Michele Bachmann Has a New Fan Club

Why do we find Representative Bachmann so fascinating? Perhaps because she gives the rest of us hope that no matter how crazy we or our crazy relatives are there’s hope that someday we can achieve a position of power.

During her latest head scratching event Bachmann claims that it’s interesting that the last swine flu outbreak also occurred during a “Democrat” administration. Although Think Progress points out that in fact the last swine flu outbreak started during Gerald Ford’s presidency in February of 1976 and not under Jimmy Carter as she stated. But that’s not a problem because she claims she wasn’t blaming either Jimmy Carter or President Obama at all. It’s just “interesting”.

Anyway a new site “BACHMANN WATCH, Michele Bachmann vs. The Truth” has been started by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for those of us who appreciate all the entertainment or whatever it is she provides. We can all look forward to the day this site closes.

12 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Has a New Fan Club

  1. It wasn’t just the Swine Flu outbreak of the 70’s that was Carter’s fault–he was also wholly to blame for “Disco Fever”.

    Never forget!!!

    • Lordy, I really must remember not to take a night class again.

      8 a.m. class, I’m there! 6 p.m. class, shoot me.

      The good thing — the prof’s giving the exam next week, which is a week early. I’ll have all sorts of time to study for my other exam.

      I can’t believe how happy I am about that. I must not be rational.

      No cracks, Shayne. 😛

  2. May I suggest a new movement from the Progressives? It would be similar to the rightists “TeaBagger Party”, but, much more relevant. I would suggest that progressives all over the country start sending cans of mixed nuts to people like Bachmann, Shimkus, Hannity, Beck, etc., etc., with a note explaining the purpose of the “gift”. What do ya think? Good idea or not?

  3. mikerush, would the purpose be so they wouldn’t feel lonely or to encourage them in their cannibalistic devouring of their party?

  4. I’m thinking whatever this woman is taking for menopause either ain’t cutting it or is the wrong stuff. And if she isn’t taking anything, she should seriously consider it.

    And if it isn’t menopause then she’s just bat shit crazy.

  5. Med, yes to both alternatives. You know how they like to party, so, if they have enough of their own around them, they won’t feel so left out. Of course, eating their own will result in a reduction of their ranks. Which isn’t such a bad thing, is it?

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