Turley: ‘Disturbing’ for Obama to call torture a ‘technique’

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Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that President Obama’s suggestion that waterboarding yielded valuable information was “disturbing.” The President told reporters that he thought “waterboarding was torture” during a Wednesday news conference but also implied that reliable intelligence was gained from the interrogation technique.

“It is obviously disturbing to hear torture referred to by the president as a technique. It is like saying bank robbery is a technique for withdrawing money from the bank. It is not a technique. It is a crime,” said Turley. “The idea or the notion that torture works is expressly rejected in treaties we have signed, in cases we have prosecuted. It does not matter what is yielded in torture.”

I found myself yelling at my TV during the speech by President Obama. This issue enrages me. As long as our leaders and the press continue to use ambiguous, warm and fuzzy terms, such as “enhanced interrogations”, and “techniques”, or worse yet, calling what they did a “mistake”, instead of calling it what it is—“torture” and a CRIME—nothing is going to happen to hold these people who set this entire thing in motion accountable for their crimes. They have done SO much damage to this country.

None of this is secret any more (though there could still be a lot we don’t even know yet..). The world is watching. The US will have NO credibility going forward in the future, and we will not not be able to continue to lead holding the high moral ground if the laws are not enforced and our system allowed to work. We will NOT be able to condemn, or hold other countries to account for doing the same thing. This country has been made LESS safe, and our soldiers are now at even greater risk. 

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1 thought on “Turley: ‘Disturbing’ for Obama to call torture a ‘technique’

  1. Any points the President made by calling waterboarding torture, he lost when he didn’t say, I changed these policies when I took office because they were both morally and legally wrong and I have directed AG Holder to launch a full investigation into these acts.

    There has been a lot of talk about timing and political expediency and I have listened to the pros and cons, even spoken out about need for patience. That was before the release of the memos. Now its down to, if you are going to chum the waters, you best be fishing for shark.

    I believe part of the reason for the recent Republican insanity is they are absolutely terrified it is going to happen and the last of their talking points are going to be gone. It is time to put them (and us) out of their misery. Torture is illegal, investigate and prosecute. And make sure you check both sides of the aisle.

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