Maddow and Benen on Jeff Sessions

You all know I am a huge fan of Steve Benen from The Washington Monthly.  I get all googly watching two intelligent political wonks discuss serious issues.  Here Steve and Rachel Maddow discuss the lunacy of Sessions joining the Judiciary Committee.

4 thoughts on “Maddow and Benen on Jeff Sessions

  1. New and improved Republican Party!

    Take a guy who couldn’t get appointed to a judgeship because of racism and bigotry and make him your point man for picking judges.

    Just when you think you have the ultimate stupid defined they come along with a new one.

  2. I always thought Sessions was a dumb-assed racist idiot, but I had no idea he’d been so upfront about it.

    Typical that the Rs want him front and center.

  3. Maybe this is why I don’t have my own political news show, or that I never appear as a guest–because after that Ted Kennedy clip my observation would have been”

    “What Senator Kennedy was really saying is that Pete Sessions was a fucking racist in 1986–and I’ll add that he still is a fucking racist in 2009!”

    And after that all you’d see would be the Kent Brockman “technical difficulties” graphic, followed by a random episode of “Full House” whilst I was being escorted from the studio.

  4. I remember when Sessions first campaigned for Alabama Attorney General in 1994, saying he had no further political ambitions than that office. Then Howell Heflin announced his retirement from the Senate, and Sessions immediately announced his intention to run for the Senate in 1996.

    From his Wikipedia bio:
    “Sessions was a supporter of the “nuclear option,” a tactic favored by then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in the spring of 2005 to stop filibusters of judicial nominees. When 14 Senators led by Republican John McCain of Arizona and Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska struck a deal to avert the option, Sessions was one of the agreement’s most severe critics.”

    As Rachel and Steve Benen point out, Sessions was a vigorous supporter for all judicial nominees recieving an up or down vote sans filibuster. In the event the Republicans do filibuster, it is going to be fun to watch him squirm in his seat when Pat Leahy calls him out on his expected hypocrisy.

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