Right-Winger Thanks Bush for Somali Rescue

Well, didn’t you just know this was coming?

Andy Martin thanks President George W. Bush for rescuing the U.S. ship captain held hostage by Somali pirates

Obama’s “Somali” response sent a message of weakness to our enemies, says Martin

Liberal media again distort the true significance of the rescue [Ed. Did this guy ever hear of a period?]

(NEW YORK)(April 13, 2009) I don’t often have good things to say about former President George W. Bush. But today I want to thank him for the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, held hostage by Somali criminals and rescued by the U. S. Navy.

The captain was rescued by George W. Bush’s Navy, not Barack Obama’s Navy.

That is why today I am alone in all of America’s media in singing the praises of President George W. Bush. He rescued Captain Phillips.

Well, Obama “proved” himself all right. He proved he is an uncertain and unsteady hand on the tiller.

Barack Obama proved he is the new Jimmy Carter.

Even though Obama has increased the size of the defense budget, it is not enough for these neocons. And the whole Obama Is a Muslim and Not An American Citizen is old and tired. Sorry, fellas, nobody is buying what you’re selling.

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3 thoughts on “Right-Winger Thanks Bush for Somali Rescue

  1. “Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin” ?
    I never heard of this self-proclaimed powerhouse before today. Is he anyone I should know about?

    Bernie Goldberg thwarts Sean Hannity’s spin on Obama’s handling of the Pirate standoff. Hannity tries to claim Obama had no choice, by law, but to order the shooting. At the end Goldberg calls Hannity’s criticism “petty”. What an understatement!

    Fox News Transcript of the Bernie Goldberg interview.

    I was listening to Jon Elliott in the early, and he claimed Hannity criticized Obama for not announcing the plan to take out the pirates with snipers before it was attempted. That was so unbelievable I went looking for it. I couldn’t find anything like that, but I did find the above, which proved to be interesting enough anyway.

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