Gawker Ambushed Bill O’Reilly’s Ambusher, Jesse Watters

Bill O’Reilly’s ambusher, Jesse Watters has met his match when it comes to Gawker.  Gawker is on the look out for Mr. Watters, the producer that Bill O’Reilly he sends out to lie in wait for his intended target or enemies as Bill likes to refer to them.  So Gawker went to Jesse’s building in Long Island to find him, which is his last known address.  To give him a taste of his own medicine.

Watters, as you may have read, likes to sneak up on people without warning and ask them questions so that O’Reilly can air video of his enemies looking aggrieved and flustered. He’s done it to the New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg, the Washington Post’s William Arkin, Think Progress’ Amanda Terkel, and others. Watters tailed Arkin for an hour-and-a-half, from Vermont to Massachusetts, and attempted to interview him in front of his children (Fox, always gracious, digitally obscured their faces). He famously followed Terkel, who is a rather slight young woman, for two hours from Washington, D.C., to rural Virginia on a weekend getaway. In all of the above cases, Watters’ intent was to question his targets about things they had said or written.

In a recent New York Times story, Fox attempted justify its tactics by saying that it invited the targets to appear on O’Reilly’s program, and that they had declined. Since O’Reilly’s desire was to force them to defend their ideas to him, the only other option was to seek them out, without warning, at their homes or public places. As Watters put it in a blog post quoted by the Times: “If they don’t come to us, we’ll go to them.” This is, at least in the case of Terkel and Hertzberg, a lie: Neither of them received an invitation to go on the program before Watters showed up with his camera. 

The Times quoted Watters’ blog post because it couldn’t speak to him directly: “The Fox News producer responsible for most of the ambush interviews, Jesse Watters, refused repeated interview requests,” the paper wrote. 

Watters has refused Gawker’s interview request also.  So they decided to track him down and ask him about his ambush interview tactics face-to-face.  They are going to post a video of him as soon as they find him.  If Gawker doesn’t find him they are asking for your help. 

What do you know about Jesse Watters? Did you go to college with him? Do you ride the train with him? Do you work at the Starbucks where he buys his coffee? Let us know.

This is one time, I’m actually glad to see Gawker going after someone that truly deserves it.  You have my Thanks!  Happy Ambushing!

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