A Thank You Letter to the GOP – Open Thread

Dear GOP,

Thank you for becoming the Party of No. Thank you for allowing Rush Limbaugh to be your fearless (feckless?) leader. Thank you for continually showing your ignorance of – and obstruction on – every topic relevant to the American people. Thank you for pushing out any moderate elected Republican and showing that your ongoing move to the far end of the rightosphere perpetuates your continued downward spiral into complete irrelevance.

Don’t ever change.



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11 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter to the GOP – Open Thread

  1. If it keeps up we will have the Progressive Party on the left, The democrats (blue dog) and former moderate Republicans in the middle and the whackier-than-thou, lunatic fringe Republicans for comic relief so far out on the right they’ll have to use semaphores to cast votes.

    I’ve always felt another party is never a bad thing.:)

  2. I think I found the Goopers theme song these days.

    “And if you go chasing rabbits
    And you know you’re going to fall
    Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar
    Has given you the call.
    Go ask Alice.”

  3. Hi EV. I missed this yesterday…you aren’t getting older, you’re getting smarter. Paying attention to the scenery is hard to do at high speed and younkers miss a lot because of it.

    • Hi med, you’re nice!

      I don’t think I’ll ever get as old as I feel right now. I just finished writing the emails I had to and it’s 1 a.m. There’s a sh*tload of copies I need to make, too, but I guess I’ll postpone that to tomorrow morning. I’m glad you like the Bone Bridge. I’m reading it right now, but I’m slow and won’t get beyond the second chapter today I’m afraid. I do think it’s good.

      Have a nice day!

  4. med,

    Hey, I used that song in one of my parodies. 🙂

    I have a theory about why the Republicans always campaign on the Three “G”s : God, Guns, and Gays. They are trying to get people out to vote, nothing more. If the people who care about these three issues (often just one of them), and they don;t see either the Democrat or the Republican as being firmly in their camp on their Big Issue, then they’ll just stay home and not vote at all. They’ll rarely vote for the Democrat if they do vote, so the Republicans aren’t worried about that. The ones who consider one of the Three Gs as Important and who vote Democratic would probably be voting anyway. So the Republicans are using those “wedge issues” just to get people to show up at the polls (and help the down-ticket candidates in the process. Hopefully.) Otherwise they would lose by big margins, and they know it.

    I think that’s the reason you rarely hear positive reasons (beyond patriotic pablum) from Republicans on why you should vote for them. You mainly hear reasons why you should vote against their opponents. because their opponents are on the “wrong side” of the Big Issues.

    So you ever hear a Republican come right out and say that no business should be regulated? It’s what they really want, but do they ever tell you that?

  5. Hey Wayne, I’ll have to check it out but I do like the caterpillar.

    You have a point with the Republicans generally calling for people to vote against things and the biggest is change. They are so concretized in their thinking.

  6. And a pps. Please contact Daryll for your next course of action as you move to the right of right where the Fundies play…

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