FDA Still Promoting Drugs In Our Milk…

Milk does not do the body good anymore, thanks to the FDA.  Your milk on drugs video:

In the diary heartland, in an effort to produce more milk,  it is being genetically engineered with bovine growth hormone.  Ask yourself, is it safe? What impact does it have on the cows that are injected?  Lastly, is it really necessary?  All very valid questions we need to ask before we pour some over our cereal in the morning for ourselves or our children.

Farmers inject their cattle with BST and yield 10% more milk from the same herd. A single 500mg dose is given every 14 days, beginning the ninth week of lactation. It is injected into the tailhead or behind the shoulder area of the cow. The leading company in BST production is Monsanto.

The Monsanto scientists took a cow’s growth hormone and altered it with E. coli bacteria.

Monsanto marketed it under the brand name Posilac. It is also called recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) or recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST). But cows often get sick and die young.

Approved in the United States in 1993, by 2002 rbGH was used on 22% of the nation’s dairy cows. It is banned in the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Bovine  Growth Hormone (rBGH) has been reliably linked to health problems that cause extreme suffering to cows, including mastitis, a painful inflammation of the udder.

In scientific and public health terms, data continues to pile up that significantly increased levels of the human growth hormone factor IGF-1 in genetically engineered milk and dairy products constitute a serious human health risk for increased breast and colon cancer. In addition, scientific studies have recently been brought to the attention of the World Health Organization that injecting mammals with genetically engineered growth hormones very likely increases their susceptibility to deadly, incurable brain-wasting diseases such as BSE, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, or its human variant, Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease.

Here is why Drugged Milk is dangerous, and how corporate manipulation, bad science, and political collusion pushed it into our food supply.

• An FDA scientist who demanded more safety studies on rbGH, but was fired for holding up its approval.
• A FOX TV investigative reporter whose news series linking rbGH to cancer was canceled after the station received letters from Monsanto’s attorney threatening “dire consequences for Fox News.”
• Canadian government scientists who wrote a scathing critique of the FDA’s flawed and biased evaluation of rbGH, and then testified about political pressure, stolen evidence, and an alleged bribe offer from Monsanto.
• Rigged research from the drug’s maker, meticulously designed to cover up health problems.
• A scientist who did rbGH research for Monsanto, and then became the drug’s lead reviewer at the FDA.
• Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former attorney, who was in charge of FDA policy when rbGH was approved. He later became Monsanto’s vice president.

Part 2 – Your milk on drugs!

“The whole rbGH thing represents fundamental flaws in the regulatory process. . . . It was bad science and bad regulation.”

This was the conclusion of former FDA veterinarian Richard Burroughs, who was a lead reviewer in the approval process of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) for nearly five years. The drug “was approved prematurely without adequate information,” says Burroughs, whose life and career became a casualty in a perfect storm of industry manipulation and political collusion.

As the only member of the FDA team who had dairy herd experience, Burroughs wrote the original protocols for evaluating the safety of rbGH on cows. The FDA didn’t conduct the tests themselves. It was always the drug’s maker who performed the studies and reported the results. But according to Burroughs, they “would come in and try to negotiate the protocols to water them down.” And when they ultimately presented their findings, Burroughs was shocked to discover, “They just went out and skewed the data.”

Furthermore, relying on a summary of a study, rather than on detailed
data from the study, would violate FDA’s published procedures.  A normal study is for two years when determining if a drug is carcinogenic.  Monsanto only tested the rats for 28 or 90 days. If the FDA had looked at the detailed data this would have stood out.

In its 1990 SCIENCE article, FDA said that “the FDA requires the
pharmaceutical companies to submit all studies they conducted on their products” and said, “The companies also submit the raw data from all safety studies that will form the basis of the approval of the product;….”[2,pg.876] Furthermore, FDA explained that, “If the initial toxicity study demonstrates that the protein [such as rBGH] is indeed orally active, additional testing may be required.”[2,pg.876] Thus if FDA had known in 1990 that Monsanto’s rat feeding study had indicated that rBGH was orally active in rats, additional testing could have been required before a decision was made to approve or disapprove the genetically-engineered drug.

The only way to be safe is to buy organic milk, until they stop injecting cows with Bovine Growth Hormones.


