DailyKos: CA Dems Pass Resolution to Impeach Judge Bybee


Several weeks of hard work have paid off, and the California Democratic Party, the largest Democratic Party in the country, is poised to provide a major tool in the fight for justice and accountability for the Bush torture regime. The Resolutions Committee included on their consent calendar the resolution to begin a Congressional inquiry into Judge Jay Bybee and other lawyers who wrote opinions justifying and providing the fig leaf of a rationale for torture, with all punishments allowable under the law, including impeachment.

UPDATE: It passed moments ago. Yes!!!!

Without the release of the OLC memo from August 1, 2002, showing Bybee admitting that waterboarding gives the impression of imminent death and allowing it anyway, showing Bybee allowing the CIA to put detainees in a small box with bugs in a Room 101-style exploitation of phobias, I’m not sure this resolution would have passed. A few weeks back, John Heaner, a party activist in the San Fernando Valley, offered the resolution, prior to the release of the memos.

But the big story is this resolution, which can now be sent to all 6 Democratic California members of the House Judiciary Committee, as well as California’s own House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Party that provides money and organization has decided to make their will known, that we want accountability for those who authorized torture in our name, that we do not want the continued presence of one of those authorizers for torture on the federal bench. Resolutions can go flat if they aren’t picked up and used as a tool. Today, when it passes the full party on the convention floor in a few hours, we can celebrate. Tomorrow, we put this to work.

For the full text of the resolution:  Link

This is fantastic news and kudos to David Dayen for all his hard work.

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