Monday open thread

Diana Krall, Cry Me a River

Good morning, campers!  Don’t let this song set the tone, I just love her voice.  🙂

It’s such a beautiful morning in Idaho.  What’s on your mind this morning?

23 thoughts on “Monday open thread

  1. Same ol’ Republican double standard: debt forgiveness and tax relief for corporations, but as for the commoners – no mercy.

    I’m reading on MSNBC online about Obama being asked to consider a Supreme nominee who is not a federal judge, or even a judge at all. Isn’t that a bit like considering a Surgeon General who isn’t a doctor? Or an Attorney General who isn’t a lawyer? Further silliness:

    “Sen. Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican who is not on the committee, said empathy should be only part of the criteria for a nominee and that a justice should follow the law, not make it.

    “But if he will appoint a pragmatist, someone who is not an ideologue … I think that would be good for the country,” Shelby said.”

    Like the Bush appointees?

    There you go again, Republicans.

  2. Hi Zooey!

    It may be a beautiful morning in Idaho today, but I hope you realize you could be invaded any minute!

    Luckily the ‘Idaho Citizen’s Constitutional Militia’ stands ready to fight the New World Order, Mexicans, Iowans and anyone else planning to enslave Idahoans and their god-given potato birthright!

    Well, by “ready to fight” the Supreme Commander of the ICCM, ‘Captain’ Ambrose, means hopefully by September when the entire militia—currently the ‘Captain’ and a ‘Sergeant’—will hold their first ‘muster’, when the Captain will immediately review the uniform dress habits and standards of whoever shows up–for freedom!.

    Interestingly enough in light of the recent DHS report on extremist militias targeting Army Vets, “Captain” Ambrose just happens to be looking for ex-military to fill his ‘ranks’.
    Apparently there’s an opening for a doctor, a lawyer and a sniper (must have own gun!).

    So I’m just letting you know, you won;t have anything to worry-about after September, when “Captain” Ambrose’s ICCM will rise up and fight for Idaho’s independence!

    With all the planning he has to do between now and then, he’s probably forgetting to eat properly.
    Maybe you should bring him a Bundt cake or a tuna casserole?

    If you did, I bet he’d make you a 2nd Lieutenant on the spot!

    THAT would look really good on your resume!

    • Hey, I could be a slingshot sniper for the Idaho cause. Woo hoo!!

      Jeebus frackin’ kee-riste, that boy looks like he couldn’t qualify for his own militia pep squad. 🙄

      Thanks for the laugh, 5th! I’m off to my ONE class today.

  3. seraph127,

    Indeed, classic Republican tautology; knowing themselves to be so resolutely ideological they assume that any other ideological tendencies must be even more strict than their own.

  4. My condolences to Thom Hartmann on the passing of his mother. I can’t get more details, due to his site is overloaded today, but he said he would miss Wednesday through Friday attending her funeral.

  5. spent the day saturday at a safe-haven house in el paso. a very sobering experience learning first hand what is going on just a few mere blocks away.

    i listened to a 32 year old lawyer who had escaped with her two children. femicide is rampant. children and women are sold for sex. for $500 US, you can learn and try your killing skills. the black powder goes south and the white powder north…..the military and police have been bought. president calderon married into the cartel…..hope is gone. computers and corn have ruined an economy……

    and we still worry about the stock market

  6. there have been over 2000 US deaths due to common influenza since january 1, 2009…….where’s the panic ?

  7. And SteelyMike was excluded (again) from a Publican event.
    Isn’t it fun watching the wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump.!

    • Fatherbob,

      What is the solution? Pretend it’s a perfect world.

      I’m not being snarky, I just have no idea of what to do about the situation in Mexico.

  8. I’m not being snarky, I just have no idea of what to do about the situation in Mexico.

    Legalize drugs. Marijuana especially, as it was made illegal because of lies and racism and no worthwhile scientific reasons, but even cocaine (and crack, which, chemically, is identical to cocaine.)

    Legalize them and tax them, like any other business transaction. I think the main reasons conservatives do not support this idea is because they know that none of the evils they fear will really happen. And I think they also know that it will be a great source of tax revenues, but they don’t want to admit that.

    I believe that they day will come when drugs are legalized, but not until the super-wealthy in the United States find a way to make their usual 50%+ of the money.

    • Are drugs the only problem, or the root of the problem, Wayne? Is it actually possible that an entire country can be brought down the way Mexico has been by the drugs trade?

  9. Hello all. Harold is still unidentified but as soon as I get my latest work project done I’m taking a leaf up the University Botany Dept.

    Great song, Zooey. I fell in love with Diana when I heard her version of ‘Lost Mind’.

  10. Zooey, Fatherbob had that answered above:
    “…the military and police have been bought. president calderon married into the cartel…..hope is gone. computers and corn have ruined an economy…”

    I have to presume the reference to computers has to do with voting machines, and the corn refers to NAFTA, which Obama won’t renegotiate.

    On TP the Joe The Plumber thread has 597 comments. Even if I wanted to look, I’d have to pass on that one. It would take my processor until daylight to load that.

    On Lou Dobbs, he is reporting that New York Governor David Paterson has a 19% approval rating, and that 51% would rather have Eliot Spitzer back, according to a Marist poll.

  11. Best time to listen to Diana Krall, is about now…
    (I have four of her CDs, don’t tell Linda!)

  12. It is indeed a beautiful morning here in Ohio, runnerinsight =)

    The bunnies and squirrels are playing in my backyard this morning. I think they are plotting on how to get in my garden. I only have four tomato plants in it so far. I have to wait another week before I put the rest in to be safe from frost.

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. one of the answers is legalize drugs.

    corn and computers are the main reasons for economic destabilization. the US began dumping subsidized corn onto the mexican market literally breaking every unsubsidized mexican farmer in a matter of months. nafta created new jobs relocated from the US, mostly computer hardware components and assembly along with clothing and other small industries.

    the farmers migrated to the cities to work for $5.00 per day…….until the jobs were all shipped to china and other asian countries, where workers her paid $1.50 per day. with very few manufacturing and agricultural jobs left, they either work for the cartel on land that was once theirs, raising marijuana and other “cash” crops or stand in line for the few jobs that open when 30 year old women become useless due to carpel tunnel or failing eyesight from 18 hour a day repetitious work.

    the average visa application into the US is backlogged 17 years… guess what. they become border jumpers and if they’re lucky, they work at any job available. 53% of all US crops are picked by immigrants…….and if they’re a bit more lucky, they’ll get paid for the majority of the days they work. on an average, illegals are paid for about 50% of the work they do.

    i don’t know what we as individuals can do, other than lobby for drug legalization, the closing of the “gun show” loopholes where guns are purchased at texas, arizona and new mexico gun shows with no background checks or wait time, just “cash and carry”

    it’s estimated 2000 weapons per week cross over into mexico directly from these shows. you can purchase class III weapons openly all day long. go online and google these shows…

  14. Thanks for the Diana Krall turn-on. Wasn’t familiar with her before, but that was pretty sweet. And just when when I was thinking a collection of 2,000+ albums was enough…

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