Gentlemen, the name is “Lady Justice,” not “Lady Retribution”

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol
, Jamiol’s World

6 thoughts on “Gentlemen, the name is “Lady Justice,” not “Lady Retribution”

  1. Love it, Paul. We’re all going to have to do what we can to convince our Congresspersons and Senators that we, the people, want them to uphold their oaths. This is solely a matter of the rule of law, and is the only way that our country can be saved.

  2. Thanks Jane. You are so right about staying all over our Reps and Senators on this. Anything less than justice does not fly.

    5th, I like what Obama has done except on this. These comments were dumb. The whole “Moving Foward” is an echo of what we heard all through Bush’s term. They perfected it, the press bought it and no one was held accountable. It wasn’t right then it’s not right now.

  3. Great ‘toon, Paul. You are good.

    Bluedahlia, if you’re still there.

    Your “Plastics” post from a year ago is the single most viewed article virtually every day, with more than hundreds of views. I am not kidding. So I updated it (Critters discussion decision) with a few links to more recent articles (Oprah had a video) and a mention of how its size is now twice the size of the state of Texas. Hope you don’t mind. And thank for writing it. 🙂

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