Mike Pence (R-IN) Refuses to Acknowledge Science

In the following segment on Hardball today, Mike Pence refuses to acknowledge that evolution is valid science and repeatedly dodges the science question.  In addition, he continues to perpetuate the talking point that there is major scientific opposition on global climate change.

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7 thoughts on “Mike Pence (R-IN) Refuses to Acknowledge Science

  1. It’s almost like a contest with Republicans on who can appear more stupid on national television.

  2. I’m amused that Tweety complimented this weasel on his honesty even though he couldn’t even man up and answer a simple question.

    Either you submit to the scientific method or you don’t. In the real world, there is no gray area. (There is gray area in terms of interpretation of partial results, but no gray area in the method itself).

    If you don’t submit to the scientific method, that’s all well and good, but then you have no business spewing anything with even a patina of science. Just shut yer piehole and leave science to the rest of us while you wallow in your self-chosen purgatory of ignorance.

    BTW, Go Tweety!

  3. Even when he makes an effort I’m afraid Chris Matthews is still useless at this stuff
    All CM really cares about is the “sport” and drama of politics—hence he’s harping on about “passion”.

    He made a succinct point about Republicans just “believing in belief, but it so happens I;d iterated that and other aspects of beleif in the comments here a couple of weeks back—and I don’t get paid millions a year to be as occasionally insightful as Matthews is.

    Science is NOT “the exploration of demonstrable facts”! A “demonstrable fact” doesn’t need exploring, it’s a goddamm
    Science is about establishing facts through exploration and demonstration, and then applying those DEMONSTRATED FACTS to enable further exploration and the further establishment of yet more facts, ad infinitum.

    Pence pretends that non-embryonic stem-cell research developments had nothing to do with embryonic research when in fact it was BECAUSE of embryonic research that scientists LEARNED enough to explore NON-embryonic research and THAT THEN obviated the previous need for embryonic cells!

    But because Matthews doesn’t give a shit about policy and he’s got a junior-high mentality, he’s not equipped to argue beyond the confines of his preapared questions.

    When Chris asks Pence if he takes the 7- day “fundamentalist view of creation” he then let’s Pence laugh it off.
    If Pence believes in God’s creation he should have no problem saying either yes or no. When Pence avoided it Matthews then should have said “apparently you are afraid to answer, which seems to confirm my earlier point that you are afraid to admit you accept the scientific process for fear of upsetting fundamentalist voters. process you really are afraid of upsetting
    And if that’s NOT the case why not have the courage of your convictions?

    But Matthews as usual failed to nail down the coffin lid of the argument HE brought up!
    Because CM likes playing in the game of politics, but he doesn’t want to win too many points because then the game would be over too soon.
    He just throws these challenges in there every so often to keep things interesting for the partisan drunk spectators–and to keep his sports announcer job and all the perks and fun that it entails.

  4. Exactly right, 5thstate, but alas CM is one of the few knobs on TV with the huevos to even hint at such questioning, even if he isn’t very good at it.

    I can’t think of too many people outside of Jon Stewart who have the requisite intellect, talent, and stones to do the job, and have a shot at getting the interview in the first place.

    When you have to go to Comedy Central for national transparency, it only proves that the real comedians are running the news networks.

  5. hey gorn…
    glad you ignored my atrocious mistakes and found the gist of my bitching reasonably valid. 😀

    CM is actually someone that I’d really enjoy talking with and listening to–I’ve seen clips of him “off-camera” as it were and THEN he comes across as more deeply informed and very engaging. BUT on his show–he just irritates me no end! .

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