Thanks for nothing, President Obama

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol
Jamiol’s World

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3 thoughts on “Thanks for nothing, President Obama

  1. I don;t have the link now, but I read a few days ago that there are some practical legalities that effected the administration’s position, and it goes like this:

    The Polar Bear is currently a “Threatened” species.

    The proposed legislation would have made the bear “Endangered” BUT due specifically to climate change ( which is undoubtedly true)—and NOTHING else.

    But the switch from the one status to the other would have removed protections from hunting and pollution dangers to the bears.
    Having the Endangered status tied specifically to climate change would mean that efforts (and funds) to protect the bears could only be applied towards the specified cause of their endangerment.

    THUS as there’s no immediate solution to the bear’s loss of habitat due to warmer temperatures, the bill does nothing for the bears (and nothing for its supply of prey-food either, by the way) and removes what other protections it DOES have as a Threatened species.

    In other words, it’s a bad bill.

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