuit.

He also said the pilot refused to acknowledge the nonverbal communications from the F-16 jets to follow them. It appears the plane only landed as it came close to running out of fuel.

“Apparently somebody jumped over the fence and just jumped into an aircraft,” Confederation College Vice President Judi Maundrell said.

“It was sitting as usual parked on the ramp. The keys are in all the aircraft because students are using them.”

The Cessna 172 was fully fuelled when it left Canada and capable of flying for about seven hours without refuelling [sic].

It is not known why the plane was stolen or the pilot’s motives.

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