Where is Sarah Palin? Putting Political Ambitions First…Guilty!

From the Boston Herald:

Alaska Democrats on Monday accused Republican Gov. Sarah Palin of abdicating her duties with her decision to travel outside the state this week as the state Legislature’s session winds down.

The Legislature must conclude its work by Sunday, with the federal stimulus package and the capital budget yet to be approved. Palin is scheduled to leave the state later this week to attend a right-to-life fundraiser Thursday in Indiana.

Mudflats thoughts on the subject:

I hear reports periodically about how the legislators are dealing with the absentee governor. And when I say “absentee”, I don’t just mean that she’s not in Juneau. Reports are that even when she’s in Juneau, she’s become increasingly difficult to find.

Mike and Tim Bradner report in their Legislative Digest that an aide to House Speaker Mike Chenault (R) had printed details on her scheduled trip to Indiana, the act of which apparently unhinged the governor. She then committed a “terrible breach of respect” by yelling at and “forcefully scolding” the aide. “This lack of decorum has never happened before,” say the Bradners, who have been tracking legislative matters longer than anyone in Alaska. And yet again, the governor’s behavior becomes the topic of conversations whispered behind hands in the state capital.


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Cafferty: Saudi Judge Refuses To Annul 8-Year-Old’s Marriage For 2nd Time

Outrage story of the week:  Comes courtesy of Saudi Arabia another one of our allies in the Middle East.

A judge has refused for the 2nd time to annul a marriage between  an 8-year-old girl and a 47-year-old man.  This same judge rejected a petition last December from the girl’s mother.  Who was trying to get a divorce for her 8-year-old daughter.  A relative of the girl tells CNN, that the Saudi Judge is standing by his earlier verdict and that the girl can petition the court once she reaches puberty.

The mother’s lawyer said it was the 8-year-olds father who arranged this marriage to settle his debts with the man.  The judge required the man to sign a pledge that he wouldn’t have sex with the girl until she reaches puberty.

Jack’s parting thoughts:  Saudi Arabia the country that gave us most of the 9/11 high jackers.  And a place where grown men can marry young children.

This has got to be the craziest thing I have ever heard.  Truly disgusting and sickening!

Hunted Almost To Extinction – Blue Whales

National Geographic looks at Blue Whales.  The Blue Whale use to number around 300,000, now whalers have reduced that number to around 10,000 today.

Globeandmail.com is reporting today that Blue Whales are returning to the British Columbia coast.

Tiny shrimp are luring some massive and rarely seen creatures back to the waters off B.C.’s coast.

Research soon to be published in the journal Marine Mammal Science shows blue whales are following their main food source, krill – a type of shrimp – back to the coasts of B.C., Alaska and Mexico’s Baja.

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FDA Still Promoting Drugs In Our Milk…

Milk does not do the body good anymore, thanks to the FDA.  Your milk on drugs video:

In the diary heartland, in an effort to produce more milk,  it is being genetically engineered with bovine growth hormone.  Ask yourself, is it safe? What impact does it have on the cows that are injected?  Lastly, is it really necessary?  All very valid questions we need to ask before we pour some over our cereal in the morning for ourselves or our children.

Farmers inject their cattle with BST and yield 10% more milk from the same herd. A single 500mg dose is given every 14 days, beginning the ninth week of lactation. It is injected into the tailhead or behind the shoulder area of the cow. The leading company in BST production is Monsanto.

The Monsanto scientists took a cow’s growth hormone and altered it with E. coli bacteria.

Monsanto marketed it under the brand name Posilac. It is also called recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) or recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST). But cows often get sick and die young.

Approved in the United States in 1993, by 2002 rbGH was used on 22% of the nation’s dairy cows. It is banned in the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Bovine  Growth Hormone (rBGH) has been reliably linked to health problems that cause extreme suffering to cows, including mastitis, a painful inflammation of the udder.

In scientific and public health terms, data continues to pile up that significantly increased levels of the human growth hormone factor IGF-1 in genetically engineered milk and dairy products constitute a serious human health risk for increased breast and colon cancer. In addition, scientific studies have recently been brought to the attention of the World Health Organization that injecting mammals with genetically engineered growth hormones very likely increases their susceptibility to deadly, incurable brain-wasting diseases such as BSE, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, or its human variant, Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease.

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Through the looking glass..

Here’s what Matt Davies had to say about this cartoon:

I railed against this in my scribbles aimed at the previous administration, but I don’t care which president is doing it. The Obama administration insists on defending warrantless wiretaps even though they are an illegal, extra-Constitutional activity. The Obama White House is also continuing in the Bush tradition of citing risk to state secrets as a reason to foot-drag on allowing war prisoners the rit of habeus corpus. Gitmo is supposed to close but we have an equally strange legal black hole operating in Bagram, Iraq. These prisoners are all bad guys, the refrain goes. How is anyone supposed to know, if no charges are filed? Trust? The Government? Are you nuts?

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Matt Davies
, NY Journal News

Right-Winger Thanks Bush for Somali Rescue

Well, didn’t you just know this was coming?

Andy Martin thanks President George W. Bush for rescuing the U.S. ship captain held hostage by Somali pirates

Obama’s “Somali” response sent a message of weakness to our enemies, says Martin

Liberal media again distort the true significance of the rescue [Ed. Did this guy ever hear of a period?]

(NEW YORK)(April 13, 2009) I don’t often have good things to say about former President George W. Bush. But today I want to thank him for the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, held hostage by Somali criminals and rescued by the U. S. Navy.

The captain was rescued by George W. Bush’s Navy, not Barack Obama’s Navy.

That is why today I am alone in all of America’s media in singing the praises of President George W. Bush. He rescued Captain Phillips.

Well, Obama “proved” himself all right. He proved he is an uncertain and unsteady hand on the tiller.

Barack Obama proved he is the new Jimmy Carter.

Even though Obama has increased the size of the defense budget, it is not enough for these neocons. And the whole Obama Is a Muslim and Not An American Citizen is old and tired. Sorry, fellas, nobody is buying what you’re selling.

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A joke and a smile, let’s start the day – Open Thread

HT: http://www.alcoholichumor.com

One Wish

Two Irishmen were adrift in a life boat following a dramatic escape from
a burning freighter. While rummaging through the boat’s provisions, one
of the men stumbled across an old lamp. Secretly hoping that a genie
would appear, he rubbed the lamp vigorously. To the amazement of the
castaways, a genie came forth. This particular genie, however, stated
that he could only deliver one wish, not the standard three.

Without giving much thought to the matter the man blurted out, “Make the
entire ocean into beer!”

The genie clapped his hands with a deafening crash, and immediately the
entire sea turned into the finest brew ever sampled by mortals.

Simultaneously, the genie vanished. Only the gentle lapping of beer on
the hull broke the stillness as the men considered their circumstances.

One man looked disgustedly at the other whose wish had been granted.
After a long, tension filled moment, he spoke: “Nice going idiot! Now
we’re going to have to piss in the boat.”