Something for the secessionists (and open thread)

Secession is so extreme –but there’s relocation

by David Sarasohn, The Oregonian

“Love it or leave it” has never seemed the ideal slogan for a bumper sticker, let alone a country. But as long as folks have brought it up, there does seem to be a place that fits ideally with the values expressed by the deeply concerned conservatives.

This place has hardly any taxes, certainly not estate taxes, transit payroll taxes or subchapter(S) corporation taxes. It seems to operate on what you might call contributions from its citizens.

Nobody there would imagine any limitations on gun ownership. In fact, far from any questions about limiting ownership of handguns or assault rifles, it’s considered entirely appropriate to set up an anti-aircraft gun on the bed of your pickup.

Certainly, motor vehicle folks won’t object.

There’s no annoying government regulation of business, and none of that character-destroying safety net –although there are a lot of chains and ropes.

The place runs on strong religious values, with no picky questions about separation of church and state. In fact, a lot of bureaucratic and judicial red tape is avoided with quick religious rulings.

In that atmosphere, of course, there are no irritating questions about gay marriage. Homosexuals are firmly shown the error of their ways, often with specific religious citation –and the certainty that it won’t happen again.

The conservatives’ promised land is, of course, Somalia, land of minimal government paperwork or zoning limits. You could say the country even has another, more particular appeal to Obama’s critics:

Nobody with a Kenyan background is ever going to be elected president of Somalia.

More at the link (and apologies in advance for the horrible Oregonian website).

11 thoughts on “Something for the secessionists (and open thread)

  1. Frustrating. Why are people so willing to toss the conspiracy label on things like the Kennedy assassination, believing their government and country could never have been involved in anything so nasty yet we have an administration that is trying to convince us that torture is acceptable.

    Americans are so gullible.

    • Noron O’Donnell just had Liz Cheney on MSNBC to ask her if her dad was the main force behind getting torture going in this country. She denied it.


      Good, god. Noron is allowing that dippy woman to go on and on…

      • My mistake. I came home from the store to find that Noron was actually setting up Liz Cheney for the kill. Lawrence O’Donnell, another guy, and Richard Wolffe eviscerated her.

        Now I wish I’d seen the whole thing.

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