Connie Culp – First Full Face Transplant Recipient Talks About Experience

On Tuesday, Connie Culp let the nation witness the results of her full face transplant.   Five years ago after a shotgun blast, inflicted by her husband, damaged the majority of her original face.

The bony structure that once supported her face was gone, as was most of her face. She could not breathe other than through a tracheotomy, could not smell, could not even drink or eat normally.

Several dozen reconstructive surgeries left her not much better off. Connie became afraid to go out in public where doctors say children would run away from her because of her appearance.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic set out to try something that had never been done before, not to the extent they had planned for Connie, a total face transplant.

Specialists say their purpose for even considering the surgery is not cosmetic. Their goal was to restore her facial functions and to give Connie the ability to eat and breath, to smell and to interact socially as normally as possible once again.

Surgeons in December removed not just the skin, but the bony structures underneath, the nerves, facial muscles, lower eyelids, the palate from a local donor and in a 22 hour surgery attached the donor face to Connie.

Connie has gone through approximately 30 surgeries over the last five years. The doctors wanted to leave room just in case there was swelling before they do the final surgery which will pull up the loose skin on the sides her face.

So happy to hear you can smell and eat again. I wish you the best Connie!

4 thoughts on “Connie Culp – First Full Face Transplant Recipient Talks About Experience

  1. I make no apologies for the following:

    What would the bible-thumping, science denying conservatives have said and or done?

    “You must have made your husband mad, it must be your fault you have no face!”.

    “Science denies GOD, therefore any application of it is EVIL!”

    “GOD wants her to stay on life support with no face until GOD decides it time for HIM to embrace her!”

    “You want to give her someone-else’s FACE? Why that’s just like cloning! What’s next? Gay sex with human animal hybrids?”

    “Oh wait, GOD created humankind, and therefore doctors and therefore GOD gave her a new face. Yay, GOD!”

    “Unless she’s had an abortion or she’s a lesbian, in which case she is EVIL!”

  2. LOOK 5TH STATE. It sounds like you are ignorant. Educate yourself before you open your mouth. Stop using God for evil wishing. God loves everyone and that includes gays and even you. Let that poor woman alone; who went through a tragedy. I hope you don’t go through a face transplant like her. Maybe you can be positive about life.

  3. Look, johnyh. I guess you missed this sentence by 5th: What would the bible-thumping, science denying conservatives have said and or done?

    Maybe you ought to know what you’re talking about before you start typing, huh?

    Run along…

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