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  1. Thank goodness Wisconsin is still the dairy state. There is a movement here for local, organic milk and dairy production. Last I heard it was picking up customers.

  2. From the Jeffrey Smith article at The Huffington Post:
    “Therefore, we ask everyone to email Governor Sebelius before April 16, urging her to veto the bill. Furthermore, since Governor Sebelius is expected to become the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, the email asks her to use her new appointment to ban this dangerous drug once and for all.”

    I could use a follow up on this one, Freedomrebel. How much control of the FDA would Kathleen Sebelius have? Is that what the Secretary of Health and Human Services does? Could she ban these already approved agricultural “enhancements”?
    If she vetos the bill, will that cause “Giant Ag” to fight her confirmation tooth and nail?

  3. This is not all there is to this story. An organic milk producer (sorry, I don’t remember the company) was served with an injunction and a lawsuit from Monsanto to prevent them from advertising their milk products as not containing rBGH. The reasoning from Monsanto was that the advertising gave “unfair marketing advantage” to the company. Also, that the advertising implied that rGBH was somehow unhealthy.

  4. House of Roberts,

    How much control of the FDA would Kathleen Sebelius have?

    HHS has primary responsibility, through the Food and Drug Administration, for the quality of the nation’s supply of food and medicine.

    HHS – The department’s has 65,000 employees and $730 billion budget.

    These are the operating divisions she will be in charge of:

    1. Administration for Children and Families (ACF) – currently led by Acting Assistant Secretary Daniel Schneider
    2. Administration on Aging (AoA) – currently led by Assistant Secretary Josefina Carbonell
    3. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – currently led by Director Carolyn Clancy
    4. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) – currently led by Director Howard Frumkin
    5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – currently led by acting Director Richard E. Besser
    6. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)- currently led by Acting Administrator Charlene Frizzera
    7. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – currently led by Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach
    8. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) – currently led by Administrator Mary Wakefield
    9. Indian Health Service (IHS) – currently led by Acting Director, Robert G. McSwain
    10. National Institutes of Health (NIH) – currently led by Director Elias Zerhouni
    11. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – currently led by Administrator Charles Curie

    I am working on the rest of your answer, House. Here is part of it 🙂

  5. Mikerush, that is true. I could make this a three part series and I still don’t know if I would have all of it. My new computer was having a fit because I had eight windows open working on this last night 🙂

    My main concern is, that people are aware that milk isn’t what it use to be when we were growing up. What’s in it could not only harm them but also their children.

  6. HouseofRoberts, here is another idea Sebelius may implement:

    One idea that’s been floated: Split FDA into separate agencies. Sebelius said last week that the idea was worth considering. “We have to have a new platform for the safety and security of food and drugs in this country,” she said.

  7. I’ve reported on this very topic in the past. Bovine growth hormone produces pus in the cow’s milk. How disgusting. I buy from a local dairy which sells milk that has not been homogenized. No pus in this milk.

  8. HouseofRoberts,

    Q – Could she ban these already approved agricultural “enhancements”?

    I don’t see any reason that she couldn’t because her job is to ensure the security and safety of our food.

    Q – If she vetos the bill, will that cause “Giant Ag” to fight her confirmation tooth and nail?

    Monsanto would go after her with everything they have. They apply pressure on anyone that stands in their way or tries to discredit BGH. Monsanto invested heavily into this. With all of Europe banning the product the US is the only industrialized country left still using it.

    The big question is – Have they invested in her campaign in the past? If so, will that sway her decision? That I’m going to try and find out.

  9. Freedomrebel, thanks for all the extra research on this issue, I think we’re onto something here. As of this morning Governor Sebelius hasn’t vetoed HR 2121, and apparently must do so today or tomorrow, April 16, or else the bill becomes Kansas law. The industry shills are really worked up over this bill, but it would appear the votes aren’t there to override the veto. This will bear watching for the next two days, and then later when she comes before the Senate for confirmation.

  10. No problem, HouseofRoberts 🙂 If I find anything at all over the next couple days on this, I will make sure I post it..

    Governor Sebelius has her work cut out for her if she gets confirmed. I couldn’t even image trying to keep up with all of those operating divisions.

  11. We switched to rice milk after learning all the disgusting things put into cows for milk. The kids fussed a little at first, but not too much and now are fine.

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